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alright everybody how’s it going? so I’m Tim
here at Dijital Llama and today we’re venturing into something a little bit different
for the channel I’m gonna be bringing you my first ever pauper deck tech it’s
something that I’ve been messing around with for a while and it is a super
budget casual cat tribal pauper deck. so I’ve been playing pauper for about a
year now really on and off has started back in last January actually with the
GP in London when the professor came to town and there was the big sort of
pauper side events that really really took off and you know it kind of caught
my imagination I played a little bits and pieces on MTGO and yeah this idea
that that was something that I really want to do with the channel those of you
that watch the channel for a while might have seen me messing around a little bit
with a pauper cube which is something that I’m going to be bringing to you in
the next coming months as well but I thought I’d kick things off with a deck
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your first order and with that said let’s head to the main phase kicking
things off in the one-drop slots are you guessed it some cats so playing a full
playset of sacred cat this one white creature has got life link and embalm
for a white as well so if it dies then you can always bring it back from the
graveyard and it comes back as a token cat it’s a
1/1 so really good one drop the other one drop that I’m running as a four of
is Wild Nacatl. so this is an awesome card from shards of alara it costs a
green and is a 1/1 but it gets +1 +1 as long as you control a mountain and +1 +1
as long as you control of plains so it could very possibly be a 3/3 which is
quite dangerous indeed moving on to the 2 drops I’m running a playset or feral
prowler this is one and a green for a 1/3 so great on the defense and when it dies
you get to draw a card which is always handy finishing up the two drops is
Qasali pridemage. So this is a green and white for a 2/2 and it’s got exalted so
that’s a combat trigger there any creature attacks on it so unit gets +1
+1 until end of turn. You can pay one sack the Pridemage and destroy target artifact
moving up to the three drops and I’ve got three kemba’s skyguard I felt that I
needed to include some flying in here at least so this is a 2/2 for one and
a white and white and we get a cat knight
it’s got flying and when it enters the battlefield you gain two life so there’s
a little bit of life gain in here as well moving up finally to the four drop
slots on the cats and we’ve got Leonin armorguard two green and a white for a
3/3 when it enters the battlefield all creatures that you control get plus one
plus one until end of turn so you want to be playing this in your pre combat
main phase so those were all of the creatures in the main board and now on
to the spells so because we’re needing to run mountains for wild Nacatl then
we’re running for lightning bolts everyone knows what it is red for three
damage to any target I’m also running three adventurous impulse so this is a
green for a sorcery you look at the top three cards you library you can reveal a
creature card or a land card and put it into your hand and then the rest go on
the bottom of your library in any order super handy fixing us for that first
ability to get to the three colors of mana that we need the other one
dropped on playing as a three of is coordinated barrage now there isn’t much
tribal synergy between the actual cats themselves unfortunately at a pauper level
I’ve included some tribal synergy in the spells so it’s an instant you choose a
creature type and coordinated barrage deals damage to target attacking or
blocking creature equal to the number of permanents you control of the chosen
type so it’s a really neat combat trick and yeah most people just don’t see it
coming no spells in the two drop slot but in three drop slot I have a
couple so running a playset of oblivion ring two colorless and the white for an
enchantment when it enters the battlefield you exile another target
non-land permanent so basically it sits on top of it and if the 0-ring leaves
the battlefield then the exiled card bounces back it’s kind of like a hostage
taker but old-school the other three drop running is armadillo cloak and this
is an aura so enchanted creature gets +2+2 and trample and when the enchanted creature deals damage you gain that much life so yeah that’s a really
really cool selesnya bit of aura tech. then up in the four drop slots I’m
running two of collar the culprit and this is a new addition from guilds of
Ravnica, so three and a white for an instant destroy target creature with
toughness 4 or greater so this is great against your gurmag angers and the sorts
stuff like that for the mana base I’m keeping it nice and simple I’m running
seven forests seven plains four mountains and four evolving wilds and
that ability to fetch out whatever mana is missing is super super handy the
sideboard that I’ve been running is kind of loose so this is always going to be
down to your meta however I will quickly run you through it so I’m playing
another two copies of collar the culprit just in case there are quite a lot of
high toughness creatures running around I’m running three of weight of
conscience which is one and a white for an aura its enchant a creature and that
creature can’t attack and then we can tap two untapped creatures that we
control they share a creature type to exile the enchanted creature there’s a
little bit more tribal tech coming in I’m running a two of Felidar cub
which is a 2/2 and you can sac it to destroy target enchantment and I’m
running one circle of protection red so you can play one and the next time a red
sauce of your choice would do damage to you this turn you prevent it I’ve got two Pierce the Sky which is one and green for an instant and it deals seven damage
to target creature with flying finishing out the playset of Qasali pridemage with
another 2 in the sideboard I’ve also got two grizzled leotau in here which is a
1/5 vanilla but I only cost 2 mana so that’s not too bad and that big
toughness will help you block a lot of threats finishing it off I’ve got one
relic of progenitus in here this is a pretty much pauper staple you can pay
one and exile the relic and you exile all cards from all graveyards and you
get to draw a card as well so that sorts out an awful lot of delve issues
going on in pauper and there you have it my super fun super casual super budget
cat tribal pauper deck tech I’ve had an awful lot of fun playing this on MTG
oh and yes I’m looking to get it in paper as well so I can take it to this
year’s GP London which is coming up in April I’m super super excited for the GP
or magic fest as I should be referring to it now I’ve got quite a few plans for
it so obviously I’m going to be bringing some commander decks hopefully I’ll
bring a pauper a deck or two but the main thing that I want to bring is a pauper
Cube with me to get some sort of 8 player drafting going on with that so if you’re
thinking of heading to magic fest London in April drop comment down below and let
me know it would be fantastic to meet up with everyone if you haven’t already
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I will catch you all on the next one Cheers

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  2. Welcome to pauper! I highly approve of Coordinated Barrage- it sees no Top 8 play, but fits well in atypical tribe synergies. Well done, my friend, and good luck in April!

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