PARTY TIME at The Bitcoin Bowl! 2014

What’s up, party people? What’s up, party people? What’s up, party people? Welcome to the Bitcoin Bowl! What’s up, everyone? Today I’ve got a special episode for you.
Today I am heading to the Bitcoin Bowl. We’re just now entering St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg
is in the northwest part of the state. It’s a nice town. There’s all kinds of cool stuff
here. Busch Gardens is here. There’s a Dali museum. I think there’s an Edison home here,
as well, which, if I’m not mistaken, even has the first pool in America or some esoteric
claim to fame like that. But it’s a cool town. It’s one of the larger ones in the state.
It’s not as big as Miami, but it’s got to be the top three or four, I think. So there’s some cool stuff. Yeah, right now, I’m getting into city limits.
I don’t exactly know what we’re going to do on today’s show. What I’m going to try to
do is convey the excitement and the fun and all of the greatness that’s happening right
now for the Bitcoin Bowl. So it’s a little bit different from our usual format, where
I answer your questions, but I’m thinking this will be a lot of fun. Maybe, I don’t
know, if you guys like what you’re seeing, give me some feedback and we’ll do something
more like this in the future the next time there’s an event. Hopefully this is the first of multiple Bitcoin
Bowls. I don’t know. The Bitcoin Bowl is sponsored by BitPay. For
people that are new to the channel, Bitcoin isn’t a company. It’s a common question that
we get. I’m not affiliated with BitPay, nor am I officially affiliated with Bitcoin, but
I certainly talk about it a lot. I’m more officially affiliated with the Counterparty
Project, which is a Bitcoin project of sorts that works with the Bitcoin system. It is
largely interchangeable with the Bitcoin system. Yeah, I’ve been really looking forward to
this. I think that there’s a lot of people that we’re going to be able to interview.
Certainly representatives from BitPay. I don’t know if we’re going to get around to it or
not. Trucoin has been really great to us. They
invited us out. They gave a lot of us tickets to participate. I think the game doesn’t start
until like 8:00, so we’ve got plenty of time to kill. I think there’s a couple of VIP parties.
There’s some tailgating. I really don’t know. So I’m just now getting into town, and I’m
checking things out. So let’s see where the day takes us. All right, everyone, I just got into the AirBNB
hotel room. It’s a weird place. I don’t know how to describe it exactly, but I almost want
to say, like, 1930s flophouse meets renovated Tommy Bahama, something like that. Pretty
close to the water, and there’s a few of us here for the south Florida scene. We’ve got
Shawn. We’ve got Matthew and myself. Hi. We just scored, and we’ve got Blake. A reluctant
Blake. We just scored post-game VIP tickets, along
with pre-game VIP tickets. Look at that! And we’ve got a very excited cameraman here,
who’s very interested to show you what we’ve scored. Here, get up to the other side here. And if that didn’t make you nauseous enough,
we’re going to head over to the game and drink some beers and party it up. We’ll get you
some more footage. All right, everyone, I’m in the Trucoin tent,
and they’re exhibiting here today a machine that I’ve never used before. I kind of like
trying out new ATMs. I’ve used almost all of them, but I’ve never used this one before.
So I’m going to do a quick walk-through. Let’s buy some Bitcoin. Let’s check it out. So the first thing I see is the option of
buying Bitcoin with a card or with cash. I’m just going to use cash. I actually have some,
which is rare. It’s asking for my cell phone number. I don’t want you guys to see it, so
hold on a second. It’s not that I don’t trust you, but I get
enough calls as it is already. I don’t need more. I’m sure you understand. It asked to verify my number and give me a
code that was texted to me. I see the code. They’re asking, I guess, for a public key.
It’s easy enough. I’m opening my Mycelium wallet. I’ve been real fond of it lately.
I have my recent address. Apparently there’s a teamviewer session, which tells me it’s
a Windows machine. It’s good to know. I’m being asked for my zip code. It’s asking
for cash now. One hundred U.S. dollars. Didn’t take it. I’ll try it again. Took it that time. That’s good. Placing my
order. It looks like I received a text message, and
yeah, I see the Bitcoin coming into my phone now. I have the option of taking a receipt
or not. I’m going to take the receipt, just so I can it to you. I printed it and out it
came. And there we go. I have a receipt for my purchase. I don’t know if you see this,
but whatever that’s worth, that’s what I did today. Not too bad. What’s up everyone? So I’ve been checking
out some of the event. You’ve seen some video already. I’m here in front of the VIP area.
