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hi today I start of sorry we have Peter Whistler Walker of Angry Birds and we’re happy to ask questions about the lessons you learn but first welcome yeah hey thanks great to be here likewise could you tell us what is the biggest failure experience that you’ve had with Angry Birds and maybe with some other companies and what did you learn from it yeah I mean it’s it’s I think that again there’s many many of those you know small one big ones but I think that if you look at Rubio and you look at the Angry Birds maybe don’t like the big thing is that Angry Birds is the 52nd game that’s Rob your mate so before Angry Birds there are 51 games and I think that it’s a good lesson in there that you just cannot have to believe you have to keep at it so I think that that’s like one important lesson that it’s not always the first one sometimes it’s a 50-second game that you know makes it okay when you look at other companies how much of a influence do they have on what they do how they do it on what you do as far as like competition other stories yeah I think that if you look at Robbie or what we do we know that we don’t know everything and we try to learn new things every day so we always look at you know who the best guys are out there in any given area and we learn from the best so I think that it’s all about learning and at Rovia we learn new things every day so it’s it’s very very important to to do that was making your first games second dozen and the fifty second how did they approach changed yeah I think that’s again it’s a learning experience but I think that also the big change was that the environment around us change the iPhone the App Store happened all of that so if you look at like the beginning and then you know what we did Angry Birds very very different from what they experienced and I think that over the years we learnt a lot when you hire people what are the qualities that are important for you in them other than skills and how do you pick the right question what are the questions that you ask to figure out if they’re I’d feed into the culture of the company I think it’s it’s all about the attitude attitude and ambition and we actually hire people that are very entrepreneurial so we love entrepreneurs we love startups so we’ve been working a lot with you know the startup sauna guys in Finland and I’m one of the coaches in there and one of the reasons is that that’s a great place to find people we derive attitude so to run a startup you have to be a bit crazy and you have to have a bit of an attitude and that’s exactly the kind of people that we’re looking for at Rovio so people that can make things happen and are you know entrepreneurs people that could have their own startups those are the kind of people that we want to have working at Rovio as well either a specific culture that you want to embed in people to make them unite as a team if he has what would it be and how do you think that your team members describe the culture about like few words what are they I think that it is of this attitude and really believing that we can do anything and I think that that is something that is very very important so you know during the first week people when they start at Rovio you know they very quickly pick up on on carlac the attitude the crazy like ambition and and really you know everybody on the team really believes that we can do pretty much anything so I think that that is something that is very very very important but at the same time you know keeping the humbleness and and also knowing that there’s a lot to learn every day so I think that it’s it’s a mix of crazy ambition with you know a very humble attitude at the same time do you believe in a players be players I think that we we only have a players and it’s again we we’re looking for having all the best people and I think that if you look at the team we have a great team and you know it’s not always that we have all the greatest all the best like individual players but I really believe that we have the best team we have a winning team and you know every everybody has you know he saw a role to play in that how big of a role do you play in firing people if you fire them I think that we’re pretty good at that as well so again you know if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work and then you know like we go our separate ways so so it’s it’s again we’re good at hiring we’re good at firing do you expect that you would fire someone based on your decision or some other folks in a company it’s always I think more of a team decision as well and it doesn’t we don’t do like things lightly so it’s it’s again I would say that it varies but typically I mean you know about size if it doesn’t work for a start-up out of Europe when is the right time to really focus on the US market in general or come here and spend a lot of time trying to fundraise what’s your definition of like a smart way to do it I don’t think that there’s any like right answer to that it really depends on your company what you want to do but I mean for us yeah we happen to be from Europe but our market is the world so we look at the whole planet I spend a lot of time in China so you know that’s another very very interesting market spend a lot of time here in the valley in LA in New York so it really depends on like the business you’re running I mean we have no people here in the valley none we have couple guys in LA because um we’re an entertainment companies no need to keep our eyes on device in Hollywood so there’s no right answer some companies you need to be here you know some you don’t so it really depends when you launch a new game in a certain market do you pick a certain geography and if yes how do you pick it we pick it again totally based on like what we are launching so we launched our Facebook game in Jakarta Indonesia because at the time that was the I think it’s still actually it’s the Facebook capital of the world it has is the city with the most Facebook user so it made sense to launch it there we’re doing a big launch now with our bad piggies game a lot of the activities are actually taking place in Shanghai we’re also doing a lot of launch activities in Bangkok in Thailand so again there’s no right answer and we just make sure that it works with the story works with what we’re trying to do and you know it’s it really I would say it’s important that you do things differently if you want to stand out okay great and the last question is what is something that you really don’t like about your job something that you may sometimes hate or at least preferred part of it I don’t know I love pretty much everything about my job but I think that it’s just my biggest frustration is that want to do more faster and there’s not enough time but I think that yeah there’s no like single thing that I come back would say that I hate I pretty much love what I’m doing right now all right great Peter thank you very much best of luck to Rovio to you personally and hope to see you soon yeah thank you it’s great to hear you

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