With Guilds of Ravnica just coming out it
brought with it two brand new planeswalker decks. So in this video I’m going to be opening
up Ral, Caller of Storms, seeing what’s inside, we now get two booster packs included inside
which is a treat, so going to be cracking those open as well, and then it’s upgrade
time! So going to be turning this into a lovely
Brawl deck with Ral as the commander! Ahoy everyone, thanks for tuning in, so I’m
Tim here at Dijital Llama and like the intro said, this is my unboxing of the new Ral,
Caller of the Storms planeswalker deck, going to be cracking it open, seeing what’s inside,
and then upgrading it into a Brawl deck. Before we get started please check out the
channel’s sponsor, Arcane Cards. They stock MtG singles, and plenty of sealed product,
you can find the link to the shop down in the description, as well as a code to get
10% off your first order! With that said, let’s get going! So inside Ral’s planeswalker deck you get
the handy cardboard deck box with his name on the side and a nice bit of artwork there. You get the how to play/read me before you
play. You get the planeswalker himself, and his
deck, and we also get two lovely lovely booster packs of brand new fresh Guilds of Ravnica
to Crack! So we’re going to hit these up first, see
if there’s anything exciting inside! So, first pack, rolling through the commons
quickly And into the uncommons, the first one is Selective
Snare, then we’ve got a House Guildmage nice, a Truefire Captain awwesome, love the Boros
legion, and the rare is an Overgrown Tomb! Fantastic! So yeah shocklands ahoy! Brilliant!
We get a guildgate, and we get a soldier token. So no shiny in there, but yeah Overgrown Tomb
love it! On to the second pack, let’s see if this one
is going to be just as lucky for us. I’m really excited that shocklands are back
and you can open them in booster packs, such a cool feeling. So through the commons first. And into the uncommons, we get a Smelt Ward
Minotaur, we got a Nightveil Predator, awesome, really like that card, we’ve got a flight
of Equenauts, and the rare is, ooooh that is crazy, I can’t believe it! So we’ve opened the actual set Ral planeswalker,
hahaha, in the planeswalker deck version! oh my days, so 3, blue and a red for a 5 loyalty
planeswalker, +1 look at the top two cards of your library, put one into your hand, the
other into your graveyard. -3 deals damage to target creature equal to
the number of instants and sorcerys you own in exile and in your graveyard. and then -8
so in four turns time, you get an emblem, with whenever you cast an instant or sorcery
spell this emblem deals 4 damage to any target and you can draw two cards! That is crazy,
wow! We get a guildgate and another soldier token.
So yeah those two packs, absolutely insane! Wow, what a great start to the video, so what
we’ll do now is take a look in the actual planeswalker deck! In every single planeswalker deck you get
a series of cards that are exclusive to that deck, you get 1 mythic, you get two rares,
3 uncommons, and 4 commons. So let’s have a quick look through. Ral, so we get the man himself, so 6 mana
for a 4 loyalty planeswalker +1 though straight off the bat just draw a card! No downside,
so that is really cool. -2 it deals 3 damage divided as you choose amongst any 1,2 or 3
targets, so that’s really nice as well. and then -7 draw 7 cards and it deals 7 damage
to each creatrure your opponents control! So that is quite a board wipe and hand refueling
as well, so yeah, really really rating that planeswalker actually. Then the rare is Ral’s Dispersal, so 3, blue,
blue for a instant, return target creature to it’s owners hand, you can search your library
and or graveyard for Ral, caller of Storms and put it into your hand etc. So there’s always a tutor in each of these
planeswalker packs. Next up the uncommon, Ral’s Staticaster. 2,
blue and a red, for a 3/3 with trample, when it attacks, if you control a Ral planeswalker,
could be that one, could be any of the other Ral’s, then it gets +1+0 for each card in
your hand until end of turn, so that’s quite cool as well. And then the common as a 4-of playset, 2 and
a red for a sorcery, deals 3 damage to any target. So not so great, but quite cool art! So those are the exclusive cards, but what
about the rest of the deck? Here’s the planeswalker deck all laid out
in casting cost order, we also get a big wedge of basic lands and some Izzet guildgates,
which is always handy, especially when you don’t get the basic lands in the booster packs
at the moment, with this set. So looking at the curve, it’s fairly curvy,
for want of a better word, but we’ve only got 1 1-drop in here, which is Maximise Altitude,
so target creature gets +1+1 and gains flying until the end of turn, and it’s got jump-start
as well, so that is quite nice, but yeah not too much to start off the deck. two drops we’ve got a few more of, we’ve got
two of Fire Urchin, we’ve got a Vedalken Mesmerist, one Passwall Adept, and then we got two Goblin
Electromancers which are really nice giving a cost reduction to our instants and sorcerys. In the 3-drop slot then we’ve got the 4 of
precision bolts that we’d already seen, got a couple of Wee Dragonauts, which are a really
