Podcasters Need SoundCloud Alternatives

I got a question for you are you hosting
your podcast on soundcloud if you are you might want to start thinking about
looking for an alternative I want to say hi to my friend Tish I see Tish is in
the audience thanks so much for coming SoundCloud is
a site that a lot of podcasters gravitated to because SoundCloud has
this really cute player and I think it’s really meant for musicians their core
audience was musicians that wanted to have a place where they can put their
indie music and they started off using SoundCloud and as time went on because
you know podcasting is so popular the folks at SoundCloud realized that
they could also offer podcasting to podcasters and they you know they’re a
host and they will host your files and if you designate them to be your host
for your podcast over on iTunes then this is when you gotta get a little
nervous because I want to read you a headline and this came from TechCrunch the headline from TechCrunch on this
article was from July the 12th SoundCloud sinks as leaks say layoffs
might buy little time and previous article from TechCrunch also said the
company announced that it is laying off a hundred and seventy three employees
and it’s closing offices in San Francisco and London this is a major deal
guys because soundcloud’s been around for quite some time but the fact that
they’re closing offices and they’ve actually been in financial trouble off
and on and hey Larry how you doing I’m so glad to see you and
you know what I want to say to you if you use SoundCloud you want to use
SoundCloud if you’re a podcaster if you’re a person who wants their podcast
to like gain traction be successful maybe you’re using it to promote your
other ventures like your if you have a business or if you have a blog or if you
have a youtube channel you’re using your podcast to also help promote that well I
gotta tell you you don’t want to use SoundCloud unless you’re using it as an
alternate host you can use it as an alternate host as long as your main feed
your RSS feed is going from more reputable more stable hosts and if
you’ve been around me for any time period you’ve known that I’ve always
always always recommend it Lipson that’s Li b sy Han short for the
liberated syndication and this is the first time you ever heard of SoundCloud
I know some who do use it yes and also recommend blueberry but those are not
the two alternatives the latest on soundcloud i heard was some rapper who
wanted soundcloud had a talk and they were going to something I miss it lasts
really long comments remember I’m on mobile so the really long comments kind
of break them up into two and then that way they’ll stay up on the screen longer
okay Larry thank you so there are rappers there is a rapper
and actually I didn’t here about this TechCrunch article I
don’t read TechCrunch I do stay up on the podcasting news you know I follow
Dave Jackson I go to ask the podcast coach and I also listen to the feed
which is the official podcast from Lipson hosted by LC Escobar and Rob wash
I actually met Rob in person too at social media marketing world he’s pretty
cool so they have been reporting on this whole SoundCloud deal also Daniel J
Lewis has been reporting on it the whole time
I mean this they’ve been having shaky they’ve been on shaky ground for a long
time yeah you’ve heard of those names yes they were all over on that old site
okay so the deal is that I know a lot of folks don’t want to pay for their
podcasts hosting and SoundCloud was an option that you could use if you want it
a free host now of course I’m gonna say this before I even get into the two
alternatives that I want to introduce you to
oh boy hello my friend I see you more on Instagram you are really killing it on
Instagram buddy I gotta give you a high five so so should you
so should have been more receptive to podcast producers Oh SD I’m assuming you
mean SoundCloud that’s a great name yeah SoundCloud was very receptive to podcast
producers they really were they really went after the market they started off
as just having what they called a beta program for podcasters and wor equals
lucky man oh okay well that’s what it means okay you got that and then
eventually they came out of beta after about two years and this is where Dave
Jackson has been keeping me up on this because he’s been saying for a long time
like when are they to come out of beta wonder they go then
they finally came out of beta but I don’t know I don’t I think their
business model may be a little flawed I’m not the experts on business models
guys I just know the handwriting is on the wall if you have a podcast I’m going
to give you two alternatives now mind you these alternatives will be for those
folks who are just testing the waters of podcasting they’re free alternatives or
they have a free one of them has a free option or you can upgrade but I still
recommend my number one and number two recommendations are lips and that’s l ib
sy n and that’s where all of the top shows you know the independent ones not
the NPR type shows not the pro casters to me SoundCloud is only an alternative
destination to share your content and thank you so much Byron I think this is
your first time commenting here in the live stream absolutely it’s a secondary
place that you can upload your files I even have some of my files over there I
have my daughter and I run a podcasting meetup group called the Philadelphia
podcasting meetup group and if any of you guys are listening to this and I’ll
probably post a replay over in our Facebook group please please please I
implore you move your show now don’t wait until it’s too late because I would
hate hate hate to see you’re fat you’re sad you’re sad face if anything goes
wrong with SoundCloud you know Tish and Larry they’re here they can attest
to you that sometimes these platforms will shut down without warning hey hey
how you doing yeah it’s game huh they will shut down without warning so you’re
getting fair warning now well like I said if you’re a hobby podcaster
you’re just testing the waters you just want to dabble around and podcasting
Byron even knows about it by refri they say yep indeed so these two alternatives
are for those guys the person who’s just testing the waters I’m doing great I am
having a wonderful wonderful weekend – yeah it’s game or yeah yeah it’s game
all right so with that all that said all my disclaimers out there you know use
Lipson or blueberry and blueberries without the e so that’s BL you beat rry
okay you like my podcast yes I revive the
podcast and I use one of these alternatives by the way that’s the miss
Eileen speaks podcast and you can find that at eileen smith comm slash podcast
and one of these alternatives that i’m going to introduce you to today is one
that I use to relaunch the podcast actually I use both of them it’s a long
story but and I don’t want to get into that because I don’t want to confuse you
but here’s the – and I’m going to start with the one that could be used by
anybody who’s listening to this even if you are a serious podcaster you just