There’s a cool party going on inside, but I took one person out, in particular. Kevin,
welcome. Hey. This is Kevin Cruz. He’s an active member
of the south Florida scene. He just got an article published in TechCrunch, I believe.
Is that true? Yep, just got an article published in TechCrunch,
Living On Bitcoins. Google it. Check it out. You’ll find all about it. Yeah, no, just tell us a little about it.
You’ve been living off Bitcoin for like a week, I think, and writing about it? Yeah. Well, I lived on Bitcoins for a month
for this project, and I was sponsored by a company called brawker. I just pretty much
did a whole bunch of cool stuff. I paid my expenses and took it from there. I got my
wisdom teeth removed in Bitcoins from a dentist that accepts Bitcoin. Is that a world’s first, do you think? The
world’s first removed wisdom teeth with Bitcoin. Probably, yeah. I think I am a pioneer in
that aspect. Everyone’s a first at something. Yeah. I’m glad I did it for this. My teeth
feel great now. I posted the article, and there’s a picture of me with an inflamed face.
I was in a lot of pain at that moment, but now I’m feeling great. I’m glad to be here. You’ve got a much coveted VIP pass. Oh, yes. Why don’t you show everybody? Here you go. Here’s my VIP pass. How was it that you got that? What’s the story?
Is it just, TechCrunch opens doors? No, not TechCrunch. The Bitcoin community.
I’ve been writing for a while. I just emailed one of the organizers and told them I wanted
to write about it, and I got a VIP pass. Here I am. I do that a lot for these Bitcoin events
and I’m grateful for it. I’m able to travel and see new things. How long have you been at it today? Have you
been tailgating and partying it up, or are you just showing up now? Chilling. I don’t rage a lot. I come. I talk
to people. I hang out. But I’m doing some tailgating. I’m excited for the event. It’s
going to be a football game. I love Bitcoin. I like football. So, why not? Do you have a team you prefer to win today? UCF Knights. UCF Knights all the way. I’m from Florida, bro. Florida represent. Yeah. That’s great. It’s not the 305. It’s not Miami, but it’s
the next best thing. All right, Kevin. Thank you for the time.
I really appreciate you coming on. Thank you. We’re going to hang out over there and check
out what we see. We’ll keep you posted. Awesome. Chris, what is blocks and what does consensus
mean? Chris, what are blocks and what does consensus
mean? She’s new to Bitcoin. That’s what it means.
It means that she’s new to Bitcoin. He’s molesting you. What did you get? He’s molesting you for Bitcoin. It’s for Bitcoin number 10. I think you have to give him Bitcoin to go
away. [laughter] Someone has been to Panama. South Florida Bitcoin! I know Alberto from when I visited in Buenos
Aires. I spent some time there. We got to know each other and we’ve been kind of filling
each other in on what’s happened since the last time I was there. As some of you know,
I’m really into Argentina because their currency situation is a little strange. It’s a good place for Bitcoin
to really take off. So let’s pick up where we started talking
off camera and let’s talk a bit. I know that the inflation was really a problem in, I believe
in… What was it, October when I was there last, or was it..? A little bit earlier. A little bit earlier. August maybe. I think. So inflation has now gone down a bit. Has
it actually appreciated in value? No, no, the inflation is the same. It’s up.
But the currency exchange, it’s a little bit better than it was before. When you were there,
it was, I think, 14 or 15. Now, it’s 12 or 13. Okay. So it’s been appreciating. The peso against
the dollar. That’s good to hear. How about the embassy
over there? When I was there last, it was under construction and you were doing a lot
of work. It’s still under some construction or still under heavy construction? Heavy construction. But we have finished the
working space, which is really good because it brings a lot of life to the embassy and
will make people move and want to work there. The companies are already established. Most
of the offices are almost ready, but we are going to do a lot of work over the entrance
and over the terrace. So those things are great. We have just done
the end-of-the-year meeting there in the terrace by night. It was amazing. It’s a great place. What are the turnouts like at your meetings?
Are they about the same? When I was there, they were pretty packed. Is
it bigger or same, smaller? No, it’s the same. They’re packed. We’re making
many, many meet-ups in the embassy. What we are doing is having it more focused, maybe
on trading, maybe on security, so people that are more advanced can actually make use of
these meet-ups. You were working on a hacker space of sorts
that was going to be available for people, I think, to rent by the day or by the month.
