Photolemur Episode 1 Ocean Beach Surf Lodge

Hi, it’s Nick&Bay from the Photolemur team
and today we’re taking you to a hip coastal spot in the ocean beach – The Ocean Beach
Surf Lodge. When traveling, the first thing we do is go into a restaurant and really absorb the sense of place. It really conveys where we are and what the
feeling of that city is like. Today we are going to be photographing a few
different items and the first one is a mai tai with guava foam. What hands do when you’re photographing food is they make things feel personal and intimate and they make your viewer feel like they’re
sitting right there at the table with you. Restaurants are bursting with colors and textures –
from the tile on the floor to the wooden table tops to the napkins. There’s a lot going on in the world around
you in a restaurant. Build a connection with your food. Find the
one thing about that plate that really stands out in your eye whether it’s a rosemary sprig
or a weird looking french fry or just a spot of color that just really stands out. And don’t take too long taking your photos
because after all, you’re here to enjoy the moment. When all is said and eaten and the meal is
over, pop your photos into Photolemur and let the magic unfold. From all of us at Photolemur – thanks for
joining. See you next time.

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