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100 thoughts on “Pixelbook Go Review: The Google Laptop

  1. Damn, I was about to do some coursework, but you know how it is. If MrMobile releases a video, its the law to watch it

  2. For 800$ you can get a proper windows 10 ultrabook with i5 and a dope ssd ,7-9 hours battery ! This hardware from Google and s not a good deal!

  3. Yeah, do yourself a favor and buy something else, I got a Lenovo Miix 720 with a 7th Gen i5 and 8gb of RAM for a little less with its keyboard and pen, it's basically a 5th surface with a thunderbolt 3 port, my experience so far is, why would I want a trimmed down OS when you can have full Windows and trim it down yoursellf if you don't need the extrs features?

  4. I would say if you don't already have a Pixelbook this would be a must buy. My 2 year old Pixelbook is still as good as it ever has been. I would love that 10 hour battery tho!

  5. I forgot my brick one day….setting the brightness kinda low I squeezed 6.5 hours out of my Pixelbook. 8-10 hours would be ideal.

  6. The biggest issue is restricting the UHD screen to the excessivly priced highest end config. The i5 is perfect…that's what my Pixelbook is. Good battery life….amazing performance.

  7. Hopefully we will see a mid-life refresh of the actual Pixelbook…with face unlock, UHD, and maybe some other perks. Go is a budget pixelbook….which means we haven't really seen a Pixelbook 2.

  8. Chrome OS has come a long way. That being said it's still not too the point where I would consider buying a Chromebook.

    Sidenote: still wondering if we'll ever get a Pixelwatch

  9. No mention of Linux (Crostini) app performance. What's up with all the big tech reviewer, skipping this feature for 2 years. Have to wait for Lon's review then.

  10. this is a great device but with devices like the asus c434 as well as the hp chromebook 14 and dell chromeboook 14, i see no reason to recommend this the pixelbook go over one of those 3.

  11. With all the Star Trek easter eggs in his videos, over the years, Paramount or CBS should offer dude a walk on cameo.

  12. All US companies focus on marketing instead of some real stuff… Blackberry, then apple and i don't wanna even talk about google hardware business, i believe in China's technology. They don't demand a lot of money from you just for some shinny piece of steel and aluminium. They do it real

  13. I'm guessing you're having as hard a time eating healthy and not eating pizza as I am😂. Love your videos❤💜♥️

  14. I still can't take Chromebooks seriously.
    Yeah, you can use Android apps on it. Fine. Now tell me: since when are Android apps good at scaling up? Since never. That's what killed Android tablets and, as far as I'm concerned, that's what prevents that argument to hold water when pitching a Chromebook.

    I'll take the battery hit and stick to a real computer running Windows. As we say here "each monkey in its branch". Google's software belongs in phones. Microsoft's belongs in computers.

  15. google has to do something extremely unique and groundbreaking to get me on board with the pixelbook. a $300 windows laptop has more battery, ports and functionality than this junk. screen and speakers can take a backseat. this pixelbook is just like all the other pixelbooks with incremental, unncessary upgrades.

  16. I love how you give a full disclaimer at the end of all your videos. No other reviewer I watch has anywhere close to your level of honesty and openness.

  17. The only thing killng Google's Chromebooks, for me at least, is the lack of an expandable storage option via sd card. That's what led me to save myself $300 to buy my ASUS C302 when I was in the market for a Chromebook.

  18. But the 4K screen version is NOT a good buy. I hate the login process of Chrome OS. It’s stupid… Google and MS fans talks so much about one handed opening. That’s been on a MacBook Air since 2009.

  19. I don't know too much about chromebooks, so this may seem like a stupid question but is there any possible way to get windows on it instead of ChromeOS? I really like the package but I have concerns about chromeOS and how basic it is.

  20. I'm surprised he liked it so much. But it does seem way cooler than the press event suggested.

    BTW Nice kicks in the thumbnail.

  21. Don't let tech enthusiasts, nerds, or "spec heads" deteriorate you from this product. If you're looking for a simple, long lasting, low maintenance, "just works" laptop; the Pixel book Go is a GREAT product for everyday use.

