PLEASE DON’T SHARE THIS VIDEO! Dangerous Banned Memes Inside

What’s up you beautiful bastards hope you’re having a fantastic Thursday welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show and let’s just jump into it the first thing I want to do today is I want to embrace my freedom in in a way that also makes it so I’m most likely not going to travel to another country. Egypt’s already off the list because of this guy today I’m mark Russia off the list. The reason being is it appears that Russian President Vladimir Putin is not a fan of this picture right here. Last week and actually before we go forward can we make the picture fullscreen. I want to make sure people understand what image i’m talking about. Last week the Russian Justice Ministry added this image of Putin as a gay clown to its list of banned extremist images. also side note when we look at this image that doesn’t necessarily mean that Putin is a gay clown maybe Putin just wants to feel like a pretty pretty princess too many ladies were like “you have the most beautiful lashes, I’m so jealous” and he was like “beasts just you wait” That a Russian accent I don’t know if you’re not familiar this image right here this meme blew up in 2013 after Russia started cracking down on the LGBTQ community and really that’s the whole story this image is now 1 of 4074 banned extremist things because the courts say it hints at the Russian presidents allegedly non-standard sexual orientation ultimately I share the story because it is of course another example of when people don’t want you to see something and they ban it or they hide it or they go through all these hoops so people don’t share it of course it’s going to spread even faster and also I just want to provide a reminder to those that have this right to this ability to share this photo going to be able to do so legally with no fear of the government coming down on on you. I love that I hope that it’s something that more people can really appreciate that whether you’re for or against Trump that you respect people’s rights to be able to trash him and depict them in a certain way the same goes for Obama and Clinton Bush whoever it’s important in the other note I want to get across just guys. Those you that do not live in Russia so you couldn’t get hit by that 15 days in prison the 3000 ruble fine please do not distribute this image that is found in the links down below, It might offend Putin and they don’t want that picture out there so please don’t do that definitely please don’t go please do not go to Twitter and share that photo possibly with a hashtag Putin so fab. Please don’t do that they’re so sensitive to it they’ve actually made it illegal we need to support Putin’s persecution of other things. Oh god if i randomly run into seven bullets maybe we’ll know why, Next story, and then just really quick i want to address a story that had people messaging me in a panic You may have seen the headline breaking YouTube will no longer allow creators to make money and so they reach 10,000 views. One of the first emails I saw was a guy that said I get 7,000 views per video now I’m not going to get paid and guys this is why it is important to read past a headline it is 10,000 lifetime views. Lifetime means for the whole channel so if your first video gets a thousand the second one gets four thousand the next one gets six thousand boom lifetime views over 10,000 you past the cutoff so it’s actually not that big of a deal if your average CPM is two dollars you’re talking about not being able to monetize the first twenty dollars of a channel. So if this helps you to make sure that they’re not putting advertisements on garbage horrible videos I personally say good barrier for entry to monetize is still incredibly low and YouTube added in a few weeks we’ll also be adding a review process for new creators who apply to be in the YouTube Partner Program if everything looks good we’ll bring this channel into the YouTube Partner Program and begin serving ads against their content I guess that’s the main point whenever you see something that startles you, read the whole article. Secondly I think this is good for both YouTube and the creators if YouTube can calm down freaked out advertisers more ads come to the site it’s good for everyone I don’t really see this change is putting up any walls it’s akin to maybe parking a little further away in a parking lot. From there I want to share some stuff I love today, and today in awesome brought to you by the don’t be stupid, stupid shirt. A shirt that says I know this may go against your instincts. But maybe don’t be the most horrible version of yourself right now that could be cool. You know, help them learn a lesson their life has seemingly failed to do so far. That shirt is available for three more days so if you want to snag one link to that down below the first bit of Awesome is we got a brand new bad lip reading video this time for the Force Awakens, and it features Mark Hamill as Han Solo. Then I gotta share a video from Bill Burr’s youtube channel, which I did not know was a thing. Animated a bit from his last special about the helicopter story if you remember that animation just ups how enjoyable it is i highly recommend it Then we got a great video from Life Noggin about sympathy and empathy. Just love that series. Then we got a video of Sophie Monk just getting ripped on, but uh she’s such a good sport, She makes the comedian break. If you want to see the full versions everything I just shared the secret link of the day, anything at all links is always are in the description down below. Then if you make quick videos on the internet you should be interested in Apple Clip. Apple announced it before. It was finally released today and it’s this weird mishmash of iMovie and snapchat Instagram filters and stickers my biggest criticism so far is that everything is not that into it about the standout feature especially for anyone making videos for any reason anywhere on the internet is the speech-to-text its next level it’s better than anything I’ve ever used before if it has not shot in the first minute of downloading the app Now as far as if it’s a win or a failure as a complete app I don’t know When it comes to products and apps like this it comes down to everyday usage so I’ll be testing it more. It is something I wanted to share especially cuz i know a lot of creators watch this show I wanna talk about a story that involves my favorite headline of the day. Just so you know it’s kind of a nothing story but i enjoyed the ride. Headline reads “music artist French Montana criticized for calling black woman a rusty ass hoe with nappy hair” Okay let’s see