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Ahoy everyone! Thanks very much tuning
in. So I’m Tim here at Dijital Llama and today
Wizards of the Coast Europe sent through very kindly a new Planeswalker deck to open,
so today we’re going to be looking at Vivien of the Arkbow the green deck. Gonna be cracking
this open, having a look at the booster pack that’s inside, and making some
budget upgrades. So as I just said we’re going to be opening up the green Vivien
planeswalker deck and for this round of planeswalker decks for a Core Set 2019
Wizards have actually created five of them instead of the usual two and that’s so
that each color is represented. So we’re going to be opening this up but
alongside that we’re going to be doing a little bit of talk on the color pie and
going over what it means to be a green mage, what kind of creatures typically
are in green, and sort of a very brief overview of strategy so that new players
can get a handle on each section of the color pie. Before we get started if you
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channel. There’s currently two tiers and some really nice perks in it. With that
said let’s get going! So when you open up your Vivien planeswalker
box this is what you get, so you get a handy little deck box with Vivien’s name
on the side and some artwork on it so that comes in handy. Get a booster pack
which we’re going to crack in just a second. We get the deck itself. We get a
handy little play guide as well which sort of talks you through some of the
basics etc and then we get Vivien herself! So this is the special
planeswalker card Vivien of the Arkbow four, green and a green for a five
loyalty planeswalker we can +2 her to put two +1/+1 counters on up to one target creature, -3 target creature you
control deals damage equal to its power to target creature you don’t control, and -9 for the ultimate, creatures you control get +4/+4 and gain trample until end of turn.
So those are some pretty sweet abilities if I’m honest and going +2 at a
time is really going to help you get to that -9 as well. So let’s get
this booster pack open! Cracking packs is always a joy and there’s some amazing
cards in this set to open and try and get hold of. So got a Disperse, a Hostile Minotaur,
Skymarch Bloodletter, Mighty Leap Daggerback Basilisk, a Wall of Mist,
that’s really nice artwork that’d look lush in foil. We’ve got an Oreskos Swiftclaw, Uncomfortable Chill Hired Blade, cool a human assassin in this
one with flash, nice that my going my multiplayer cube. Smelt, Lightning Strike we’ve got Rogue’s Gloves, and I’ve lost
count of the uncommons, so that’s the last uncommon, Aegis of the Heavens that’s really nice artwork as well and
the rare is, it’s a mythic, we’ve opened Sarkhan Fireblood! So this is another
planeswalker from the set. This is three mana to cast for a three loyalty
planeswalker +1 you can discard a card if you do draw a card
another +1 ability at two mana, in any combination of colors, spend it only to
cast dragon spells, and -7 crate 4 5/5 red dragon creature tokens with flying. That is unbelievable so you get 20 power on table for firing off that
ultimate. Wow what a pack, and then we’ve got an island and the zombie token that
is amazing! So what we’ll do now is get the actual deck open. With the Vivien deck out
of its wrapper now it’s time to have a flick through, so we’re gonna start off
with the cards that are exclusive to the planeswalker deck you won’t find it
anywhere else and you can see that their numbers are higher than the actual set
numbers. So we’ve got an Aggressive Mammoth, a six-drop 8/8, Skalla
Wolf, got two of those we’ve got an Ursine Champion, human Berserker, 2/2 for 2! Got a few of those, and we’ve got Vivien’s
Jaguar, three-drop for a 3/2 with reach got a few of those as well. Now on to the rest of the cards that you can find in Core Set 19! So we’ve got Pelakka Wurm which is a rare, got a Bristling Boar, Colossal Dreadmaw, which you can find
in every set since forever! Colossal Majesty as well, we’ve got a
Declare Dominance, Druid of the Cowl, so a little bit of ramp there. Elvish
Rejuvenator Ghastbark Twins comes in here, we’ve got
an Oakenform, Plummet, a couple of those, a Rabid Bite. Reclamation Sage which is
just an edh all star so that’s cool that you get one in here.
Thornhide Wolves, Titanic Growth, two of, and then we finish with two Meteor Golems. Then we’ve gone awful lot of forests in here. It’s just a mono colored
deck so the land base is really really simple! What I’m going to do now is lay this
all out in casting cost order so you can see how the deck looks. This is how the
deck looks laid out in casting cost order so you can see we don’t even have
any one-,drops and it goes up really high so we got four six-drops included in the
deck and four seven-drops. For that we’re going to need to be ramping really
really hard if we want to keep the curve that high. We’ve got plenty of two and
three drops to play, got very few four drops, slightly more five drops,, very much
