Guilds of Ravnica has just come out, and with
it comes two brand new Planeswalker Decks. So in today’s video I’m going to be cracking
open one of them, Vraska Regal Gorgon, seeing what’s inside, we’ve gone back up to two booster
packs in a box, and then i’m going to be upgrading it into a Brawl deck with Vraska in command! Ahoy everyone! Thanks for tuning in!
So I’m Tim here at Dijital Llama, and like the intro said this is going to be a Vraska
Regal Gorgon Planeswalker deck unboxing, and then upgrading it into a Brawl deck! So yeah that’s going to be great fun, before
we get started please check out the channel’s sponsor Arcane Cards, they stock MtG singles,
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as well as a code to get 10% off your first order. With that said, let’s crack this open and
get going! So in the Planeswalker box as always you get
the handy little cardboard box with the artwork and name on the side of it. You get a before
you play guide to read through. You get the actual deck, and the lovely shiny planeswalker.
And we get two packs to crack! So what we’ll do is hit these first and see
what treats are in store! So, shocklands would be nice, Assassin’s Trophy
would be awesome, especially fitting for this, so yeah let’s go through. So, quickly flick through the commons. So the first uncommon is Creeping Chill, then
we’ve got Sunhome Stalwart, and finally a Beacon Bolt, and then the rare is a Guildmage’s
Forum! So quite interesting, not particularly stellar
but oh well. We got a Guildgate and got a foil uncommon as well, Thoughtbound Phantasm,
that looks lush! Really nice! Cool, and a Soldier token. So that’s pack one. Carry on straight on to
pack number two. So fast rolling the, get those packs out of the way, commons again. So first uncommon is Circuitous Route, really
nice artwork on that, love a maze! Justice Strike and then Lava Coil. And then the rare
for the pack is a Mausoleum Secrets, so it’s an Undergrowth card, Golgari, search your
library for a black card with CMC less than or equal to the number of creature cards in
your graveyard. You get to reveal it, put it into your hand then shuffle your library
for two mana! Got an Izzet Guildgate this time, and a Goblin,
no foils in that one! So pretty cool, what we’ll do now is we’ll
take a closer look at the actual planeswalker deck! Starting out looking at the planeswalker deck
exclusive cards, we get one mythic, the Planeswalker herself Vraska, we get two rares, we get three
uncommons and four commons. So Vraska Regal Gorgon is a 7 mana planeswalker,
5 black and a green for a five loyalty, we get a +2 put a +1+1 counter on up to one target
creature, that creature gains menace until end of turn. So that’s a pretty cool keyword
to get. -3 Destroy target creature, and then -10 for each creature card in your
graveyard, put a +1+1 counter on each creature you control. So that’s a really powerful ultimate
and ties in really nicely with the undergrowth mechanic we’ve got going on in Guilds of Ravnica,
for Golgari. Looks absolutely stunning in foil as well. So Vraska’s Stoneglare is a 6 mana sorcery,
destroy target creature. You gain life equal to it’s toughness. You can search your library
for Vraska Regal Gorgon, reveal it and put it into your hand. Then Attendant’s of Vraska we’ve got is a
zombie soldier 1 and a golgari for a 3/3. When it dies, if you control a Vraska planeswalker,
could be any of them, you gain life equal to the Attendant’s power. And then finally we’ve got the common of the
bunch, Kraul Raider, so two and a black for a 2/3 with menace, so nothing too exciting
there, but it does fill out the deck. Next up we’ll have a look at what’s in the
rest of the deck! So this is what the deck looks like when it’s
laid out in casting cost order. We also get a nice load of basic lands and we get four
Golgari guildgates just incase we didn’t quite get enough opening up booster packs. So you can see the curve’s actually alright,
it does go up pretty high with two 7 drops, and we’ve got three 6 drops here as well,
two sorceries from the planeswalker deck and a rare Bounty of Might which is really cool. So yeah we’ve got in the 1 drop slot two Prey
Upons, and we’ve got three Dead Weights. In the 2 drop slot we’ve got a bit of a mixed
bag. We’ve got a couple of Glowspore Shamans, and a swarm Guildmage, and then we’ve got
three Ironshell Beetles, so you get to put a +1+1 counter on target creature for that. In the 3 drops we’ve got a lot of our planeswalker
deck cards, and then we also get the 3 of Spinal Centipede. 4 drops quite a hotly contested little slot,
we’ve got a rare with Beast Whisperer, we got a Rizzz? Lurcher, two of, there’s two
Bartizan Bats which is just a 3/1 flyer for 4, and then we’ve got a Wild Ceratok as well,
4/3 vanilla for 4. In the 5 drop slot then we’ve got Kraul Foragers
which is a 4/4 with undergrowth, and then we’ve just got a 4/5 vanilla for 5. So there’s some quite easy cuts there, to
make in my opinion, i haven’t really thought this though, but what you’re probably going
to want to do is remove some of the vanilla creatures maybe geet rid of some of the top
end as well, start doubling up on some of your Glowspore shamans things like that, just
for super super budget upgrades. But where the main upgrades are going to come
now is in the Brawl deck tech that I’ve brewed up. So we’ll flip over to that and yeah, see
what I’ve come up with! So, Vraska Regal Gorgon costs 7 mana, so we’re
definitely not going to be getting her out early to mid game, but when we do we can start
placing +1+1 counters around and destroying creatures. What it does do is put us into Golgari colours
for our Brawl deck, and I’ve included Attendant of Vraska and Vraska’s Stoneglare from the
