PicsArt adds Prisma-like effects to photos and video

This week PicsArt launched a brand new pair of apps for iOS, adding Prisma-like effects for photos and videos. PicsArt is a similar concept to Prisma, but
adds a sleeker user interface and processing on your phone rather than in the cloud, which
makes the app significantly faster — and, subjectively, better — than Prisma’s effects. Magic Effects, as the app calls them, can
analyze a photo and then redraw it in a new artistic style in just seconds. These stylized images can then be customized
using the more than 3,000 editing features including drawing, clip art, text, borders,
among others. Just select a photo and browse through the
list of effects. Once you find the one you want, you can customize
however you’d like before you sharing or saving your work of PicsArt. In addition to the usual Twitter, Instagram,
or Facebook, you can share your stylized creations to a PicsArt profile. Also new is a Remix Me feature that allows
the community to remix your pics. I tested out a number of photos with different
effects. In my opinion, pictures of objects worked
better than people. That said, Tito looked good no matter what
filter I added to him. That Tito! I also spent some time testing out PicsArts
video-focused app, called Magic Video. It uses the same tech as the photography app,
except it edits photos played in rapid succession ie video. I must say, they are pretty. All of the videos I made looked really cool. I’m just not entirely sure where i’d want
to share these too. It would have been nice if you could add your
Magic videos to your PicsArt profile. While PicsArt originally launched as an Android-only, this time around iOS users get these apps first. The company assured us that the Android versions
are just around the corner.

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2 thoughts on “PicsArt adds Prisma-like effects to photos and video

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