where this goes. A women who goes by the name chill bill tweeted “the fact that French Montana thinks anyone cares about him” Is that a squint from pain emoji? Yes. Then, even though French Montana wasn’t tagged, maybe he had a Google Alert set up, he sees between and decides to respond and oh the headline to this story does not cover what French Montana said and you what? Just for fun i’m going to do a newscaster voice: French Montana saw the critical tweet and responded “you must eat crusty dusty rusty ass hoe with them nappy-ass poetic justice braids take your cum drinking dick banging ass somewhere and be humble (pray hands)” and there are people angry saying it is be an anti black we’re almost retweet the responses against I was a tweet a non black man who loves black culture makes money off the culture and hates black people any dates white women who want to be black others questioned him for using nappy as an insult in 2017 other saying it’s clear that you hate black women hair others defendant him saying he was just roasting someone that went after him I mean it doesn’t mean he is making a feelings towards black women just this woman there was this whole debate on how black French Montana really was evil shouting he’s from Africa others saying you know not everyone from Africa’s black French Montana then defended themselves saying how people get mad at you for dragging I’m just reading how you spell it raging somebody to try to drag you I started back and I was bored in Africa I lived there for 13 years ain’t no punching bag and I don’t discriminate don’t come for me pray hands 7 thursday morning tweet her mother is African Queen and I was married to a beautiful black queen all I did was defend myself if I offended God Jesus offended anybody I apologize this is a perfect example of when you defending yourself mind your business social media would drag your name through the mud but on another note hashtag stay well I’ll be honest as an outsider that is not remotely the target of any of the hate in this situation I gotta say I’m not a sin to steal a word from French Montaigne French also went on to the breakfast club and denied any racial connotations of the words actually saying you need to focus on fixing your hair back up as in hating on me as far as if his words are still offensive I would love to actually ask any black woman to watch this show do you find his words what he did offensive it’s like I’m saying I’m so disconnected from everything involved in this situation I’d over to the super final point whether it be chill bill a man woman who ever know that when you swing on someone whether it be in real life or behind a keyboard people sometimes swing back it’s like my eighth favorite thing to do put random idiots online in their place when they say something incredibly horrible or stupid about me and sometimes I just decided to remind them that they’re saying these words in public I take a second to murder their soul at 140 characters or last five the question is is that the case of what happened here or did this go too far I don’t know your opinion on it right hand and then in American politics let’s talk about Gorsuch unless an asteroid slammed through Congress over the next 24 to 28 hours Neil course which will be the newest and ninth member of the Supreme Court and the reason to that and I talked about this a long time ago with you guys I said people are going to start talking about going nuclear Republicans are going to start talking about the nuclear option that the Senate would interpret the rules in a different way so they no longer required a 60-vote majority to stop a filibuster and I and many others knew that it would eventually come to this point Democrats are na 48 to 52 minority in the Senate most all of them see themselves as the resistance that they’re willing to fight every single thing but not all the individuals but the party in general they really only have themselves to blame for today if you look back this is not the first time the majority in the Senate did this to the minority back in 2013 they did this exact same thing to the Republicans I use this quote-unquote nuclear option or executive branch and judicial nominations at the 2013 rule changed it apply to Supreme Court nominees but they opened the door for it to eventually although there are those that argue that it was Republicans fault because they were obstructing progress they were the party of no so they force the Democrats hand that said I end up leaning more towards 2013 Democrats were the ones that push the button on if someone’s blocking the door and not letting your friends in you have a choice of what to do when you have to be responsible for your actions but I understand the debate there that’s what we saw today Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell finally pulled the trigger and after that went into effect they’re up to 30 hours of debate and then a vote will be happy my main takeaway from this story is that hopefully the Senate Republicans who have now pulled the trigger on this understand that went in the future they may not have the majority and there’s another Supreme Court spot open they need to remember that they were the ones that opened this door it’ll be interesting to see if they remember that they kind of helped put themselves in this weakened position may I say even I am conflicted on this I mean as far as course which I feel like he’s the best possible outcome for Democrats as far as a trump nominee I’ve said as far as downgrading the 60 to the 51 it feels like it does hurt I know that bipartisanship and the ability to walk across the aisle and work with the people that you don’t see eye-to-eye with that it’s like an all-time low so for a while the Republicans where the party is no now the Democrats are the party of no feels like by removing that 60 number you take away the ability to compromise but maybe the ability wasn’t really there this is the only way to prevent congressional standstill no no but it definitely feels like everyone’s a little bit at fault I feel like to formally that story where I don’t necessarily know how to feel that’s actually where I’m going to end today’s show remember if you like this really like what I do on this channel hit that like button if you’re new here hit that subscribe button also if you miss and want to catch up on yesterday’s philip defranco show you can click a tap right there to watch that if you want to see today’s brand new behind-the-scenes blog and just click a tap right there to watch that but that said of course as always my name is Philip DeFranco you’ve just been phill’d in I love yo faces and I’ll see you tomorrow

