Pauper Artifact Affinity – Best Deck for MTG Beginners? (2019)

what’s up everyone today I’m going to
talk about pauper affinity I’ll go through the whole deck list give some
tips on how to play it and finally I’ll mention some ideas for your own brews
let’s get into it all right so pretty much the point of
this deck is to make everything super cheap with artifacts and usually free
you’re gonna be doing this with creatures like myr enforcer and frogmite so both of these guys have affinity for artifacts and that reads
this spell costs one less to play for each artifact you control so for frogmite if you control for other artifacts you can just blame for free with 39
artifacts playing these two creatures for free is gonna happen most of the
time very rarely are you ever gonna play either these guys for more than one mana
so along with those guys the other basis of this deck is gonna be our lands, since
this is an artifact deck we’re gonna be running artifact lands.
surprise! so we got four tree of tales we’re gonna have four seat of the
synods four great furnaces four dark steel Citadel’s and one ancient den so
along with affinity metal craft is also pretty decent in this deck so we’re gonna
be running for carapace forgers which pretty typically just another two mana
for for you know forty four is a pretty sweet number in pauper a lot of
creatures the bigger guys are gonna have three toughness and three power this
puts four fours and a kind of an awkward spot when people are playing against you
they’re gonna find that most of the time they’re just gonna have to lose a
creature to block your guy in that’s a really good spot to be in
so this also isn’t just a mid-range artifact deck it can also be a combo
artifact deck we’re gonna be running atog and this guy is special this guy’s
activated ability is sacrifice an artifact atog gets plus two plus two
until end of turn atog goes really well this other card called fling one and a
red an instant and it says as an additional cost to cast fling sacrifice
a creature fling deals damage equal to the sacrificed creatures power to target
creature or player so as long as you have ten artifacts you sack all of them
to atog, atog is 21 power, you cast fling, bada-bing bada-boom, that’s a dead
player. fling is pretty fun because you can also hang on to it after the combat
step so theoretically if you’re able to get an atog in for
ten damage you could just cast fling after that for ten take him out you
gotta watch out though fling does say as an additional cost to cast you have to
sacrifice the creature so I think it’s counterspell so alongside with the artifact lands for
fuel fixing and card draw we’ll also use a playset of prophetic prism do a
playset of chromatic sphere and three spring leaf drums prophetic prism and
chromatic sphere great they filter through both your deck and your mana
springleaf drum helps feed affinity and can generate mana of itself we’re
also gonna be running three flayer husks now flayer husk is a one mana artifact
and it’s a living weapon so it’s just an equipment but when you cast it it
creates a zero / zero germ and then the equipment is attached to the germ so
it’s it’s technically a 1/1 that costs one but since it’s technically an
equipment if the germ dies the artifact sticks around so you can chump block
something and still have your artifact so that’s useful flayer husk is nice
because you can play it on turn one and it helps you feed pretty quickly into
affinity on turn two or three personally I’m not a huge fan of it maybe I don’t
understand the deck well enough but if I could afford a couple more copies of a
chromatic star or maybe there’s another one-man artifact out there I haven’t
thought about they’d be great in the deck
I made me rather put those into it not a huge fan of flayer husk however flayer
husk can be attached to one of your four fours to help get rid of a gurmag angler
speaking of gurmag anglers we’re gonna run one copy of gear seeker serpent 4/5
and blue blue gear seeker serpent costs one last cast for each artifact sure
control which means most of the time this is just gonna cost a blue blue gear
seeker also has four five and a blue your gear seeker serpent can’t be blocked
this term which can be handy but I find at that point of the game when you have
six mana which is hard to get to in my opinion it’s ever not too impactful for
me or I have to decide between using all my mana to make them unblockable or
holding up a fling or counter spell or possibly a burn spell so I’m not huge on
this guy however he does eat gurmag anglers with a five six body which is
pretty good. for refueling we’re gonna run thoughtcast which is so good in his
neck and will dry you two cards unfortunately sorcerers speed but it
still draws two cards for one most of the time which is pretty solid if you
got two of these in your hand and you cast them late-game just draw all
four of your myr enforcers you just get to play two mana and drop four creatures
on the board it’s pretty good hey you know it’s a pretty good card but doesn’t
get printed in standard anymore lightning bolt you know whats better
galvanic blast galvanic blast is an instant for red and it deals two damage
