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Wait. I’m in the middle of something. Awww, that’s cute. Okay.. where was I? Hi. My name is Petcube. yes, I am that perfect cube you see on
your screen. First of all, let me ask you this what do you think
happens with your pet when you are not around and how do
you handle it twenty percent of Americans leave their TVs
on to entertain their loved ones personally I think that’s insane. Have
you seen daytime television? I’m here to say ‘no’ to kitty-catty couch
potatoes. I am Petcube and I’m the best way to always be
close to your pet here’s how it works: inside me is a
wide-angle camera, a microphone and a laser pointer all that goodness is
connected to your home wifi If you have a smartphone you can see your
pets, hear them, talk to them and you call that play with them using my laser pointer here’s the best part: while you’re
playing a live game on your smartphone you can actually tell
people that you’re busy exercising your pets I mean that’s also true right? But wait, there’s more. Through the built-in
software you can save photos and HD videos at your pets and share
them anywhere you can imagine You also get to share access with your
pet was all your friends and family. In the
future I will live at Pet shelters so everybody will have a
chance to play with rescued animals and maybe adopt one of them. So here’s
the part I haven’t mentioned yet I am the only Petcube in existence. And it
gets lonely even if I don’t show it. If you want me
or someone exactly like me in your home back this project and stay close to your pets. I came
up with an idea for Petcube when I had real problem with my neighbors. They threatened to call the cops on my dog because he barks and scratched all the
time when I left home alone and Petcube solved this problem it’s kept
Rocky entertained and distracted now I won’t see my buddy far another
three months and means the world to me to stay connected with him. Petcube
looks beautiful. Believe me, it feels great
too. Smooth polished aluminum casing meets nice glass on the front side. Because of its form and
materials Petcube is quite firm and very difficult to manage. It has that natural look which allows Petcube to fit any interior. We are working really
hard to ensure that we have the best user experience possible. Petcube installation take a minute. Mobile app is just gorgeous and video
streaming works seamless. Everything is pretty much figured out now
we need your help to make the first batch of Petcubes. Please spread the word
and social networks tell your fellow pet owners about the Petcube
and back our project take care. Stay closer to your pet with Petcube.

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24 thoughts on “Petcube on Kickstarter

  1. Наши ребята придумали что-то гениальное, что-то, что дало бы толчок нашей экономике (ибо это дело можно раскрутить, пойдет прибыль налоги, и т.д.). А вместо этого они уже в Сан-Франциско.
    И так будет с каждым. Как только у нас кто-то что-то хорошее придумывает – он тут же исчезает из страны. Как развивать Украину???

  2. Оно и понятно, почему ребята ориентируются на Запад. Там рынок к этому готов, а у нас он только начинает формироваться. Большую часть населения волнует вопрос, как выжить, а не как развлечь и утешить питомца. А задумка прекрасная, разве что насчет лазерного луча я бы посомневалась.. все ж опасно им играться на "автопилоте".

  3. It's common sense not to play with your pet using lasers, it stress the hell out of your pet because she can never catch their prey, it screws your pet's mind and it's cruel.

  4. Is there a version of this for kids too? That way we don't have to waste ANY time playing or paying attention to children and pets, technology will do it for us!

  5. Laser pointers only last for do long. Each one that I've owned has eventually stopped working. What's the guarantee on it? Is it possible to get it replaced after the warranty?

  6. hey, that's cute! why don't you use "pet experience" instead of "user experience"?! when you entertain your pet through the cube, you are the user and your pet is still a pet. ha! this is both user and pet experience 🙂

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