Is that open? Is that available? Yeah, that’s up and working. We just finished. Yeah, okay. So I’d like to come and hang out
there at some point. Sure. Am I invited to do that anytime? Anytime you like. Thank you. I like that. I will do that and
cover you guys when I’m there. Tell me then, too, we were talking a bit about just the
state of Bitcoin in Latin America. What do you think about Venezuela right now. Do you
think that’s going to be good for Bitcoin? Do you think it’s a little bit under-serviced
in terms of Internet penetration? That’s one of the problems, but Venezuela
is actually an interesting country. It has many problems with the government and restrictions,
and that makes this type of technology much more appealing for the citizen. I think that, even though all of the problems
that it may have, it will be a country where it will grow a lot. Yeah. Interesting. I’ve heard rumors about
people over there who are on state, I guess, state paid for electrical systems running
mining operations and converting the Bitcoins. Do you think that’s true, or who the heck
knows? Yeah, it is true. Like in many of the countries,
it depends on the corruption a country has. One of the things that you can do illegally. So hopefully that won’t happen, but it does
happen. It depends on the country. It depends on the people that are doing that. I don’t
think that’s a cool thing. I think that’s not good. I get that. It’s mostly an interesting anecdote.
It was a fun kind of story just to hear. In fact, if anybody is in Venezuela right
now watching this, do me a favor. Write a comment or tweet us, and let us know what
do you see. Maybe I could even do a Skype chat with you or something. I’d like to know
what’s going on there. What about BitPay in Latin America? What’s new with you guys down
there? What have you been working on? Well, we’ve been working a lot in Brazil,
Argentina, and Mexico. We also focusing on Venezuela, Columbia, Chile, Uruguay, and it’s
really interesting what’s going on. At the beginning of the year, when I started in BitPay,
things were a little bit slow. But right now everything is just catching
up, and it’s getting up to speed. I think big, big companies are going to enter the
space, and hopefully they’ll be such advantages with the new wallets and applications that
much more people will want to use Bitcoin. Right now, we’re only [inaudible [00:15:11]
guys, and maybe some finance. I think it is the moment, this year, for people
to start using Bitcoin in Latin America because of the advantages against other payment systems
and other store values. Also, there will be a lot of space for other block chain applications
that will come into the market and will make things really different in the whole world. Do you think Brazil, right now, is really
a hot spot of Bitcoin, or do you think less so? Last we talked, there was a lot of Bitcoin
users in Brazil. The volume is the biggest in Latin America,
but the awareness is not that big. Argentina has a lot more awareness than Brazil, but
Brazil has more volume than does Argentina. So, currently, if you look at it on the total
number of inhabitants, well, Argentina has a better ratio. But Brazil has a higher volume. Great insights. I always love running into
you. I always think our conversations are top notch, so we may talk some more before
the day’s over. Sure. If we don’t, it’s always a good time. Thanks
for giving us your time. Thank you so much, man. Yeah. I’m here in the parking lot. I see everybody
tailgating, playing… What game is this? This is Cornholio? Portal. Portal. Portal. I was close. What? That was new. I haven’t tailgated in
years. So what do you guys think of Bitcoin? What
do you know about Bitcoin? I don’t know anything about Bitcoin. It’s something online you can change. [inaudible 00:16:54] great. Some sites accept it. I know all about it. I’m just curious what
you guys know about it. I’ve heard of it. I’ve heard of it. What have you heard? I’ve heard it’s like the up and coming way
to exchange, buy things online maybe. I don’t know the answer. What is Bitcoin? What is Bitcoin to you? What
do you know about the Bitcoin Bowl? That’s what you guys know. Okay. Does anybody
know that this is the Bitcoin Bowl? Yeah, we know that. It’s an investment, and what do you… It is a form of currency. Form of currency. Form of currency, alright. It’s a form of currency that is very unknown. That’s fair. What’s the name of this bowl
game? What is this bowl game? The Bic Bowl Game. The Big [inaudible 00:17:38] The big [inaudible 00:17:39] No B-I-C. Bic… Hold on. We’re looking it up. We’re going to find out
what this is. No, I looked it up. The Bitcoin Bowl. The Bitcoin Bowl, and what is Bitcoin? What
is that about? I have no idea. Okay, that’s fair enough. Do you know what
Bitcoin is? I don’t know. You don’t know? It’s a bowl game, apparently. It’s a bowl game. North Carolina against UCF,
let’s go. Fuck North Carolina. It’s UCF Knights always,
bitch. Go Bitcoin. Whoo, Bitcoin! I love Bitcoin. Let’s try and maybe get… Should we do the
parking lot a little bit more maybe and see what else we find, or do you want to try and
head into the stadium and see if we can… Let’s just go back to the party grounds. I say let’s take it to the locker room before
everybody else. [inaudible 00:18:25] The locker room? I think you don’t know what
you’re doing here. I got a media pass. You have a media pas. That means I can go anywhere, right? So I
don’t see why I can’t go to the locker room. That’s a good point. Let’s just go in the fucking locker room. I’ve been walking the halls here at the stadium
getting ready for the big event and I found what I believed to be the crew of the stadium
getting ready for the crowd as they appear. I’m just surprised at how many people actually
work behind the scenes at a stadium game. I don’t know if anybody that is watching this
scene, but there are hundreds of people involved in a production like this, just in manning
the aisles, the doors, the entry, all of that stuff. So I’m really impressed. A lot of hard working
people here making this happen. Really looking forward to seeing this whole thing kick off.
