PAX, cannabis oil and moderation

(mellow music) – Jetty Extracts was started in San Diego, founded in San Diego by a few surfers, myself being one of them. (mellow music) Jetty uses a proprietary
method to take the cannabis-derived terpenes,
which are the flavors and the aromas from the cannabis plant. And we save then and reintroduce them later on in the process. (door squeaks) (bouncy music) – [Keme] There are a wide
range of the terpenes that are found in a variety
of different plants. That’s what gives cannabis strains their very defined features,
what makes them noticeable. It’s what makes Pure
Jack taste like Pure Jack or Granddaddy Purp taste like Purp. – Add anything that is not
needed to the cannabis plant. – [Interviewer] You’re not like shoving bubblegum flavoring in there? – No bubblegum flavor, yeah.
It’s all cannabis flavors from the cannabis plant.
And that’s one thing that we really do like about PAX, is they go really well together. The fact that you can set different
temperatures on their devices really kind of helps
express the good flavors of the cannabis plant. (mellow music) – So welcome to PAX, first of all. I’m the CEO of PAX, PAX is
a consumer technology brand in the cannabis space. We make these wonderful vaporizers for flower as well as oil. I don’t know, if Apple made
vaporizers, and they don’t, but if they did we hope
we meet that standard. – [Jesse] I think PAX
has a great lineage of particularly hardware,
creating a wonderful experience for cannabis users. What I’m really excited about is us moving move into the software realm to create a more holistic
experience for people. We have two very different product lines. One of the them is the PAX 2 and 3, and that takes kind of loose flower, you grind up the cannabis
and you put it in there and it’s much more tied to
what people would consider to be kind of the original
cannabis experience. You get to see the flower. Our other line is called the Era, so this is actually the Era. And this line takes these pods
of extract, of concentrate. (funky music) – Yeah, so we use a few small farmers throughout the state of California, and they all bring
everything in through here where it gets quarantined.
And we move on this way. You can see we’re getting
some of the grinding done in this area. So once everything passes the quarantine, all of the plant matter
gets ground up in here and ready to put into the socks
for the extraction process. (groovy music) And this machine uses volatile solvents to run through the plant
material and carry away the fats, the waxes, and the oil. It goes through these three tubes here where it comes out of the fourth one. And that’ll be your crude oil. This machine typically has about 10% yield from the starting plant material. We’ll get about 1% yield from
the final extraction process. So this is a secondary filtration process and it’s going to separate out
even more of the chlorophyll and make a more pure product
to go into the Rotovaps. This machine here is
the rotary evaporator, also called the Rotovap for short. It has a warm water bath
here which is just hot enough to evaporate the ethanol
and leave the oil in here. The ethanol will float up here, where it condenses on these coils and falls into this container. You’ll be left with a
mixture that is all oil and ready for the next extraction process. (upbeat music) The oil is put in at the top, where it drips down through here and you can see some of
the drips even happening. Floats down through here,
and there are wipers inside that separate it out by
the molecular weight. And so through here you’ll get the oil, which typically comes out about 90% THC. It’s the good stuff. – We were looking for a differentiator, everyone was in these
similar 510 cartridges, that was kind of the industry standard. And PAX was the first company
to come out with something different that had tech beyond
what everybody else had. They had a closed-loop system, the Bluetooth applications,
all that stuff was just next-level for the industry. (smooth music) – [Jesse] So we have
almost 300 different SKUs of pods in the market. People can choose one
that suits their mood or suits the effect they’re trying to get. (funky music) So I think in a lot of other spaces, they’re mature enough, if you
take alcohol or other things, people are familiar enough
at a certain point in life where they know what a
dose or a serving is. You understand what a glass
of wine will feel like. One of the issues new people
have to this world of vaping is that they don’t really
have a sense of what a serving is or what a dose is. With this Era device you
can pair it to your phone, gives them several settings, micro, small, medium, and large. And when they start smoking
out of their vaporizer, it’ll just turn off and
flash little aqua lights letting you know that
you’ve reached that amount. Of course it’s all up to
you, you can turn that off, you can change the setting,
but we developed this because we know that
people really like to have repeatable, predictable experiences. – We have everything
from veterans to folks that are affected by the opioid crisis, cancer patients, all the
way to rec legal users, and it varies by state. And so we take that responsibility of, are we always doing the
right things at the company to provide the best experience possible? That’s the mission. So it
doesn’t just come from me, it comes from my obligation to everyone that works here and then
the obligation of all of us to this much broader
dialogue around legalization and what it means to these
different communities. And so we’re a small part of that, and 10 years from now
when the history books are being written, it was a messy space. These guys tried to do the right thing. That’s important to us. ♪ From Los Angeles to San Francisco Bay ♪ ♪ Let me hear you say I love California ♪ ♪ And we never stress
cuz baby we don’t play ♪ ♪ Let me hear you say I love California ♪

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100 thoughts on “PAX, cannabis oil and moderation

  1. pax is a terrible rip off company, total trash quality, i bought the pax 3 herbal vaporizor, for the money it was a shit product.

  2. Pax Era pods are WICKED. Why would anyone want wicked when there are ceramic core atomizers like the CCELL or Stiiizy that hit way better?

  3. A warning to all the people just cause weed is legal be careful u will be robbed from all these new companies thinking like Apple products. Just cause it's fancy don't blow your money.

