Petcube Camera: Stay connected to your pets when you are not at home

This is a Petcube camera. To understand what
it is, you have to meet Jenny. Say, “Hi” Jenny. She reads a lot. She runs every morning. And
tries to practice banjo-lele daily. Jenny has a dog and a cat. And… another cat. This
is what she used to do before Petcube: Exercise cat, trampoline with dog, ask Mrs. Robinson
to kitty-sit, leave home, use cheap spy-cam, see dog eat shoes, come back, try to work
from home, fail, start all over again. And then… Jenny got a Petcube camera. Oh yeah,
he heard that. With a Petcube camera hooked up, Jenny exercises her pet while having a
lunch break with an exciting laser pointer catch game. Jenny shares access to her Petcube
camera with friends and family. Her niece Becky is eight and she can do this for hours.
And so does Chris and Rachel. And with the new Petcube mobile app, there’s a new special
place for all Jenny’s funny pet pictures and videos. Now you’ve met Jenny. She loves her
pets. And Petcube helps her stay closer to her furry loved ones. (Music Outro)

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30 thoughts on “Petcube Camera: Stay connected to your pets when you are not at home

  1. It's a paperweight if you're on Android. Only 7 months late with crappy software and less than expected hardware. Avoid.

  2. Make something like that for the animals in factory farms… or we can just ignore the hell they go through while we spoil the shit out of pets we don't have time for.

  3. Not sure why it's called Pet Cube. Seems to me it could be a good way to entertain humans, too. ย I know lots of people who would enjoy chasing a laser pointer… for hours…

  4. the video actually shows a far more versatile webcam in the image, one that can actually move and track the pet???

  5. Until the people you give access to the camera become creepers… and watch you eat…. get dressed……and point the laser in your eyes while you're naked in the shower.

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