It’s going to be a lot of fun. A lot of excitement around this event. We’re with the media. We’re Bitcoin with the
media. Can we ask you guys a quick question about what they think about Bitcoin? They’re not, alright. Are any of the players available real quick? No. Alright, that’s fine. Did you get permission from our athletic… Who would you talk to? They just push us through. No. Oh. Okay. So I don’t know what that was about. That
was kind of weird. We had press passes, but I think we didn’t have the A+ press passes.
So we walked through what I guess was the locker room, passed every single security
person that there is, which was a hundred of them at least, maybe two. Nobody said anything
until we got there, and then we had a quick exchange with one of the players and it got
a little weird. Now we’re being diverted into, I guess, the
B+ press room, where we either get told that we can or can’t talk to which players and
get sort of an update on what to expect behind the scenes and all of this. So bear with us.
We’re working on it. We’re going to have a little more access for you here coming up
soon. Okay. Thank you. So it is the calm before the storm. For some
reason we got in here before everyone else, but I’m here at the BitPay booth, and it seems
like there’s plenty of good.. I just saw their wall. There’s plenty of drinks. I’ll try not
to pig out too early before everyone gets here, but it may just end up happening, so
we’ll see if what people get here if we can use some more coverage of what it’s like behind
the scenes. All right. So I’m at the game right now, and
I’m sitting here in the BitPay press box. They were very nice to let me in. First quarter has started. We saw some Green
Berets drop down the [inaudible [00:21:22] coin, which is pretty wild to see that happen.
I’m sure he never expected that to happen. Certainly I never thought I’d see something
like that. Yeah, they did the coin toss and we saw Tony
and Steven up there and they were doing their thing, and it was great. So the game has started
and everybody is having fun, and I guess, I don’t know, back to the game. Ready? So you’re name is Caroline? Carolyn Malachi. Carolyn. I saw you on the field. Why don’t
you tell the audience what it is you were doing. Hi. My name is Carolyn Malachi, and I had
the honor and pleasure of singing our national anthem at today’s Bitcoin Bowl. She did a wonderful job. Thank you. Obviously there were a lot of people that
were very impressed. It’s a very tough place to be, and I don’t know how you do it. I talk
in front of people sometimes, and they’re decent crowds but nothing like this. Nothing
like this. Well, it’s all about telling the story, and
right now I think the message of the anthem is very important, especially in this country
where we’re so divided. We need to refocus and get back to the principles that this country
was founded on. Freedom, opportunity, justice for all. I think the anthem really emphasizes
this. I agree. Those are really Bitcoin themes. Yeah. Speaking of stories, why don’t you tell me,
what do you know about Bitcoin? Anything? A lot? Yeah. So one day I just happened to be watching
my favorite network, Bloomberg. There was this story about this cryptocurrency, this
thing called Bitcoin. I was like, “What is that?” I started reading up. I said, “Oh,
it’s pretty cool.” So I use it now. BitPay is actually what I use on my website, Oh, wonderful. Yeah, it’s cool. Okay. I didn’t know you had a history with
them. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Makes sense. Now it’s cool. So my fans from countries in
conflict, they can buy my album and I can send it to them. If they don’t have access
to a MasterCard or PayPal, they can use Bitcoin. That’s wonderful. So how did they come to
you then to sing for us here tonight? Do you have a good relationship with them? Yeah. Did they come to you one day, and were you
really surprised? Or they were, like, “We’ve got this project under works,” and you knew
it was coming. Oh. It was, like, a meeting of the minds. Okay. A meeting of the minds. So I’m the first artist on record to have
used Bitcoin for music sales. I think they heard that. Their folks started talking to
my folks. It’s just been a really genuine conversation from the beginning, and here
we are. I hope the relationship continues to grow. It’s been great. So there’s going to be a lot Redditers watching
this. Yeah. If they want to learn more about you, where
can they go? Oh. Well, find me online guys. I’m easy to
find. I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Instagram is probably
my favorite right now. So it’s 10 to 7, UCF is winning. It is the
second quarter. Black and gold, baby. I’m out for now, but we’ll check in with you
in a little bit. Okay. So I’m sitting here in the third row.
