Parrot’s Bebop 2 Drone | First Look

Today Parrot unveiled the Bebop 2, a recreational
drone that can stay in the air twice as long as previous version. The 500 gram drone has
25 minutes of flying time, and you control it from your phone, tablet or even a VR headset.
You can also purchase the Parrot Skycontroller, which enables extended WiFi range. The Bebop 2 surpasses the first iteration
with its speed. It can go 37 miles per hour horizontally and 13 miles per hour vertically.
Engineers told us a key difference in performance between the original Bebop and this iteration
is the drone’s ability to withstand winds. It can resist head winds up to 39 miles per
hour. To propel its slightly heavier battery, the
Bebop 2 features longer six-inch blades. Parrot said this drone is 25 percent more power efficient
than the first Bebop. The Bebop 2 sports four propellers. Engineers
said this drone is safer than others on the market because it is lightweight and if something
hits one propeller, the other three will stop. The real functionality of the Bebop line comes
through in its digitally stabilized Fisheye camera, which takes full HD video and streams
it to the device or tablet you’re using to pilot the drone. The camera changed a little
from last years. It sports a new lense, but is still 14 megapixels. The Bebop 2 will hit stores and the skies
on December 14. It retails for $550. To achieve an extended flying experience you can purchase
it with the Skycontroller for $800. For many, the price is likely outside the range of an
everyday purchase, but might be worth adding to your Christmas list.

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12 thoughts on “Parrot’s Bebop 2 Drone | First Look

  1. Not just the first bepob but the last 2 generations.. thank Goodness! lol. I loved my drone but I got tired of only 10 min of flight time which seemed more like 5 at times.

  2. Imagine some debris hit one propeller in 300 meters and the 4 propellers stop
    This ensure you are ok but the neighbors are not ok including your Bebop

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