  22. You should revisit the Pixel Slate. I've heard that it is a whole new device after all the updates it received. Granted you shouldn't have to wait a whole year for a device to perform as intended but hey that's Google for you!

    Also, I was thinking of purchasing this but I wish the display was at least the same as the Pixel Slate.

  23. to be honest all I do on my laptop is reading pdf and word documents, browsing, and watching youtube. I guess this laptop would be perfect for my type of use, if only it was a little bit cheaper !

  24. I don't like these stupid configurations.
    Who on earth needs 16GB but is fine with 128GB then? For everything above $900, 256GB should be Standard on a laptop. And not limit to the damn $1400 model…
    m3, 64GB and 8GB RAM is just as stupid.

  25. I would buy this for my homeschooled kid if it had the hinge to turn it into tablet mode. We use a lot of stylus input for drawing, correcting, math, and note taking. For the price, that should have been a no brainer.

  26. The Pixelbook was released over 2 years ago now. Are you telling me a 2 year old device can't have $250 knocked off the price? No… of course not, then no one would be compelled to buy this overpriced shitter but-not-shit device.

    Idiots, they could have capitalised so much on that original pixelbook design. The enthusiasts could buy the pixelbook 2, and then the plebs buy the pixelbook 1, and google could have started a long line of flagship-only devices.

  27. Love your videos. So sleek and to the point, classy. My Pixelbook Go is on its way, looking forward to the experience.

  28. I don't find Chromebooks worth it, in general. They can't do what a Windows or Apple laptop can, but their prices are about the same, which is ridiculous to me. They're great for old folks who just wanna surf the web but don't like touch-screen keyboards on a tablet, but otherwise, nah. I'd say almost anyone would be better off going for an equally-priced Windows laptop instead.

  29. Man, I bought one of the first Samsung Chromebooks Series 3 for about 75$, used. I LOVED that Chromebook. It was snappy, the battery life decent and I pretty much enjoyed everything about it. Sadly, it got PAINFULLY slow over time, and not even restoring it to factory settings helped, at all. I was really sad to have to discard it. I would gladly have another Chromebook, but for the asking price, I honestly feel you get so much more value from a 7th gen iPad with the Apple Pen and a bluetooth keyboard, and you get a much better experience.

  30. The lack of sd/micro sd card slot kills it for me. I don't understand why they left it out. I can't do any photo/video work on this thing without it.

  31. Don’t try VPN. They want you to connect to a server outside the US. That way you are no longer protected by privacy law. Other countries want your data

  32. I dont see the point the chrome book is better than Ipad Pro, compared with the usibility. Any idea? I am thinking to buy between the two.

  33. Hey Michael, a little correction. Google doesn't claim 12h of battery life, instead it's UP TO 12h, so technically their claim is valid & not misleading

  34. Looks very nice but too many compromises for the price. After using detachables and 2-in-1's it would be hard to go back to a standard form factor with no versatility. Also, the 16:9 aspect ratio is not my favorite. I'll keep my HP Chromebook X2 and wait for something else.

  35. The Samsung Chromebook plus (minus the lte) is also on sale a Best buy, I got mine for less than 400 and I love it

  36. MrM, Great review. Chromebook still needs to be under $500. The value proposition isn't there as you approach 5 benjamins no matter how much Chromebook goes its own way on design. Sad trombone sound.

  37. I think you hit the spot. Clearly Google is holding features back for some reason.

    No LTE option is just a deal breaker for a device that meant to be portable, regardless how well designed it is.

  38. This is way better then the previous one. Looks more minimalist. I think this is where google will take its next level of laptop.

  39. Lol, lot of compromises for a chrome book of this price point. I feel if apple released this product, it would be dumped on instead.

  40. At 850 it’s comfortably in the full fledged laptop range. Should’ve reviewed the 649 model, which actually makes sense.

  41. Kinda contradicted statement there given that the daily driver is a MacBook, the MacBook today is the generic laptop that everybody owns…

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