Something important just happened, or it’s the second quarter. Just ended the second
quarter. The score is NCSU – 17 and UCF – 10. I guess that’s halftime. Everyone is getting
really hyped, having a great time. So much to see and do. This is really wonderful. All right. All right. So I’m here with Sam from the Philippines.
Is that right? I’m actually from Florida, originally. Oh, you are from Florida. Yeah. I’m from Florida. You have a company in the Philippines? Yes. Tell us a little bit about that. What’s the
company that you’re at? I have a Bitcoin company in the Philippines. Is it [sp] It’s It’s It’s my company. I’m a UCF alumni, and I got
a Bitcoin company in the Philippines. How did you end up running a company in the
Philippines? I just want to shout out to my mom. Yo, hey mom! I love you, mom! UCF. We have the same mom. That’s weird, right?
It’s weird. We have the same mom. [inaudible 00:25:24] but it’s weird. All right. I love you, mom. And Jackie, I love you! So I was just walking around on the field
here, and who do I bump into but Connie Gallippi. Hi. Welcome. Tell the audience what it is that
you do here with BitPay, with BitGive and everything else for the people that don’t
know. Okay. Well, so I founded the BitGive Foundation,
which is a nonprofit charitable organization. We do basically the philanthropic work for
the Bitcoin space, and we’re working with a lot of charities, nonprofits, and gathering
donations from the Bitcoin community and giving back to nonprofits. That is wonderful. Are you representing here
today, or you just mostly here for the BitPay festivities? I’m mostly here for BitPay. Tony is my brother. Yes. For those that can figure it out, there’s
a close family here at BitPay. It’s not all corporate all of the time. Yeah. No. So I’m mostly here just to support
him and BitPay and everything. But, of course, BitGive. I mean, we’re actually a sponsor
of the bowl game, which is an honorary sponsorship. As a nonprofit, we don’t have money to sponsor
bowl games. Right. But, yeah. We’re a charity sponsor of the
bowl games. Yeah. Are you here for UCF? Are you here for the
other team? I don’t even know. By default, I’m voting for UCF. Okay. Most of us are. Yeah. I think it’s just because Tony is in
Orlando and that’s where UCF is, so everybody that we’re hanging out with is all UCF fans. Makes sense. Yeah. So if somebody wants to donate to BitGive,
what are you guys involved in the most right now? What is it you’re working on specifically. Right now we have two major things. One, we’re
running a founding donors campaign for BitGive because it was still getting off the ground. Okay. We also have a membership program. So that’s
good. Then we are running a campaign for Medic Mobile, which is a fairly young nonprofit,
and they’re supporting health care workers in the developing and third world using technology
and open source software to help actually improve health care in the developing world. Awesome. So. We’re running a campaign for them right
now. Yeah. Okay, and where can people go to donate? Wonderful. Yes, yes. All right, everyone. We’re going to get back
to the second quarter, which is just started and which I’m missing. We’ll check back with
you a little bit later. Bitcoin Bowl! It’s the fourth quarter. I’m here in the…
I don’t what this is. What do you call this, the BitPay, it’s the Scion something or other? It is the elusive suite that no one knows
about. Yeah, it seems that way. It’s this super secret suite. So it’s the super secret suite. I finally
got access in the fourth quarter. I’m here with Rob. Rob, tell us what is it that you
do here at the St. Petersburg Bowl, at the Bitcoin Bowl? What’s your role? I’m on the Board of Directors. So we meet
throughout the year. We walk college football games. We look at the teams, and then we figure
out who we’re going to pick. This year we have a 9 and 3 and 7 and 5 team, and it could
not draw more people. Yeah. I mean, it seems like you did a good
job. I’ve got to admit, I’m not the biggest football fan. I know a lot more about Bitcoin
than I know about sports. So I’m learning a lot here today. You can spend your Bitcoins on learning about
football. Can you? Yes. How do I do that? Where’s the easiest place
about here? Go to I just made that up. Okay. It sounds like a made up name. So yeah, are we going to be back here next
year? Are you going to be involved next year in planning this event? Yes. Is there going to be a Bitcoin Bowl for sure?