don’t want to use Lipson I know people have said that to me I just don’t like
listen whatever okay so here’s your alternative they have a free but you’re
going to also up update you know it’s freemium in other words you can upgrade
okay and that’s Spreaker SP r EA ke are now
Spreaker has this really cool interface they have a player that’s similar to
soundcloud that you can embed on your blog it looks really pretty you know you
can have your artwork there it’s a community over there people can follow
you one Spreaker and you can build an
audience over there it may be a little slow going
there to this other alternative that I’ll tell you about later but one of the
things that I’ve been using Spreaker for and Larry snow and Tish Rosales who are
here know that I have been using it to record my podcast and I can do it for
mobile and that’s the podcast that’s only for my patrons over on patreon
okay so if you want to be a patron you would just go over to patreon comm
I and that’s a private RSS feed some people would say that’s not really a
podcast because it’s not listed in iTunes okay fair game but one of the
things that I like about Spreaker is that you can go live with audio live
just like right now instead of me opening up the YouTube app I could have
opened up the Spreaker app and go on live and you know just use audio and
then you can add little sound effects and little clips and things in there
with your podcast and I really like that that’s a really cool if people are there
while you’re live they can chat with you and give you feedback and all that so
Spreaker you can also upgrade for more storage now once you when you get into
podcasting and I have tutorials here on YouTube to give you some things that you
need to think about before you start your podcast what are the benefits of
podcasting I’ll put them all in a playlist actually the playlist is called
podcasting blitz and that’s here on YouTube and so there’s other people’s
videos in there as well I have some tutorials in there from Pat Flynn and
from cliff ravenscraft who’s the podcast Answer Man and myself and you know we
talked about the benefits of using podcasting and how you can use it to
connect with your audience and so forth okay so
let’s see what else do I have here on my alright so Spreaker you can also use
Freaker as your RSS feed that gets submitted to iTunes because let me tell
you Spreaker is very stable my friend Rob Greenlee he’s been in podcasting
he’s probably been in podcasting longer than any of the people that I just
mentioned today in fact he’s been podcasting longer than anybody I know
and that I know personally okay and Rob greenly’s works over there and
do you know anything about mix ler mix ler is cool alright yes I know about mix
learn and reason why mixer won’t make this list as an alternative is because
mix ler doesn’t host your files okay bye take care and thanks for coming yay is
game mix live will let you use their interface and they have a really snazzy
interface and people can listen live but they don’t host your files
you can’t go back over there and listen to like yesterday Dave Jackson and Jim
Collison they do the Aster podcast coach they do live they do multi casting out
to youtube as well as mixer if you want to listen to that podcast from yesterday
you got to go to youtube or wait for them to upload it to iTunes
you can’t go watch it or listen to it overall mix learn now they don’t host
the files I do listen to dr. vibe there yes
they don’t host your files so that’s the problem with mixlr they have a very
nice chat room well the purpose of mixlr is to use it for the community see
this is one of the issues with podcasting throughout the years okay I’m
not going to talk about podcasting right now today but podcasting
has been out for 12 years Adam Curry and I forget the other guy’s name invented
podcasting and then later on iTunes and Steve Jobs said okay we’ll come out with
the iPod but Apple didn’t invent podcasting they just made the iPod Adam
curry c u r r y invented podcasting along with the other fellow whose name I
can’t recall right at this moment but it will definitely be in the description of
this video after the fact okay so the problem is that because of the format
because the way it’s hosted over on iTunes because you need a pod catcher to
listen and all of that part of the problem is the engagement so this is why
like right now I’m live here on YouTube I have my two best buds here Larry snow
and Tish Rosales okay so nobody else comes or nobody else ever watches this
I’m good okay because these are my core this is
my core my tribe my peoples right but because of the way podcasting works with
the RSS feed and all of that you can have a live audience so this is what mix
ler is it John Dvorak no it’s not John Dvorak but that’s a good that’s close
very close yo yo yo T and L in the house Eileen is
correct thank you um you know what the reason why I can’t remember the other
fellas name and I know it I just can’t think of it right now it’s because he’s
not as active still Adam Curry is still very active with the community he’s even
working on a device right now that people can use to make their podcasting
workflow easier he’s got a Kickstarter or yeah Kickstarter going off for it and
I will also add those notes in the description later on
right now can’t think of the name of the thing that he has but anyway so um then
John Devore is a very popular podcaster and that’s probably why you were
thinking of that Tish so mix ler solved that problem by
bringing that chat element they have an amazing chat room overall mixer and
that’s the benefit you know Larry says it’s silly it’s really not because it’s
not that many places where you can interact live and interact with your
audience and actually get that live feedback even though it’s all in text
because it’s a text chat so that’s a great segue to bring us over into the
other alternative that I want to tell you about and I bet Larry snow can guess
the other alternative because I’ve been over there every day for the past week
and just podcasting my little heart out excuse me while I take a sip of water
let’s see if Larry can type in the answer hmm
I need to have my glasses on anchor anchor fm anchor FM is your other
alternative to SoundCloud and right now as of July 2017 is absolutely free and I
relaunched my podcast using anchor okay I’m not talking about the private one
for my patrons I’ll still have that that’s still gonna be going through
speaker Spreaker Spreaker but the one that’s right now in iTunes and in the
Google Play Store it’s just miss Eileen speaks podcast is
being recorded over on anchor and I’m going to tell you the best thing about
anchor of based on everything that we’ve just talked about and
I’ll tell you the bad thing about it I’m gonna tell you two good in the bed the
pros and the cons okay cuz I I like I like it I really really like it and
you’re gonna see a lot more people talking about it
Roberto Blake’s already done a video about it Brian fans I was mentioning it
in his podcast they interview Gary Vee Joe calm has been coming over there and
