Patagonia Women’s Torrentshell Pants

I am wearing the Patagonia Women’s Torrentshell
Pants. These are a staple, waterproof, breathable pant in Patagonia’s line. They material
here is Patagonia’s H2-no performance shell fabric. It is a two and a half layer fabric,
50 denier. So you have got durability there, but they are still pretty lightweight. They
are 100 percent recycled polyester and they have got rip stop in that fabric, so you have
durability there as well. And then you have durable water repellent coating on the outside.
So not only is it a waterproof fabric, but you have that water repellent coating there
to give some extra durability. They are breathable, so it is going to let
that moist, warm air escape and it is going to keep out the rain. So definitely a great
barrier shell here. The features are really simple, but they are
very functional as well. You have got a stretchy waistband here at the top. It is just a really
nice elastic waistband. There is no zipper fly or button there at the top, so they are
completely full coverage. And then you do have two hand level pockets here. Those pockets
are lined with just a mesh fabric, so these pockets can actually act as a vent. So you
can kind of dump out that warm heat. If you are wearing them you can open up those pockets
and make them a little bit more breathable, so there is sort of a storm flap in front
of that pocket. Moving down the pant you do have articulated
knees, so they move with you and flex with you there. So small detail, but it does make
a big difference with this hard shell fab-ric. You do have a pretty long zipper that goes
most of the way up your leg, so it doesn’t go all the way up to the top. You are protected
there. But that zipper is a two way zipper, so if you start at the top, you can just open
that up and vent it a little bit from the top if you need to, to dump out some extra
heat. Or you can unzip it form the bottom once you are at camp and you need to kind
of take the pants off. It makes it really easy to take them off over top of boots, over
top of your hiking boots or whatever you are wearing there. Now down at the bottom you have a stretchy
elastic hem down at the bottom and there is a snap. There is actually two spots for that
snap, so you can really cinch it down if you are wearing gators over top of them. You can
cinch that down with that snap. And the snap also keeps that zipper from coming up while
you are hiking with it. So they are definitely a regular fit. I am wearing a lightweight
pair of hiking pants underneath of these and I am wearing a small right now. And the definitely
fit. If you are anticipating wearing more layers underneath of the Torrentshell pants,
I would say maybe go a size up just so that you have more flexibility and more room there
underneath of the pant. But overall they are very comfortable, they are a really great
barrier shell from rain and from wind. They pack down to be pretty small so you can throw
them in your backpack and pull them out when you need them. They are the Women’s Patagonia
Torrentshell Pants.

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