  4. get an AIRZER SOLO and you'll never need to smoke oil again .2 of flower and holy shit…. a brassknuckes cartage would last me less than qa week now a 1/8 of flower gets me almost a month lmfao. just got the new SOLO 2 and ohhweee

  5. Pax 1 still going strong after 3 or so years of constant use, ive been expecting it to die for a while now but it just keeps going, quality product!

  6. I think I'm to old school for this stuff. I don't think I'll ever evolve past rolling joints and taking bong hits. This is smoking weed for nerds.

  7. I love this device but it's too damn expensive! I won't continue using it when the holiday sales run out more than likely, I just can't afford it. It's a money dump for small cartridges at the maximum price points. Don't waste your money on these until they figure out pricing. $50-60 for a half gram cartridge that burns away quickly is just not worth it. Once more cartridge producers get into the pax pod market the prices will plumet I'm sure! Can't wait til then.

  8. I use the g pen gio and while I really love the closed loop systems both have to offer (I like the gio better because I don't care to fiddle with my phone to vape and the hits feel consistent) but the prices for them are insane. Having to consider that not all manufacturers will partner directly with G pen or Pax to pair extracts with the pods specific to the device – here in Illinois you're paying $65/ half gram for either company and the flavors are limited and still only have about 1-2 companies making extracts for the pods. I love the vape experience – my pockets don't love paying close to $70 for a gram while seeing the same companies offer their 510 carts for 40-50. I hope they can convince more manufacturers to fill their pods to bring down the prices

  9. Pax for them awesome lung infections, oh and don't forget the awesome solvents in the EXTRACT! Or you can just ignore that, like we do with pollution…thats going well

  10. Step 1, grow your own flower. Step 2, make your own oil out of said flower (NOT THE SHAKE), it’s not that hard. Step 3, smoke, vape, eat what you grew and made yourself. Keep your money and health out of the hands of Big Canna and the State. For the cost of a couple of these tourist trap, amateur hour PAX pods, I can stay medicated and smoking for months.

  11. Oils get me sick after smoking them. I have tried all brands Heavy Hitters, Brass Knuckles, Stiizy, Ascend, West Coast Cure, Select ETC and they all taste like the chemicals you use to clean your toilet with. Granted, I have tried some of them that were bomb, some of them cause most taste like ass. Also, these shits give you headaches and make you dizzy after youve been smoking them for a while, I would not recommend Vaping oils at all.

  12. If you are struggling to find Pax pods cheaper use
    Here's a link for $20 free on your first order.
    It's the cheapest way to get Pax with all of the promo deals plus $20 to start.

  13. I have the pax 2 & 3. So far they both produce very little vapor no matter what i do.
    Like its not getting hot enough.

    Ill be ordering the upgraded pusher and screen.
    My new pax 3 defiantly does not make the visible vapor like all youtube videos i see.
    And i use a gpen eliete. That cheaper device makes very nice vapor.
    But the gpen mouthpiece and charge port break.

  14. I love that a farmer can take all of his garbage trim and plant matter, take it to a lab, and have it reduced to potent oil…. fml

  15. Unfortunately propylene glycol and glycerin turn into formaldehyde when exposed to heat. Make your own absolute shatter, and get a gpen. Stop supporting these companies that are literally killing people.

  16. Honestly, it's getting really difficult to watch, read, etc about cannabis. I love and enjoy cannabis, fully support it. But in this absolute fucked up country of america. Cannabis is illegal and you can still go to prison. You can still get torn apart by the justice system in this state. This state WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE over marijuana. I'm losing faith in the USA.

  17. All this talk about holistic cannabis use but they also own juul… hmm who’s screwing around? Cannabis is soon to be in big tobacco’s grip and look at the investments made by Mallboro into pax/juul.

  18. Going with a certain amount of dosage of THC cannot be a repeatable experience for very long, because the body grows accustomed to chemicals and it will take more and more to get the same feeling.

  19. Nobody should buy anything from pax until they lower their prices, the increase is insane and not even close to being worth it.

  20. Grow your own organic cannabis, and use natural extraction methods such as ice water extract and dry sifting. This is a true representation of the glandular trichome in its natural state without introducing foreign, unnatural and unnecessary petrochemical solvents.

  21. it's pretty trash im not going to lie it doesnt really give me that cough and idk why these people dont upgrade their shit if other people are complaining

  22. Sounds to me like you're all ass hurt because the pods are expensive, doesn't sound like most of the complaints are coming from actual owners of the product

  23. You can't provide quality pax when you over price your pods no matter the grower. Used mine for 4 months before I said f'**k this. Sadly this is hipster vape pen, cuz for real Mary smokers it ain't worth the price.

  24. People complaining about the price are missing the point. Its a better experience using the pax era than standard cartridges. It’s also more discrete. Therefore it’s worth paying $15 more for the pod imo. To me the higher price is justified because it’s a better experience for me.

  25. Slick marketing can do wonders for dinosaur tech and former vice Industries. Rehashed is new when people are ignorant.

  26. I see you are using a solvent based method of extracting the oils from the cannabis plants. Have you ever looked into the cold pressing method of extracting the oil from the cannabis plant? It would give you a much purer oil than anyone else is producing on the market.It's more expensive to produce but your product would far superior to anything else out there.

  27. Got tinnitus from vaping a pax era — please be careful people! I'm long time 420 friendly but some of these new products are outright dangerous, there is no accountability, and my hearing might be damaged for life! Just google "vaping and tinnitus"

  28. Pax is so overrated. My Boundless Tera was less expensive than my Pax 3, uses all convection heat, and absolutely destroys 90% of devices in side-by-side tests.

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