Vincenzo Landy no you know all of the folks that we always hang around with in
our live streaming world have been over there so so the good thing about anchor
FM and you can find me at anchor dot F M / Ilene IOE ane is that you do have that
feedback that feedback that you can’t get on any other platform my podcast
hosted one iTunes if I want somebody to call in to my show you know what they
have to do they have to either have a phone number I have to give out a phone
number for them to a lot of podcasters do that or they have to record a little
snippet of audio and attach it to an email cuz I could give out my email on
my show or they have to use my speakpipe page and that’s speakpipe comm / Ilene
okay so yeah you’re kind of pretty much have to jump through hoops to leave
someone audio feedback audio feedback and I was listening to a podcast the
other day I can’t remember which one it was where they were talking about
leaving a review on iTunes and oh it was the Aster podcast coach that was
yesterday and how difficult it is you have to tell your audience exactly what
to do you pretty much have to give them a whole tutorial on how to leave
feedback and give a review because people will complain I
left the review over on iTunes but it never showed up yeah because you gotta
be sure you’re logged in cuz you could go through the whole rigmarole of typing
in a review for someone and you may even put your name in that review so they
know that you’re the one who left it look a lot of times people will run
contests so people can you know get more reviews and ratings over on on iTunes
but if you’re not logged in if you’re that listener and you want to leave your
favorite podcaster a review if you’re not logged in to iTunes when you leave that
review its lost and people don’t you know you know you’re not thinking oh
maybe I need to log in I mean you know like I use iTunes all the time because I
actually that’s a long story but I use my iTunes that’s one of the ways that I
actually get my podcast download it more to CDs so I can listen to them okay
we’re not gonna go into why that is but most people don’t even ever use they’re
listening to their podcasts on their phones and this is the beauty of anchor
is that you’re on your phone I have had more feedback and more interaction and
more call ins I’ve listened to a podcast recently that admonished listeners for
not giving them a rating or give them money well Larry shame on you for even
listening to that lousy podcast no I’m just kidding now it’s not shame
on you you didn’t know they were gonna do that who does that that’s why they’re
not getting no reviews because I don’t know how to treat their miss nurse but
let me tell you about anchor really quickly hey Yankees you made it to my
life Yankees outdoor whoo-hoo you will love anchored i FM Yankees and here’s
why here’s why you guys will like it remember I told you I’m gonna tell you
the good and the bad let’s start with the good the good with the the way the
interface works SuperDuper easy you go over there you sign up
you push a button and you don’t you can hold it and record or you can swipe up
like we always do on all these other apps and it’ll continue to record you
get five minutes you can add clips you can connect it to your Spotify or your
your music app your Apple music app on your phone and you can add music into
your show only the people on anchor can hear that music not on when you upload
it to iTunes which anchor does for you by the way and and that’s one of the
other really good pluses about anchor when you decide that you want to use
them for your podcast host they do everything they send you an email and
say oh your show submit it so there’s you know good and bad about that but if
you just want to get it up there it’s easy all right so here’s the thing
you’re gonna follow people you’re going to see the people that you follow and
what they call the carousel and when you’re in that carousel you’ll see a
little button at the bottom of their page as you’re listening to what they’ve
said in their anchor and you can call in you push that button and boom you call
in and leave your feedback you don’t have to go to speak pipe you don’t have
to leave the page you don’t have to record it and upload it and then send it
in an email it’s so easy that it’s almost as easy as making a phone call
and it might even be easier depending upon what oh which phone you have you
know so see one of the other ways that podcasters used to be able to give each
other feedback or that listeners were able to give podcasters feedback was
with an app called clamour now if you don’t know about clamour just know that
it was a way that you could share out a little snippet of an episode well guess
what clamour shut their doors down to they’re gone so see hey
what’s the full one one TV what’s up lady thank you for coming I’m so glad
you came I’m going to try to show you guys this carousel won’t anchor but you
know how hard it is when you’re on a phone and then you’re trying to show a
phone but this is what the carousel looks like and in other words these are
the people that I follow and if I want to like say for example here’s a guy
that I just met over on anchor his name is avi
if I want to listen to IV station I would just push this well this is my
android phone and so this phone is about to die
so not exactly working right right at the moment
oh I’ll probably just have to push play yeah no that phone’s not working good
but at least I was able to show you the interface and um so okay I told you a
few of the good things I’m going to tell you at least one of the downsides the
problem with them submitted your show to iTunes is that actually they have
control over your feet they Vegas now it’s just turn it down all right good
that was an anchor and I’m not even sure that was a branded person that wasn’t
even the person I was trying to get you guys to listen to so that’s just my
android phone there’s nothing wrong nothing against the app the app works
perfectly fine on on iPhone and on Android the link that Larry showed us
that will take me to sign up it’s just anchored IFM yep anchor dot FM and I
don’t have like an affiliate link or anything like that it’s not that kind of
app because it’s free it’s totally free right now you know so get in on it
because honestly this is a really good thing guys
this is super simple especially like say for somebody who wasn’t even really
thinking about podcasting because once you record what they call a segment all
right you can record a five-minute segment of
course it can be shorter you can add in the little interludes like the little
clips and the little sound effects in between you get a choice of about ten or
maybe there’s twelve different audio tracks of background music to play
behind your voice which is one of the things I absolutely love about it
because that way if I start breathing or that you don’t hear any of that because
this audio track you can add and you can pick different you know to set the mood
or the tone of your talk and they have upbeat wines and they have really quiet