feel like a weatherman doing this and so what we’re going to do is very quickly
have a look at this just using cards from here and see if we can adjust some of
the quantities to see if we can get a bit more consistency, see if we would be
able to get the curve sort of going up high enough to place some of those big
bombs at the top end. So just looking through the cards that we get in this
planeswalker deck I’ve readjusted some of the quantities so that we get a
slightly smoother curve and are able to reach those bigger creatures
more consistently. So Ursine Champion is part of the Planeswalker Deck, keeping
that as a four-of, Druid of the Cowl is a really early game ramp so taken up to
a four-of. If you can though you want to be replacing that with the Llanowar Elves
which moves it into the one-drop slot and does exactly the same thing. We’ve
got three Plummets instead of two because that is some much-needed removal
in this deck. Vivien’s Jaguar, again a planeswalker deck card, keeping that as a
three-of, upping the Reclamation Sage to a two-of because you never know when you
want to take out artifacts and enchantments. Colossal Majesty is
much-needed card draw in this deck as well, there isn’t an awful lot of it. I’ve
taken that up from one to a three just to make sure that we do get it. Also in
the three drops slot we’ve got Elvish Rejuvenator as well so when it enters
the battlefield you can look at the top five cards of your library put a land
onto the battlefield tapped so that’s helping us get to the higher casting
cost spells even quicker! We’ve got a three-of Bristling Boar so without that
we just skip the four drops slot. It’s not ideal but it’s a big creature! In at
the five drops, so we’ve got two Skalla Wolves, the Vivien planeswalker deck
specials, and we’ve got two Declared Dominance’s which is a nice little
boost for power and toughness and lures people into blocking it. Six drops then
we’ve got a few of those so obviously we’ve got Vivien of the Arkbow still, we’ve got the
one Aggressive Mammoth and keeping the two Colossal Dreadmaws. As much as it
shows up in every set six mana for a 6/6 with trample in a deck like
this is perfectly fine. Then up at the top end we are taking the Pelakka Worm
up to a 2 of! 7 mana for a 7/7 with trample is already sort of on a par with the
costing of the Dredmaw but you also gain 7 life and when it dies you get to draw
a card, so really really handy. That is my basic level upgraded planeswalker deck! So if you’re a new player to the game
this is the section for you! If you can’t decide which of the five planeswalker
decks you want to pick up! In magic each of the five colors of mana have
different feels to them and can work well on their own, or combined in any way
to create decks exactly how you want them! At basic level when choosing a
color there’s the straight-up aesthetic value
to them, maybe Green is your favorite color, you’re bound to be drawn to this
deck more than the others! It goes a lot deeper than that though! So Green in
magic represents the power of nature in my opinion, many creatures have the
trample keyword meaning when they attack they are able to overrun your opponent’s
creatures and hurt the player too if they’re big enough. Speaking creatures, so
some classic types of green include elves, bears, and beasts. A green player’s spells will usually revolve around gaining advantage through having more
lands than your opponent to be able to play bigger creatures, and then spells
that pump your creatures up for dealing even more damage. Titanic Growth is a
great example of this. So that all adds up to a green deck usually wanting to
win by ramping their mana out quickly to play big creatures that can smash
into your opponent and their creatures! So this isn’t a hard and fast rule
though, and you’re always free to play magic the gathering with what you enjoy! And there you
have it, the Vivien of the Arkbow planeswalker deck from Core Set 2019! You can find more planeswalker deck openings and upgrades by clicking on the card in the top right
corner and stay tuned for a fully upgraded version of this deck in the
future! If you haven’t already, remember to share this video with your friends,
take a look at my Patreon and check out some of my other videos and
playlists! Thanks so much for watching, catch you on the next one! Cheers!

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6 thoughts on “PLANESWALKER DECK | Vivien of the Arkbow | UNBOXING | MtG

  1. Another great video. ☺️ I love green colour in mtg, so thanks for this video. I will buy this deck, and maybe the red one too. Dragons are always great 🙂

  2. Hi, i've also ordered all 5 planeswalker decks and while i'm waiting for 'em i wonder if there's possibility to make dual coloured deck from these basic decks. I wish my thoughts will inspirate you to make some Deck Tech videos about making some new stuff among some past expansions 😀 Cool video and keep going with it. This budget upgrades are awesome and helpful to new players 😀

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