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Pandora launches “Thumbprint Radio” for custom
stations, drone owners in the US have a new FAA registration deadline, Facebook kills
photo syncing for its Moments app, and more… It’s Monday, December 14th and this is Crunch
Report. “Couple nice Google updates today… the Google
Maps iOS app will now show you when stores are the busiest, just in time for your hellish
holiday shopping spree… and also shows current gas prices when you search for nearby gas
stations. Both features came to Android first, for those keeping score. Inbox by Gmail, which
is Google’s next-gen email client for mobile and the web that I stay far away from but
a lot of people seem to like, is improving a feature called Trip Bundle. So now you can
attach multiple photos from all of those trips you take to your emails, that Inbox already
is smart enough to organize into a bundle for you. Starting this week, you’ll be able
to take these email bundles and share them with anybody with an email address. So instead
of sending five emails about all of your flights, hotel and car reservations, you can now send
a single email to keep your family up to date about your business travels. If you travel
a lot, this really helps. Pandora just introduced a new feature called
“Thumbprint Radio”, that creates a new custom station based on what you’ve already told
Pandora you like by tapping a thumbs up. Pandora says this service takes suggestions a step
further than just playing songs you like more often, by suggesting other music to go in
your custom station… even multiple categories, like your favorite country song AND your favorite
hip hop song. Because again, it’s YOUR station, not a genre station. It’s a good time for
Pandora to try new things – Apple Music continues to grow, and Spotify is more popular than
ever, especially with Rdio shutting down and users looking for essentially the same streaming
service somewhere else, even though Pandora acquired some of Rdio’s talent and assets.
But here’s the real story – Much of Pandora’s fate depends on a decision about its royalty
rates, that the Copyright Royalty Board is determining on right now… We should know
this week what their costs will be for the next five years. Pandora currently is unprofitable
– the company pays artists about 14 cents for every 100 song plays. and if that fee
goes up, things are gonna need to change. We’re starting to get to a point in the mobile
world where it’s either iOS or Android, with devices more or less all having the same feature
set. The Wall Street Journal quotes people familiar with the matter that Samsung’s next
flagship Galaxy phone… the Galaxy S7… will have a pressure sensitive display when
it launches next March. Basically Samsung’s version of Apple’s pressure sensitive 3D Touch
that launched with the iPhone 6S. This is pretty much just like when Apple added a fingerprint
reader to the iPhone 5S, back in September 2013 — and then Samsung put a fingerprint
scanner on its flagship device the following spring. But hey, Apple clones software feature
ideas from Android too… so it goes both ways. the Journal’s sources also say Samsung
will be adding a new high-speed charging USB Type-C port to the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge,
which supports racking up a full charge in 30 minutes or less. I love the future. S7
line may also include a retina scanner, and the return of the microSD card slot that made
a ton of Android users mad when Samsung ditched it in the S6. We’ve been hearing for a while now that U.S
drone owners will soon have to register their drones with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration..
and today, we have a date. Starting December 21st, one week from today, drone owners will
have to register their drones with the government for a $5 fee.. with the 1st 30 days free.
So anybody getting a drone for Xmas technically has to go online and register it, before going
out to the backyard for a little flying. Now, if you already own a drone or buy one before
the 21st, your deadline is February 19, 2016 to register. Either way, a registration includes
a name, home address, e-mail address, and assurance the pilot is over 13 years old,
and will be valid for three years. The FAA will offer both paper-based and web-based
registrations, and accept standard credit or debit cards (or check or money order for
anyone registering offline. Registration numbers are linked to the owner, not the drone, so
you can use the same number for multiple drones, but you’ll need to carry a copy of the registration
certificate with you when you fly. Facebook’s putting some muscle behind its
standalone app Moments. The company has announced it’s discontinuing support for photo syncing,
instead asking users to download the Moments app through a pop-up notification that appears
at the top of the News Feed. So, if you want to access photos you’ve privately synced
from your phone, you need to have that app installed. Kind of like when Facebook made
people download Messenger to chat, rather than use the Facebook app itself. A bunch
of users were angry about that, but the move also made messenger the #1 free app in the
App Store. The fact that Moments is still kicking is significant, given that Facebook
recently shut down its internal R&D group, Facebook Labs, and killed off its Riff, Slingshot,
and Rooms apps. But Moments, which lets you privately share photos with friends, has been
climbing the app store charts over the past few months, thanks to promotion by Facebook
and in the Messenger app. That’s the report for today. I’m Sarah
Lane. Crunch Report airs every weekday at 7 pm Eastern,
4 pm Pacific, on You can also find us on iTunes, and on YouTube. See you

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  2. can someone tell me why everytime that I try to click on thumbprint radio that it says "cannot play Station" it won't work and I can't find anything online to help me. If you have answers I would appreciate it if you could tell me. THANKS 🙂

  3. Oh, look… A bio-metric scanner! What better way to keep track of people in a New World Order.

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