ones and then they have ones that sound like you’re you know annoyed or you’re
on the treadmill oh my gosh is so SuperDuper easy and it is truly a
community it’s a community over there and I really really like it and you just
call in to my channel thank you so much Larry I will definitely be playing that
and that’s a good good timing because the clips stay up for 24 hours okay I’m
calling them clips but let’s call them segments because that’s the terminology
they use over there on anchor you have a segment it stays up for 24 hours unless
you make you create an episode hi how are you McMullen Nick Banzai you will
love anchor fm as well because you could give your bones ID tips I know that
there’s gardening folks over there already I’ve already listened to a few
gardening podcasts and you guys you can even for you guys that are here on
YouTube you can even take these YouTube videos the shorter ones that are
less than five minutes or you can trim down one you know and um you can upload
that or you can split it because remember you can do five minute segments
but you can do 5 min there’s many five minute segments as you want and you can
so you can split it out and it would just play right behind each other and
you know convert that mp4 that you can download from YouTube just convert it
into mp3 I show that on a YouTube video I’m sure it’s called how to convert your
live streams into a podcast and so like I said that call and feature is awesome
you have the background music you have the interludes but here’s the other
downside of them hosting your podcast they when it’s played on iTunes actually
their bumper plays in front of your show and it’ll say you’re listening to a show
that’s been recorded using anchor anchor FM it’s the easiest way to create a
podcast or something to that effect and then it plays again at the end
very pleasant young man who says that I don’t know if they hired a voice actor
and you know it’s short is to the point it doesn’t go on and on it doesn’t you
know it’s not overly hype but people are listening to your podcast and the first
thing they hear is someone else’s voice now hey like I said they’re hosting your
files for free so this is what you know what you get out of it and he says I’m
going to hang there with you don’t want to miss anything and I’ll check it out
yes Yankees you’ll love it and Mick Banzai
you will love it as well honestly it’s it’s a community and it’s really easy
it’s not going to take time out of your day they also have a web clipper now
both of these platforms Spreaker and i’ll teach you’ll love it too
Spreaker and anchor both have a way that you can
upload from the web so you could record something that’s what I was saying you
could take your YouTube videos the shorter ones and convert them and upload
it to your show now guys because I’m you know kind of like advising you to go
over to anchor you might not want that to be your first show you might want to
introduce yourself to the community go over there listen to other people’s
clips you know nobody really wants to just interact with your old content your
repurpose content because honestly I’ve heard people complaining about and
there’s always the marketers that come over and they want to upload an
interview they did and they put on you know but it’s okay in moderation a clip
here like I did yesterday I did a show which I turned into an episode and you
know I got sidetracked I didn’t finish this point I got to tell you guys this
when you record a segment you don’t have to include it in your episode that goes
up to items you have the choice at the end of the 24 hours or whenever you did
you’re ready right you’ve recorded two or three segments you add it in a couple
of those a little inner lose a little soundbites
in between your segments and maybe you had a call in and you were able to add
that into your show because once somebody calls in they’re really giving
you permission to go ahead and add it into your show everybody over there
knows you could be on iTunes right so once you’ll get a list when you’re ready
to make an episode you hit the episode button and you’ll get a list and you
just checkoff what you want in the show and what you don’t now for me because
I’m a little tech savvy I know enough to be dangerous I took those episodes and
edit it off that little bumper and then uploaded them to Spreaker because I
actually have a paid account as Spreaker okay so
that way my podcast is still going into places although the one that’s up in
iTunes is coming from anger and I don’t mind that and Yankees outdoor event you
just sup to your channel and we’ll check it out okay great great thanks you know
I don’t mind that there’s a bumper there I’m just warning you guys about that
heileen dangerous my hashtag ologist Tisch has given me a new hashtag you
know I I just want to warn you guys cuz I know people we can overturn a
complaint look what do you want from a free platform
I like the platform they’re doing something for podcasters they’re
empowering people people they’re like um podcast it’s too tacky I’m gonna have to
get a mic I don’t want to have to edit you don’t do any editing there’s no
editing okay you don’t need a mic like right now I am hey Carla have I’ve
talked about anchor I’m talking I’m talking about anchor I’m Ankur
I’ve been relaunched my podcast through anchor Carla you got here a little late
but that’s what I’ve been blabbering on about for the last 36 minutes
mostly anchor but I also talked about Spreaker Spreaker is the other
alternative to SoundCloud so guys I want you if you’re on a SoundCloud run for
the hills if you’re really serious about your podcasts like I mentioned earlier
that I have friends in my philadelphia podcasting meetup group if you are
listening to this right now and you’re in that Philadelphia podcast meetup
group and SoundCloud is hosting your RSS feed that goes to iTunes contact Dave
Jackson over at Lipson just go to lips and support and say you want to talk to
JD Jackson and he will help you migrate your show now I just offered his
services he doesn’t know that but he does what he does it’s his job also you
can get one month free hosting over at Lipson with Dave’s code which is SOP
free that stands for school of podcasting free back
the black memory sorry yes so let me repeat that over on Lipson you get one
month free I’m gonna give you Dave Jackson’s code
his coupon code s Oh P free that’s the coupon code to get one month
free one Lipson hosting okay and so if you’re serious about your podcast
migrated dave was talking about and his s a podcast coach show yesterday he said
that’s all he did all week you know because he works for lips and support
people were there running for the hills because and you know i’m going to repeat
this really quickly for the folks that that got here late soundcloud this is a
headline from TechCrunch soundcloud sinks as leaks say layoffs by little
time and this is another article from TechCrunch the company has announced
that it is laying off a hundred and seventy three employees and it’s closing