cool name, and yeah it’s an alright card, we get 1 direct current, we got a 3 of Fearless
Halberdier, that’s the one, just a 3/2 vanilla, we get a leapfrog, and we’ve got a Sonic Assault
in here as well. 4-drops then so we’ve got three cards in here
that we haven’t seen already, so chemister’s insight, muse drake, and we get a, oh four
of them, so Rubblebelt Boar, and an Erratic Cyclops, is one of the rares that we can open
as well. Then up into the 5-drops, and we’ve got a
2of Helkite Whelp, we get another rare, Omnispell Adept, and then we’ve got Command the Storm
so deals 5 damage to target creature for 5 mana, so you want to probably take a lot of
your sort-of instants and sorcerys and yeah just refine them, so things like lightning
strikes would be great, you want to start putting some Opts in there, maybe get a few
more Goblin Electromancers in there, just to make all your spells really cheap, and
if you’re lucky enough throw in the other Ral and then yeah, you’ve got a bit of a jump-starty
Izzet deck there. But where I really want to take this is into
Brawl, so I’m going to be brewing a Brawl deck with Ral, Caller of the Storms as the
Commander! See you over there in a second! Ral, Caller of Storms is a fantastic Planeswalker
Deck Planeswalker. Yeah 6 mana for 4 loyalty isn’t the best, but having a +1 to draw
a card with no drawback is really good. And his ultimate at -7 to draw 7 and maybe clear
the board is great too. Blue and red together make Izzet, and Izzet
makes spells matter, that’s the direction I’ve taken this Brawl upgrade. I’ve included Ral’s Staticaster and Ral’s
Dispersal from the Planeswalker deck, but left out the common, it just didn’t cut
it! And whilst we’re on the subject of Ral,
why not use the set version too, Ral Izzet Viceroy. If you’re lucky enough to get to
his ultimate emblem you’ve pretty much won the game. Jaya Ballard is another planeswalker that
loves instants and sorceries, so has a garaunteed spot in here. Starting out with some Izzet creatures we’ve
got Niv-Mizzet, Parun. A 5/5 flyer which deals incremental damage and draws us cards to replace
what we cast. Goblin Electromancer is a really nice reprint,
reducing the cost of our spells. Wee Dragonauts is another reprint, and turns
into a 3/3. Adeliz, the Cinder Wind from Dominaria joins
the party, and gives a +1+1 boost to all wizards when we cast instants or sorceries, and funnily
enough all four of these creatures are wizards! I guess that’s how this deck will roll! Naru Meha, Master Wizard is an anthem for
other wizards, and you can flash her in to copy a spell you’ve cast. Omnispell Adept allows us to cheat out a spell
for just three mana. Merfolk Trickster is a great little combat
trick, and Murmuring Mystic has amazing artwork, and should make us a nice little flock of
birds! Guttersnipe makes an appearance, turning our
spells into damage, and we also deal 2 damage to each opponent when Ghitu Journeymage comes
into play! On to some flyers now, and Aven Wind Mage
is a cool little bird wizard. Crackling Drake is like an updated Enigma
Drake. Oh and speak of the devil, here he is! So we’ll need some spells now i guess!
Expansion // Explosion is a split damage and copying instant, Invert // Invent is a Switcheroo
and a tutor combined. Firemind’s Research won’t trigger any
of our abilities itself, but does a lot of work, providing more card draw, burn and a
neat mana sink. Hypothesizzle is also burn and draw and in
the running for top 5 card names ever. Sonic Assault is the first Jump-start card
of the deck, so we get to cast it twice! Thousand-Year Storm copies each of our spells,
which gives us chance to hit more targets! Wizard’s Retort, Cancel, Syncopate and Essence
Scatter form our counterspell suite, And Wizard’s Lightning, Lightning Strike,
Banefire and Beacon Bolt are our burn. A saga is up next, the Mirari Conjecture,
giving us even more value from our spells, and with fantastic artwork to boot. Mission Briefing lets us Surveil 2 and replay
a spell in our graveyard. Sleep, and Blink of an Eye both help keep
the table under control. Last couple of cards and we have Sinister
sabotage, a counterspell that I forgot when I was putting the cards in order for this
deck tech! Finally, Primal Amulet from Ixalan, which
reduces the cost of our instants and sorceries, and when it flips into Primal Wellspring we
get mana that when it’s spent on spells they get copied! Onwards to the manabase, we have four dual
lands for Izzet. Steam Vents, Sulfur Falls, Izzet Guildgate,
and Highland Lake. A trio of utility lands, Evolving Wilds, Reliquary
Tower, and Field of Ruin, And this is all topped off with eight Islands,
and seven Mountains. You can find the deck list over on my blog,
link is in the description! And there you have it, my Ral, Caller of the
Storms planeswalker deck unboxing, and, also Brawl deck tech upgrades. If you haven’t already please remember to
share this video whereever you hang out, be it twitter, reddit, facebook. And don’t forget to head over to Arcane Cards
for your MtG singles. Thanks so much for watching, catch you all
on the next one! Cheers!

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