Owen Van Natta as Hitler Finds Out He Was Fired from Myspace

Socialization of content is catching on … There are more bankrupt music companies to buy here, here, and here. We missed out on lala here but it won’t happen again Good to hear. Buying shitty companies is the main piece of my 2010 plan. My Fuhrer TechCrunch … TechCrunch is reporting you were fired today. Mike and Jason are in charge as co-presidents. Anyone who doesn’t know what socialization of content means, please leave. What the fuck! I’ve only been here 9 months! FUCK! Last month our traffic was UP! Why am I the last one to find out? Hirshorn has done nothing in 9 months to
improve the worst product of ALL time! Myspace is dead! The imeem transition was my crowning achievement! We took tens of millions of playlists all over the Internet … and we broke them because we could. My Fuhrer, Myspace traffic is sinking. Traffic sinking? Have you heard of Facebook? It was over before I got here! My Fuhrer, the Myspace website is terrible. Well then, why don’t we promote the Chief Fucking Product Officer? I didn’t even hire him! Socialization of content was catching on … It was going to be bigger than Facebook! But now what have we become? The next generation Friendster! I asked for a redesign to be complete months ago! I can’t even comment on photos in the stream! The logo still links to a different page then the Home button! Stupid Hirshorn! I walk by his office … wishing … dreaming … That the redesign would be ready. and what do you think I see? I see him fucking friending Mike Jones on Facebook! They don’t even have Myspace accounts! I dared to imagine a world where everyone was socializing around content! But no. No one even knows what it fucking means! I’ll tell you what it means. It means the future … It means fucking everything! Don’t worry, Facebook is all about socializing around content. He just doesn’t know … This is my second job … in less than a year. What am I going to do? I’m finished. Do any of you know if Jason and Mike are hiring? Well, I mine as well be honest with you … I haven’t logged into Myspace in 6 months. But can you blame me? … Socialization of content was Miller’s idea …

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