offices in San Francisco and London so the handwriting has been on the wall for
a long time SoundCloud has lost money year after year after year
honestly I stopped paying for the pro version of SoundCloud last week before
the news you know what Carla is all your fault you’re the one who did it if you
would have kept your pro subscription up SoundCloud would’ve kept all those 173
people just joking that’s Carla Jenkins y’all make sure y’all follow her here
you know what I’m on my phone so I forgot to tell you guys and make sure
you click those three dots over in the chat and follow each other’s channels
which I think all you guys know each other but Carla I haven’t seen her in a
couple weeks so you guys may not know about Carla so make sure you following
her as well and cuz Mik banzai is kind of new so this is you know your action
plan if you were on Soundcloud run for the hills get in touch with Lipson if
once you get into their supports ask for Dave Jackson tell him you want to
migrate Eileen Smith sent you there he knows me
I delete all my files on soundcloud and closed my account
Oh Larry’s bow boy Larry ain’t playing Larry Lake let me just get my stuff off
here before you I’ll let them host my stuff uh you know I have the free plan
over there and all that stuff that’s on Soundcloud is also on Spreaker and it’s
on Lipson and somewhere else probably Oh Bob bean actually I got rid of poppy I
would recommend a pod bean but there’s a couple things about pie bean I didn’t
like and I’m not going to go into it just go with my recommendations okay
people Spreaker I follow all and we’ll check them out ASAP thanks honey those
Yankees outdoor adventures and if you at all thinking about doing any kind of
hiking or camping or any of that stuff this summer or in years to come make
sure you watch his whole channel just go through his archive
may I do the same regarding my SoundCloud account – oh she’s Carla says
she may do the same thing that Larry did just delete all her files off of there
because people are leaving in droves so and I mean you know if you lay off 173
people you kind of know that people are going to be now I didn’t finish this
sentence earlier tachi tachi who does media scope dr. tachi okay ta CH I make
sure you follow her over 1 anchor FM as well she does media scope and she does
media briefs over there on anchor so almost every day she’s giving you a tech
update she’s the one who told me about the TechCrunch article well she didn’t
just tell me she’s tired by an anchor and she also is the one well since I
take my glasses off Acoma comment oh yeah I know tissue a lot of time
you pull my coat not media boxers yeah how do you spell her name again ta CH I
tachi so over one anchor just search for and that’s anchored i FM just search for
ta CH i god I can’t not not give her a shout-out
oh one more person you absolutely have to look for and that’s a V a V ie
IV does tech tips he yes Tachi for sure but her username on anger is tachi okay
so yeah it actually is tata Chioda you know but anyway avi has a whole series
of tutorials that’s why I haven’t had to do a tutorial about anchor because avi
you neglect but you just look for IV AV ie if you could type that into the chat
Larry or Tish or anyone AV ie follow him on anchor he has all the tech
tips about how to use anchor he’s like the biggest advocate for the platform
yep thank you what’s the form on one TV
thank you so much dear I really appreciate it I drink its own mortar
okay so Tachi is the one who told me about the TechCrunch article she also
told me about chance the rapper and I don’t remember all the details about
this story okay chance the rapper is pretty sure he
won a Grammy I don’t listen to his music you know I used to listen to rap music
so he kind of missed the boat for me because right when I stopped listening
he came out and anyway he’s working with them some kind of way just and kind of
do but guys remember that’s one a music front and you know that’s the thing
SoundCloud was trying to serve two masters it was always really a platform
for independent music they should have stayed in their lane
and maybe they could have built a business model just around that but you
got all the podcasters and y’all know whenever marketers come into anything
guess it gets ruined we know that right Ivy you know Glee yes I’m pretty sure
that’s how you spell his name thank you so much
Tish and so you know all the podcasters have their podcasts over there because
why not you know they got VJs to upload that
stuff for them while they’re asleep right you know itself subbed to you too oh
yeah what’s the form on one TV make sure you sub in to everybody here and yeah
you guys all have great channels too so that’s amazing so make sure that if you
are thinking about podcasting or if you just want to test the waters or if you
just want another cool place to hang out see the thing about oh you follow him on
Twitter okay great Tish the thing about anchor
is you don’t even have to use it for your podcast ever ever it is just like a
cool place to hang out you just find your peeps you find your tribe people
that are talking about the stuff you want to hear about and you know there
are some people over there to just talk about nothing just talk about you know I
don’t know I randomly they’re talking about nothing they’re talking about
random things that may not have any kind of goals – it’s just a conversation it’s
a conversation you may have if you ran into some of your old high school pals
or you know if you if you work at a big company and you know I got you Yankees
outdoors adventure okay good what’s the four one I love connecting
people yes so what’s the four one one and Yankees outdoors adventures are now
following each other and so that’s wonderful because you guys are both
amazing content creators and so I’m sure that you will appreciate each other’s
kind like water cooler talk yes water cooler talk and then
there’s nothing wrong with that it’s just not the kind it’s not always my cup
of tea but sometimes I find myself being pulled into that you’re trying to find
everybody on Twitter yeah everybody should have their Twitter linked on
their home page on YouTube if you don’t make sure you do that later not right
now because I don’t want y’all leaving Larry’s the only one was allowed to
leave and go and leave me a message and call into my station over cuz he knows
how to multitask everybody else y’all stay right here okay so yeah it’s a it’s
a it’s a cool place to hang out and I think you can meet some cool people I’ve
been over there for a week and I already became friends but either you remember I
told you Ivy is but have you done more than a five minute recording and can you
up look and you can upload correct okay I don’t mind mine I don’t think mine is
linked okay first let me at Mohnish Yankee bad Yankee dad Yankee get your
Twitter account over there on your YouTube channel Larry your segment can
only be five minutes even if you upload it can only be five minutes but they
play right after each other so you just break it up into two different segments