Is that still up in the air? No up in the air. Bitcoin is our sponsor. Wonderful. They will definitely be back next year, and
we’ll have two great teams again. In your estimation, has this been a success?
Has this been a resounding success? The funny part is, I don’t even have to estimate
it. This has been an amazing game, more attendance, more participation than I’ve ever seen. Awesome. Absolutely. It’s great for the city of St.
Petersburg. It’s great for every business here. Wonderful. Rob, nice to meet you. I look forward
to seeing you next year. Thank you, sir. The game is over. UCF lost. Kind of a bummer,
but whatever. I had a wonderful time. I’ve been talking to all kinds of people in the
Bitcoin space. Sponsors, newcomers, fans, you name it. It ha been a great time. Now there’s a VIP
after-party that I’m going to head to. We’re going to see if we can get any footage from
there. People are getting a little bit tipsy. It’s getting a little crazy, so we’re going
to see if we can get some footage. At least capture the theme of the event. So I’m here in the car with Jim. It’s the
end of a very long day. I think it’s like 2:30 or something like that. We have Jim the
taxi driver. Jim? Yes? How long have you know about Bitcoin? Through the media, about maybe a year. How long have you been taking Bitcoin here
in Tampa? About a week. Okay. How did it come that you started taking
Bitcoin? I knew that the St. Petersburg Bowl was going
to be here, and I thought that that would be a unique way to position our cab company. Right, so we have just arrived at the hotel,
the AirBNB hotel, and you tell me. I want to send you money. So you tell me what I owe
you. Okay, here’s where it goes. It’s $9.40. Then
you’re going to add the tip if you want. Yeah, sure. That would be nice, considering. Yeah. I’ll leave a nice tip. There. Six cents? Six dollars? That’s fair. There’s a hotel tip. At least, I think. Thank you, thank you. All right. Then you
are going to scan that. And send. We completed the transaction. Nice meeting
you guys. Very nice meeting you. Thanks so much. Good
luck today. No, thanks for having us. Is this where you came from the hotel to go
to the game as well? Yeah, basically Okay, cool. All right. Well, you guys are And nice meeting you. Yeah. Awesome. Thank you, Jim. Any time you need to, I am Tampa Bay’s Bitcoin
driver. Okay? Good night, guys. Thank you so much. Holy crap. That was quite a night. I had a
wonderful time. I could not believe the level of production, the amount of people, just
all of the fanfare going on. The whole town, really, was just all about the Bitcoin Bowl.
I was just amazed at what a great job BitPay did and all of the sponsors and all of the
employees that were involved in that. I can’t thank all of you enough. A special thank you
to, certainly, BitPay. They did just a fantastic job, as well as Truecoin. Trucoin were wonderful
to us. I really appreciate all of the tickets and support. You’ve been great. Yeah, I think that about wraps up my Bitcoin
Bowl coverage. I would love to do this again next year, so hopefully I’m invited out and
hopefully get to share that experience with you again. Thank you so much for watching the channel
guys. If you Liked this video, go ahead and subscribe. It’s a little different, this video,
than my usual format. We usually just do questions and answers and such, but hopefully we could
do more of these in the future. We’ll see who invites me to what and where,
and how much content I can get for you guys. Tweet me at @derosetech if you like this,
if you have some questions. Or email me at [email protected] Thanks everyone. One, two, three… To Bitcoin! Cheers guys. Go Knights. Give me a U! We need a C! C! How about an F? F! Okay, Knight fans. Let’s put it all together! U… C… F!

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