Planeswalker deck, but left out the common. And because we’re building a Golgari Vraska
deck, why not include the set version, Vraska, Golgari Queen. She’s 4 mana for a 4 loyalty
planeswalker. Has an optional +2 ability which helps with Undergrowth triggers, and her ultimate
at -9 is just crazy. You only need to connect with a creature once to knock that player
out of the game! So I started by looking at the new Golgari
cards from Guilds of Ravnica, and Izoni, Thousand-Eyed came up first. When she enters play we get
a token insect for each creature in our graveyard, and can sac creatures to gain life and draw
a card. Golgari Findkeeper is a ¾ who can bounce
another creature from our graveyard to hand. Glowspore Shaman mills ourselves for 3 cards,
then can stack our library with a land. If you can use a Field of Ruin multiple times
that could be awesome! Underrealm Lich also helps to load our graveyard
for undergrowth triggers. So all of these creatures are great Golgari cards but they
have something else in common, they’re all Elves! So that’s when I decided this would
be an elf tribal deck! Swarm Guildmage has a couple of great abilities,
giving all our creatures menace and a power boost is really powerful. Ochran Assassin works well with Golgari Queen’s
ultimate ability. Poison-Tip Archer works really well with sac
outlets just like Izoni. And Marwyn, the Nurturer brings us to the
mono-coloured Elves. She gets bigger with each Elf we cast, and
can potentially give us huge ramp. Beast Whisperer is a new card from Guilds
of Ravnica, and keeps our hand topped up. Golgari Raiders is great value if we have
enough creatures in the graveyard. Elvish Clancaller is a lord from M19. Her
ability is defunct in Brawl, but the anthem effect for double green is nice. Thorn Lieutenant, another card from Core Set,
gives us elf tokens if it gets targeted, and has some inbuilt protection from burn. Now to some cards with awesome promo versions
available. Llanowar Elves and Elvish Rejuvenator provide
more ramp. Steel Leaf Champion is a powerhouse, and finally
Reclamation Sage is great removal for artifacts or enchantments. With it being a tribal deck I’ve included
Vanquisher’s Banner for another anthem effect and more draw. Shapers’ Sanctuary gives even more draw,
but could be subbed out for a Crucible of Worlds as we are putting a fair few cards
in our graveyard. Journey to Eternity gives a creature psuedo
regenerate, and comes back itself flipped into Atzal, Cave of Eternity, which really
helps with graveyard recursion. Assassin’s Trophy, current stand-out card
from Guilds of Ravnica makes an appearance, it’s just too powerful not to. Find // Finality gives more recursion, and
a sort of boardwipe if needed. Status // Statue is a pump spell and removal
in one. So, recursion seems really important to include
in here, and Vivid Revival is great at it, pulling any three multicoloured permanents
back to our hand. Boneyard Parley can not only recur our own
cards but we can potentially steal them from our opponents too! Soul Salvage does what it says on the tin,
and the Mending of Dominaria mills, then recurs, then gets our dead lands back into our library,
helping us not to deck ourselves! I really rate Price of Fame as removal in
Brawl. Targeting a commander means it’ll only cost 2, and surveil works a treat with
Undergrowth. Cast Down takes care of a non-legendary creature,
and Broken Bond does the same as Rec Sage, but with added ramp if we have a spare land
in hand. On to the rest of the deck, we’ve got Adventurous
Impulse for ramp/tutoring, Gaea’s Blessing for anti-milling, although
will spoil Undergrowth if it happens at the wrong time. Golgari Locket for even more ramp, and finally
Desecrated Tomb because of all the recursion, we could end up with quite the flock of bats! Onto the manabase, and Golgari currently has
four dual lands, Overgrown Tomb, Woodland Cemetery, Foul Orchard, and Golgari Guildgate.
Following that up with some utility, we have Evolving Wilds, Arch of Orazca, Field of Ruin,
and Memorial to Folly. Finishing off the deck with basics, there’s
seven Swamps, and eight Forests. You can find this decklist over on my blog,
the link is down in the description. And there you have it, my Vraska Regal Gorgon
planeswalker deck unboxing and Brawl deck tech upgrades. If you haven’t already, please remember to
share this video whereever you hang out, be it twitter, reddit, or facebook. And don’t forget to head over to Arcane Cards
for your MtG singles. Thanks so much for watching, and I’ll catch
you all on the next one, cheers!

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  1. Great video, Tim! Love the choices here, and I didnt actually notice how much Elf synergy there is right now! Keep up the awesome, good sir!

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  3. Love the video, I currently run a vraska golgari explore deck for brawl and was wondering what to add with rotation. This definitely helps.

  4. Great deck tech! This is a great idea for newer players to get into brawl, or even upgrade to commander!

  5. Not gonna lie… I think Brawl is pretty much dead. Commander is better. Much larger card pool and you don't have to worry too much about rotation… no one locally plays…

  6. Awesome. Brawl is pretty active in our LGS, and its my favorite format. I never understood why EDH players always flex on Brawl when they're obviously not the same thing. I spend next to nothing on Brawl because my cards come from drafting and from the Bundle that I would buy anyway. I only ever had to buy one or two cards to add to my Brawl deck. Perfect home for draft chaff and the occassional pack crack. Keep it up!

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