there’s not like a big law like when somebody’s actually listened to it
they’re probably they can because you can scrub when you’re listening to
people let’s say somebody says something or you or you like you already heard it
before did you just scrub through it’s supposed
to be 15 seconds so this is no big deal to have let’s just say you had a
15-minute segment now I mean you have a 15 minute
piece of audio right and it could be a WAV file and mp3 or m4a or AAC
it can’t be dead so let’s say you have this segment right so we have to
serialize our content at anchor FM into five-minute segments yes and so you have
this 15 minute a piece of audio already you just break
it down into five-minute segments if you put through two it can make an
interesting or valid point in 30 seconds easy absolutely because people that can
call in to you they only get one minute and so I’ve had responses I’ve had
people you know and you can also leave somebody feedback without doing that one
minute calling as well you know you just have to let them know you can actually
put it on your channel and then let them know you can give people shout outs oh
this is another great thing about anchor and in some ways somebody said it
reminds them of blyat of blab and this part is true when you’re done you can go
back my but they only last for 24 hours though so you got to make sure you do
this you want to see who listened to your segment you can just swipe up or
you tap a little thing that says listeners and it’ll show you everybody
so you’ll know the people who are engaged with your content also people
can give each other plaus applause which is just like props or hearts and
periscope props that we used to have in blab you just tap the screen and you
give somebody applause and that will show up in there yes we’re back in
YouTube Church Thank You Tish that will show up in their notifications and you
know they don’t have to have notifications on their phone sorry guys
I’m going to have to bail all my signals not keep it up okay thanks oh you’re
down the woods oh man you’re brave look I felt like I went for a hike when I was
watching Yankees show and it was fun and it was good because I was really sitting
in an air-conditioned office building my understanding is anchor does the
splitting of the audio file oh okay but Harry Tisch is too much – Larry I don’t
know if there was a glitch I tried to split the file today when I uploaded I
actually mentioned this in my anchor today it didn’t work so I don’t know
what went wrong with that so that’s why I didn’t say that they
would split it because when I tried it today it didn’t work I tried a couple
days ago it seemed like it worked fine but today when I tried it it didn’t work
but they don’t actually split it they give the interface you can trim it
okay so that’s how that works now if they’re splitting it some other way
that’s just something I don’t know about we have to ask Abby and that’s why his
show is called ask ivy you just calling to ivy you neglect and honey he would
love it he plays back every call in I mean you know sometimes people you can
tell they’re not that familiar with using a mic or they may be nervous
because they’re cold in the Ivy Show and Ivy doesn’t care he plays that whole
thing no matter how nervously they may sound or whatever because he is just one
fantastic guy did you say that the upload only lasts
for 24 hours unless you add it to an episode of your podcast if you add it to
an episode of your podcast it stays there permanently because it’s just like
you know it’ll be on iTunes for one thing but it will also be within the app
the episodes no it depends upon if you already yeah you welcome Larry like for
me yesterday I had a topic I was talking about patreon yesterday but I had so
many callings that I kind of had to break up the conversation about patreon
and put the other call ins cuz you know somebody calls into your show they know
they call them they know you’re on high ram tweets they know you’re on because
you know you’re broadcasting right you’re posting stuff and then they’re
probably sitting there thinking dag she won’t even post my callin so you just
have to stray away from talking about your topic play the call and respond to
it maybe play a little clip you can add music remember I told you can connect
Spotify or your iTunes your Apple whatever I don’t have
music I I deleted off my phone but anyway but then when it’s time for you
to create the episode for your podcast you don’t include that if it’s off topic
or if it’s just out of place with your your episode but yet everybody won’t
anchor heard it the person or everybody who follows you anyway the person knows
that you acknowledge them not today Ram I will say just follow there’s two
people I recommend that you follow for SEO of YouTube and that will be Derral
Eve’s that’s de ral Evy
yes Derral Eve’s he’s one of my patrons over on patreon by the way shout-out
Daryl and roberto blake roberto blake those are the two people you follow for
youtube SEL i leave it up to the professionals
okay SEO has never been my thing yes roberto blake is the truth yes Blake
noe on the end of and no C BL a ke Roberto BL a ke yes you’re welcome Rand
tweets you’re very very welcome but yeah you know I I know a little bit
I co-signed on the SEO follows alright what’s the phone one TV I mean
look you know what I said earlier stay in my lane I’m in my lane I you don’t
have seen you will not see a video on there on this channel that says YouTube
SEO well maybe but it was old one I probably didn’t make it unlisted if it’s
there guys I’m sorry I just realized that I
had my water bottle over by my mic sorry so alright let’s do a quick recap
because we are coming up to the hour and I know some of you probably were
wondering was I gonna go live this weekend or not yeah
and so I did it on Sunday but next week it will be on Saturday because next
Saturday is hashtag super cute Saturday so I might as well do it on Saturday and
get it all over it okay quick recap SoundCloud has announced that they were
laying off 173 employees and closing their offices in San Francisco and
London if you’re hosting your podcasts on soundcloud you need to get an
alternative I recommend two alternatives both of
them have free versions well one of them is completely free at the moment the
other one has freemium business model you can start off on the free plan and
upgrade for more options like stats and that’s Spreaker Spreaker is my number
one recommendation because that is good for anyone whether they want to just be
on the free version or if they want a real podcast that can be uploaded or
actually there can be lots of optimization optimization videos though
yes optimization but not SEO oh gosh yes let
me try to get back bring it back about Spreaker because there’s something else
that even though i said to anchor lets you see the people that viewed your
content at the bottom of that list after you go through the people that are on
anchor you’ll see ten web viewers but you have no idea who those web viewers