to any target but it has metal craft so galvanic blast deals four damage to that
permanent or a player instead if you control three or more artifacts so this
is essentially a four damage lightning bolt that’s really good you’ve got three
of these you can just throw them at their face for twelve damage and finish
up with a fling this card is really good and you’re gonna have tons of fun
casting this card I guarantee it we’ll go ahead and wrap up the deck list with two
copies of metallic rebuke metallic rebuke is two and a blue an instant it has
improvised so this is a little different than affinity your artifacts can help
cast a spell each artifact you tap after you’re done activating mana abilities
pays for one colorless so essentially if you have two artifacts and a blue you
can tap the blue and tap the two other artifacts even if they don’t
produce mana and you can cast this card and it says counter target spell unless
its controller pays three metallic rebuke is a nice addition in the deck
because it gives you a little bit more flexibility than something like dispel
for one mana all right onto the sideboard now
everybody’s sideboard is gonna be a bit different because everybody’s meta is a
little bit different and your sideboard should be tailored towards your meta to
help you win games but this should be a pretty good starting point for you feel
free to modify it however you need alrighty so when the games get grindy two feed the
clans will help close any gaps between you and your opponent since you’re
running so many four fours this almost always heals you for ten we’ll run two
ancient grudges and two natural states for other artifact decks or even a lone
Acums astrolabe or ashnods altar natural state can also help you with
troublesome enchantments we’ll run to negates and two dispels for spell focused
decks and disrupting combos they also help make sure your fling gets through
one blue elemental blast to help against troublesome red cards and permanents
gotta look out for those gorilla shamans and last but not least four board wipes
to ruin a day of fun for any elf convoke and delver fairy decks out there
electrickery is a catch-all while *meaningless sputtering* god oh
Krark clan shaman. Kirk clan shaman is an efficient one mana option for non
fliers and it should also be noted that krark clan shaman can be triggered
multiple times before you allow the damage to resolve this means you can use
them as a sort of atog plus crypt rats while he might not do his damage to
opponents three activations could clear a clogged board and allow your four
fours to clean up a game another couple cards which I have not included in th
sideboard that you should consider for yours are or tormod’s scrypt and relic of
progenitus if you have any grave yard decks in your meta that are frustrating to
play against I highly suggest one or even both of these artifacts Tormod’s
crypt because it costs 0 can pretty easily help you fuel affinity definitely
look at those if you have a lot of graveyard decks in your meta my favorite
thing about pauper is how brew friendly it is this deck is not optimal so here
are some cards to consider messing with in the deck
to keep the artifact sacrifice theme one or two copies of perilous research could
be pretty good value and fuel for the engine an instant for one and a blue
perilous research draws two cards and sacrifices a permanent two nice things
about this card is that its instance speed so you can pass and hold up a counter
spell removal and if your opponent doesn’t do much you can use your mana to
jaw before you turn and stay on tempo also the sacrifice is not part of the
cost so if it gets countered you don’t sacrifice it. this card gets really good
though when you include Ichor wellspring Ichor well spring is a
two-mana artifact that draws a card when it enters the battlefield and goes to
the graveyard. because we’re running affinity this card is essentially a
cantriping mana rock and if you sac it to atog or perilous research you draw
an extra card. seems good. temur battle rage is a two-mana instant that gives
target creature double strike and trample if its power is greater than 4
this card makes atog twice as big and gives him trample obviously I don’t
know why this card isn’t in my base deck it should really go in the deck it’s
pretty good so another card to consider is
chromatic star it’s better than chromatic sphere because if you sacrifice it to atog instead of using it for mana you still draw a card which is a really nice
touch but a playset of chromatic star costs $24 so not really worth it in my
opinion but if it ever gets reprinted or you’re just rolling in the cash, be my guest. the last card is one I’m not so sold on but I figure to mention it
anyways somber hover guard is a 3-2 fire with affinity for artifacts it’s
basically your own delver of Secrets once you get 5 artifacts that just about
wraps it up if you have some great thoughts on how you’d build affinity
leave a comment I’d love to hear about it and don’t forget to subscribe if
you’d like to be notified when I upload weekly pauper content see ya

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