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Track your money with the Siri for finances,
meet penny. Oops meet Penny. If you check the app store and search “finances”
you’ll get a ton of apps that track your spending and money habits. Banks have their
apps there are apps like mint and level that are used by many and are popular. Penny is
an app that has really simplified finances, basically made it like chatting with a friend. When you open the app, Penny greets you and
will give you some basic information she thinks you might want to know, then its simple as
chatting with her with some pre-made questions. How’s my October doing? Penny will then
show you graphs comparing the month to the previous month. The UI for this app is very unique. You chat
to get information and makes finances less daunting and less painful. Craig get this
app, get your finances in check and pay me back for my bike (b*itch better have my money) Penny also shows a more traditional layout
of your finances if you want to dive into specifics of where money is being spent. Categories like food, transportation, bills, other purchases and income and if you click on one it expands
to show more information. Anything that gives people financial literacy
I’m all for, being broke all the time sucks and giving people the tools to track their
spending is awesome. I see it as a pretty good app to start kids to young teens off
with so they aren’t too overwhelmed with information and can track their spending. Overall I’m going to give this app a 3.5
out of 5 stars, it has a limited amount of preset questions but I do see it getting smarter
with time. I also personally don’t need to have a conversation with a robot to understand
my finances but that’s just a preference. I would definitely recommend Penny if you
have a kid getting there first bank account. Perfect for beginners.

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7 thoughts on “Penny | TC App Review

  1. I give this review a 1/5 stars. I'm glad you mentioned how silly it is to have a 'conversation with a robot'. I wish you went more indepth though. Is there a web/PC/osx app it can sync with? Can it sync across devices since there is an Android version? You could have shown us how easy it is to input transactions.. Wait, can you even do that? All I know is that you can see transactions. Other than showing nifty reports, can you export them like you can in a lot of other personal finance apps? Such a poor review.

  2. I have been trying to download this application on my iPhone 8 but it won't..someone tell me what to do so I can download this app on my iPhone ??urgent

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