are you don’t know what country they’re in there are any of that stuff you don’t
know how they found that you don’t know if it but came from Twitter or if you
shared it on Facebook and then they listen to it you don’t know
just know the people an anchor and a random number from the web
whereas Spreaker does give you some stats
Spreaker also lets you record from your desktop they have a standalone app that
you can download onto your computer which is like a DJ booth you know so you
can record you know cuz Spreaker does have a lot of music musicians there as
well but with the difference with Spreaker was they dedicated themselves
to podcasting when they hired Rob Greenlee or even before they hired Rob
Greenlee but hiring Rob Greenlee just sealed the deal because Rob Greenlee is
one of legends of podcasting and he used to work at Microsoft when Microsoft used
to care about podcasting and right now not so much but you know so Rob knows
the industry probably better than anybody because he’s been on so many
different sides of the fence so mm-hmm we have anchor dot F M follow me there
anchor dot F M / Eileen and spreaker.com SPR EA ke art.com
/ Eileen follow me there – or it might be missing speaks either way just look
for IL e ane and look guys you know you may not even thought that you could do a
podcast I love anchor because anchor is a place
where you’re gonna feel good about using the mic and using the app I should say
about getting on the mic about putting your thoughts out there because you’re
going to give feedback from the community there’s a lot of folks that
are over there that are not really thinking about podcasts and they just
want to post their segments you know and until you make it an episode it doesn’t
go to the podcast it’s just a segment and that segment lasts for the 24 hours
and after that is going and there’s people that come on
every day and that’s just what they do and you know of course there’s youtubers
over there as well there’s marketers there’s musicians there’s artists
there’s gardeners the whole gamut of people and trust me now that roberto
blake has done a video about it Brian fans all mentioned it on his
podcast Joe calm has been coming over there you know there’s gonna be Gary Vee
was interviewing Gary Vee is a big advocate of the platform so there’s
gonna be more and more folks coming over there so I’m sure you’re gonna find your
tribe there and so it’s a great way to just dip your water your toes into the
waters and decide if you want to get a real serious podcast and then you go and
host with the Lipson okay any more questions you guys ran out of questions
for me I went a whole like minute and a half without put my glasses on I also
think that the easy uploading to iTunes is a big selling point with anchor well
yeah you don’t have to upload anything to iTunes you just tell them that you
want a podcast they ask you to name your podcast your description of your podcast
they use your profile image so if you want to put another image up there
instead of your profile image you put that and they do and then you said get
an email and they said oh we’re submitting your podcast iTunes and I
think I submitted mines maybe on a Friday I remember it being like oh it
took two days and I was like oh yeah cuz it was the weekend and it was like that
Monday or that Tuesday BAM it was there so I’ve been in iTunes all
week yeah again as well there’s two podcasts out there miss Eileen just look
at the date you see the date once it’s 2015 no 16 2016 any other one
says 2017 and so you know the updated content is the one marketers are going
to run it because they they ruin everything
now I don’t think so this time Larry I don’t think so I don’t I don’t see
marketers ruin it because marketers are not gonna like the fact after you get
your iTunes podcast what’s the process of migrating some of your soundcloud or
not anchor FM files you don’t want to migrate from soundcloud to anchor you
want to migrate from soundcloud to Lipson okay because if you already had
an established podcast and you’ve already got a back catalog you don’t
want to just upload that stuff over into anchor anchor is more I don’t want to
say real-time it’s not like you’re live but it’s more about real time people
don’t really care about your archives they want to have conversations with you
about what’s going on now and remember and you may have missed this Carla so
I’ll repeat it one more time so get a pencil or try to remember though if you
have a good memory you’re like me because I’ve already went off on 18
tangents so far you’re going to use if you’re going to sign up for Lipson my
friend Dave Jackson he also works for Lipson he’s in their support team ask
for him to help you migrate okay because there’s other folks over there and
support but just ask for Dave and say that Eileen sent you and you’re gonna
use his code to get one month free and his code is SOP free SOP free
that stands for school of podcasting that’s his other podcast school of
podcasts so that’s Opie free that gives you one month free of hosting or Lipson
so you really have nothing loose so they will help you good they will help you
and Dave Jackson Dave Jackson write that down too they will help you to migrate
your shell and not know I know they have instructions there and they may just
send you to the instructions okay and that’s okay too but if you run into any
snags then that’s when you want to ask for Dave
okay and I was just talking with him yesterday well I was in the audience on
ask the podcast coach so that that equates into I was talking to him cuz he
was reading out my comments just like I’m reading out yours just like I can
say oh yeah I was talking to Carla yesterday like tomorrow I’ll say that
and if you’re an anchor I’ll probably be talking to you later on a nature
so check out anchor if you want to you’re right right now you you want to
think about starting a podcast you can start with Spreaker Lipson or blueberry
but if you have an existing back catalogue so that means you’re already
serious about podcasting you’ve already been doing it for a while then you want
to migrate from your soundcloud over to Lipson for sure but if you just want to
hang out have fun and you know get some inspiration from some of the folks over
there who are doing some amazing things then you want to check out anchor FM and
you can hang out with me and I have fun I love it
I’m playing with it all week that’s why I’m so late with this video that’s a
shame about SoundCloud well yeah it is I mean you know it’s kind of a lesson to
us guys and can you do this other platform Eiger can you do of it okay see
now blog talk radio I don’t know that you can migrate Braque talk radio from
what I understand there’s a problem but you can talk to Dave about it because
dave was actually in talks with the I’m gonna save as a VP over there blog talk
radio but blog talk radio they don’t really like to let you take your RSS
feed and migrate it somewhere else they don’t like you to do that now maybe
that has changed but I gotta say folks please don’t use blog talk radio you
