Pilot from Waverly Labs are real-time language translation earbuds

(funky music) – We are an electronic
super-device company, specializing in the Pilot earpiece. It does translation. What’s unique about our device is we feel our translation is the most accurate across everyone, but we also feel instead of
going more into our phones, we’re going more into the visual body language of translation. We have specialists in AI and of course, Bluetooth device design,
all those protocols we did in-house. Our engines, not only do they
cache what we have offline, what we’re using, but if we have a low
confidence in our translation, we’ll check against
other translation agents, and that allows to make sure, hey, Waverly for this language,
we have the best translation. We’re the most accurate and we know we’re providing people
with what they need. We fund it all through our backers. We are real excited to do that. We’ve never taken
outside investment money, so we originally raised, I
believe it’s 4.3 on Indiegogo, then we also went through
a crowd-equity funding. It’s 249, and it’s on our
website, waverlylabs.com, is the pricing availability of the Pilot. (funky music)

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11 thoughts on “Pilot from Waverly Labs are real-time language translation earbuds

  1. This company has been getting pre-orders since 2016. It was forecasted to come out winter 2017. I dislike crowd-funded projects, I’d rather see marketing for products that actually exist for purchase immediately. (Btw- video was well done! My issue is not with the channel or video.)

  2. Would a stranger really be willing to shove a stranger's earbud in their ear?
    I know I wouldn't. I wouldn't want to get an ear infection.
    Also, bring back Crunch Report.
    I see myself unsubbing without crunch report as it was the main reason I subbed in the first place.

  3. I own these, they absolutely suck. The translation software is flawed as hell. They ripped off the original investors by sending out an incomplete and faulty product. Honestly stick with Google translate, it’s easier, free and miles better.

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