Participant Christian Abera Degu on Platform Strategy: Building and Thriving in a Vibrant Ecosystem

– The main reason I’m taking the course is because I want to get
some guidance on actually doing a product launch that
we’re thinking about doing. And I just needed the best
place to help guide me through that process. There’s one process would have been we can hire we’re a small business. I own the small business. But one way to do this by hiring. The second way of doing it, is either pursuing an MBA. The MBA process is not really going to be that attractive because I have to be away from the business its self. I picked a short course
and I wanted to learn from the best. That’s why I’m going through this process the four class for the
masters certificate. I never actually planned
to take the platform course but it actually worked out
very well in the sense that, instead of actually developing a product it made me think about not just a product. What are the considerations
for maybe a platform and that’s how most of the
things that are happening right now in the business. Especially in the software
development realm. It really worked out very well. It wasn’t a planned thing
that I wanted to do. But it was very relevant.

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