could do better on anchor and you can do interviews on anchor ants Freaker okay
so I know BlogTalkRadio seem like the easy thing at the time I have a friend
I’m not gonna say her name but she wanted me to she wanted to interview me
on her blog talk radio okay so I said okay well let me listen to your show so
I could see what some of your interviews were like so I went over to listen to
her show and she’s amazing I love her to death I mean she’s very dynamic very
well-spoken she’s quick as a whip her facebook lies are off the hook and she
plays music so that you know not the popular music right because you can’t
play copyright music so she’s playing like some local artist or whatever and
or maybe she is playing other songs on it I can’t remember but she does a lot
of talking then she plays a song just she does more talking
then she plays himself I don’t know how long she goes back and forth for doing
that before she gets to bring on her guests because I couldn’t take it
anymore I had things to do and you cannot fast-forward you can’t scrub
through so I couldn’t like not listen to all these you know local yokel artists
she would play she was playing and her conversation which was about social
media but she was talking stuff of course that I already know right
so I’ve downloaded my BlogTalkRadio files I haven’t used the RSS feed oh
good good good good good good then yes yeah you can do that with Lipson as well
so who doesn’t let you fast forward like what they just fixed that on an anchor
and anchors only five-minute segments but I mean this podcast like a 45 minute
podcast I can’t sit there for 45 minutes and I’m just listening to it
oh you’re learning so much here oh thanks Carla that’s such a nice
compliment that you’re learning so much you’re welcome I can’t take 45 minutes
out of my day when I’m just listening to see what your interview is like it’s
like I really want to listen to your show YouTube live as alternatives to
SoundCloud is very timely Thanks oh thank you I would for you I mean oh
thanks Tish well Tish you know it’s not that I
didn’t want to listen to her what’s the four-four what’s the form on
one TV very timely says Karla Jenkins yeah it’s not that I didn’t want to
listen to her that wasn’t it was just that I was busy so I just wanted to get
to the point where I can hear what the end of the flow of the interview you
know what I’m saying but and I couldn’t get to the interview
and it was like it’s not that serious I really don’t need to be on her show
that bad you know I like to give back I like to but if she was doing on any
platform besides BlogTalkRadio and I even told
her that so oh and it’s not even her show it’s hosted as part of a network on
some other some other something or other and so yeah and I’m hoping and playing
and praying and if she misses to this watches this video this is very tongue
because July is the first month of the quarter of the year and people are
calibrating their cots yes recalibrating their content
absolutely thank you so much so you know and if she’s listening and you know I
love you dearly if you are listening to this in the replay I just strongly
advise you to get your own show well said Carla says Tish get your own show
because you are the one that people want to hear and being a part of a network it
all sounds good and maybe you know but all talk radio might tell you that
you’re getting thousands and thousands of views maybe but in my opinion and I
can be wrong but in my opinion I think that being your own show host having
your own show you probably can go further
and and get more out of it but anyway guys you are you know even though
BlogTalkRadio it’s not where most of you guys are
Karla’s doing the right thing by downloading her files and she’s gone
later on upload them up to Lipson so that’s absolutely awesome you know and
break them up into five minute segments this week I was going to upload to
SoundCloud lifts in iTunes I can knock sound claw through this you can I have
lost you know sound and the screen is frozen darn it well I was getting ready
to shut this down anyway so you’re all right it’s about creative content also
when you control your show you control distribution so Carl is still hearing me
Tish are you still hearing me – oh it’s back on okay so maybe that was just a
little bump in the internet actually the ice cream truck just rolled by so maybe
they would mess with my signal okay you can see me here mean it clearly now
so guys because you’re still here I want to let you know reason why I’m doing
this on my phone and I’m not doing any screen shares is because YouTube for the
last two weeks was went monkey on me but I was doing screen shares at the end of
my video now you won’t be able to see because I actually cut trimmed off the
video that last video from last week but the one from two weeks ago
the ice-truck is then you know it’s National Ice Cream day well who watch it
get a comb so that’s why I said you know what this conversation is one that I
need to have today and so I’m just gonna do it on my phone and this way maybe by
next week YouTube will have it all straight because tisha had mentioned
that Steven Healy had problems with his YouTube live and I don’t know if other
folks are having the problem as well I don’t have time to research all that all
I know is I said you know what I can do this from my phone and you guys are so
cool you’re hanging in there with me tsch was there in the beginning when I
had a false start when the phone was in portrait mode and I didn’t want that and
I’m glad I’m glad you bear it with me too
while I turn everything around so I you to change the timing of when you’re
supposed to turn the phone around or maybe I just don’t remember from the
last time because you know I’m not as young as I used to be so anyway next
Saturday probably in this time of day or closer to 2 or 3 o’clock in the
afternoon you can’t tack me and let me know what
you want me to talk about hit me up on anchor thanks Tish hit me up on anchor
or you know or leave me a comment on this video and let me know hey I mean I
wish you would talk about such a such a topic as long as it’s in my wheelhouse
we’ll cover it next Saturday okay so with that guys I’m gonna bid you
adieu thanks so much if you want to think
about joining the community over on patreon we support each other over there
we’re oh like this last couple of weeks the comments have been flowing in over
there and people giving me feedback on the content everything so I absolutely
love it and I think you guys do too so it’s Eileen it’s patreon.com slash
Eileen patreon.com slash Eileen Tish thank you so much – and you guys have a
wonderful day and a week ahead love ya

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  1. I am not hosting my podcast files on SoundCloud, but I use it as a destination through my Libsyn account! 😉

  2. Hi there… quick question for you. I have only done my podcast on Anchor. I was trying to set up on Itunes and not sure where to get the RSS feed from Anchor to set it up…HELP, Ms. Ileane! 😉

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