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100 thoughts on “PLEASE DON’T SHARE THIS VIDEO! Dangerous Banned Memes Inside

    That would be horrible.

  2. You're black and you hate a black person? Unbelievable I have never seen that ever in any other race totally

  3. Just a little FYI, that's not a gay clown, that's the makeup of Dr. Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror Picture Show! He's a sweet transvestite, from transsexual Transylvania!

  4. 1) do I think he is a racist? No
    2) was I offended by his tweet? No
    3) do I think nappy is outdated and insensitive? Yeah, unless used in a teasing way nappy shouldn't be used as an insult because natural black hair (usually 4a-c) should no longer be seen as ugly

  5. You do know Phil that the local Russian "wise guys" run Burbank and Ventura blvd……. maybe you should take this video down, if Putin so bad and these Russians are so bad..maybe you shouldn't taunt guys that have an office next to yours

  6. As a French speaker, I am 100% affended by the name of French Montana.
    Just kidding, he's just an ass. I get why people are offended though. Even if he's not racist himself, he still has used racist insults to "defend" himself (I mean why do you care so much man? Opinions! People are allowed to have them!).

  7. Just exactly how dark do you have to be, to be considered black? It seems to be a range of anywhere from pitch black to whiter than this guy, though darker than Phil.

  8. As soon as the clown picture came up I'm like 'Is Phil gonna say nothing about how they spelled "homophobia" wrong?'

  9. honestly I'm not a fan of that Putin picture… not because he isn't a horrible man (he fucking is), just because saying or implying that a prominent homophobe might be gay is a super gross thing to do. that just puts the blame back on us and implies that our oppression is coming solely from inside our own community. fuck. that.

  10. unless its something crazy like child porn… we should be able to show what you want on youtube. i run a gun and security channel. and they are cracking down on guns on youtube. I dont understand why. Its a god given right to carry a firearm and make a video about it. Anyway thats just my 2 cents. great video bro.

  11. If I had the money, Id pay to have someone drop a billion and two of these in flyer form dropped from a plane over moscow and premuch anywhere else of note.

  12. Hey Philip, is there going to be any coverage or opinions you have on what's going on in Chechnya right now involving gay rights and what's happening to large quantities of gay men? There's been lots of word of violence, homophobia, kidnapping and imprisoning gay men against their will in camps and harming them due to their sexuality. There's different resources and opinions but lots of people apparently are unaware of the exact circumstances, but it'd be really if more people could know what was happening and how to help Chechen citizens.

  13. I came for spicy memes and i wasn't disappointed. While it isn't fresh Putin's tantrum may well launch it back into dankness. When putin just hands you the seeds for your meme farm. Proud to be Kekistani. #Freekekistan.

  14. Been watching you since Ray William Johnson was uploading.. I sent you an email a long time ago during one of your live podcasts saying I was Gene Simmons' cousin and that I had his phone number and you read it out loud but then didn't call because you were afraid to call him unannounced. That was about 10 years ago but I think about it often. – P.S. It was actually the rick roll hotline

  15. is it messed up that he used nappy negatively? yeah, it's a bit sad, but if that's his opinion who am I? I think it's messed up that people are denying his blackness just because he's mixed.

  16. It's unfair to pin any blame on the democrats about the filibuster. Republicans used filibusters more in 6 years than had been used in the over 200 years before. It was unworkable. If anything the dems should have killed this totally back then instead of giving the reps this for free since 2013 knowing reps would fuck them completely if they got the majority.

  17. That French Montana drag was funny AF. You can roast one person and not everything is about race dang! Stop being so sensitive

  18. Why are people so fucking stupid…?

    sees headline oh my god not paid till 10000 views? No I make no money

    I'm not sure if I'm just smart, but I knew it was lifetime..

  19. There are 666 videos of the Philip DeFranco just thought I'd say that and Phil I agree with you on the democrats :3

  20. How is this youtube censorship a good thing? its allowing a very small amount of people to dictate what people watch. Sure there is a small amount of videos that go against the norm and im not saying i support them but every human is entitled to free speech and if you can't express yourself on YouTube in case it 'offends' people truth or not then we will end up living in a world where the only information we get is bullshit from advertising firms.

  21. if Putin wants to protect people against homosexuality, it's not our place to judge. I think the US has went overboard trying to accommodate people that have extreme views. Nowadays you have drag queens reading stories to three and four-year-olds in public schools. This would never have happened 20 years ago. It's progressions like this that make people realize the US is headed down a very dangerous and warped path. So, if Putin wants to Outlaw something that his government agrees with him that is destructive, that's their right to do. I'm sure that we do things that they believe are just as warped.

  22. You don't even need to photoshop Putin to make him look gay though. We're talking about a dude who goes shirtless horseback riding.

  23. Help! Writing my final on freedom of speech. At the beginning phil references Egypt. Can I have a link to that video. Please.

  24. As a black young woman, nappy is very well used in the black household. It’s just another word such as silky hair, curly hair, straight hair, and if you don’t like being called nappy-headed… THEN DO YOUR HAIR!

  25. I get why you guys think it's actually helpful to the gay community to share that image but like….. if anything it's just painting being gay as shameful or detrimental to a reputation. That's not a good way to support the lgbt community….

  26. actuall the youtube policy to paraphrase is "is no longer eligible for monetization because it doesn’t meet the new threshold of 4,000 hours of watchtime within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. for new content creators as of feb anyway.

  27. UK forbade the right to enter their territory for saying "Allah is gay". I hope Philip DeFranco will do the material about this return as he did with putin

  28. If I were as manly a man as Putin, I'd be pretty pissed off if the alphabet groups put make up on #MeToo

  29. Life is like baseball. If someone throws a ball and that throw was good enough to piss the other off, the other will swing the bat

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