Overpacked Ep 4: Deals Vault, Budget Packing List, Quick Hits Video Channel & More!

– Welcome to pack hacker
Overpacked episode four where we cover everything Pack Hacker. In this episode we are going to be going
over our deals vault where you can get access
to exclusive discounts on travel gear. We’re going over progress
on our budget packing list, and we would love your help
with a couple of items. Our new Pack Hacker Quick
Hits YouTube channel where we have bite sized
videos on travel gear. Plus a couple other things. Let’s dive in and check it out. First of all, I’d like to
chat about the deals vault that we have been putting
together over on packhacker.com. Basically we have been partnering
with our favorite brands to give you exclusive
discounts on travel gear. Plus we’re always working on getting new brands into the mix, so be sure to head over to packhacker.com, sign up for our newsletter
in order unlock that password to get access for the deals vault. Link in the description below on that one. Deals Vault brands are also listed on the individual review pages as well, so be sure to look out for that. We’ve got a couple of other spiffy things on the website as well. So the first being we have added the data of the aesthetic pools that we have from our Instagram @packhacker, and added that to the
individual review pages. So now you can kind of get an idea as to which bags have
the most popular looks across the bags that we
have reviewed and tested. We have a new beta feature
that covers carry on compliance for individual bags as well. We’ve compiled data from
all the airlines out there and compare the carryon
allowance measurements of the airlines to the dimensions of the bag
provided by the manufacturer. Now keep in mind that
this score should be used more of an awareness rather than a rule. Bags can always stretch based on the fabric that
they’re made out of. Airlines can always update
their carryon compliance, and sometimes bag
manufacturers’ measurements can be a little bit loose
depending on if they measured it when the bag is fully
expanded, fully packed, or fully compressed. But regardless, it’s there, it’s in beta, and we think that is a
great feature to make sure that whatever you end up
selecting and purchasing is the right size based on the airlines that you wanna travel with. We’re in the process of
gathering and testing products for our budget packing list. Put another way, we’re gathering
up the cheapest products we can find, that won’t immediately fall apart on you after unboxing them. We’re always fans of
paying for quality gear made of quality materials
from reputable brands that’ll last a long time, but sometimes budget works out as well, especially if you’re
incrementally increasing your ideal load out. Maybe you don’t wanna spend
thousands of dollars right away. Maybe you can get some budget items and some really good items, or maybe you just wanna go purely budget. It’ll all depend on you
and your travel style. So regardless, the objective of this list is to find the cheapest and best items that we can for travel. Please leave a comment below covering your favorite budget travel item. We would love to get
some suggestions from you as we continue to test
and build out our list. On more content notes, we were really excited to
launch the women’s version of our digital nomad packing list. We have a full video on that,
be sure to check that out. So the budget packing list will include men’s and women’s
items right off the bat. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to go check out our day pack guide over on the website as well. We get into a couple of different
categories of day packs, why they’re useful, and then individual day
pack recommendations specifically for travel. On that note we also released
a big round of updates to our travel backpack guide. So if you haven’t seen that already, be sure to go check that out. If you wanna revisit it, we’ve added some new information specifically around men’s
and women’s harnesses. We’ve updated our bag recommendations, and just sprinkled a couple
of other pieces of knowledge throughout the guide. We’ve been experimenting with a couple of different video styles over on the Pack Hacker
Quick Hits channel. These videos are designed to get you the quick facts on products when we just wanna get the
word out on something day of. Maybe when we receive it, we can quick create a video
and get it up and post it. These videos cover anything
from an overview or quick look, how to use the product,
durability and testing updates, comparisons, and occasionally mini reviews if the product has worn a full
video on our main channel, but we still wanna add a little bit more than what we would for a written review. And as of now it’s all focused on gear and travel related products. Right now on the Quick Hits channel we have a video of an
unreleased Tom Bihn bag that’s gonna be released for pre order within a week or two. So be sure to go check that out. That is the Synik 30. It’s actually sitting
right behind me as well. So if you wanna get more details on that, that’s over on the Quick Hits channel. If you’re the type of person that can’t wait for a
new Pack Hacker video to come out every week, and you are just really gear obsessed, the Quick Hits channel is gonna be great for you to subscribe to. If you prefer our longer
and more involved videos, feel free to stick here
on the main channel. Nothing is changing, and you won’t be overloaded with all those extra smaller videos. So again, totally up to you. We’re happy you’re here either way. Thanks for taking a look at this episode of Pack Hacker Overpacked. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter in order to access the deals vault for exclusive deals on travel gear. Leave a comment below
with your favorite piece of budget travel gear. And lastly, subscribe to
Pack Hacker Quick Hits if you want more videos on travel gear, and just can’t get enough Pack Hacker. Thanks for keeping it here at Pack Hacker, your guide to smarter travel. We’ll see you in the next video.

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21 thoughts on “Overpacked Ep 4: Deals Vault, Budget Packing List, Quick Hits Video Channel & More!

  1. Subscribe to Pack Hacker Quick Hits: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa9O7ulUbt4axNo6h1c-JTQ?sub_confirmation=1

  2. Love your site and videos!

    I do find it very distracting when you switch to the side camera view. So unnecessary and looks amateur, IMO.

    Head on view when you are talking to the camera works great and you have plenty of other edits to the gear to keep things visually interesting.

  3. You guys are awesome! I love how detailed you are and how you rate each item in a very technical way. Also, the more women's stuff the better! 😁👍🏻

  4. 0:03 this is how you look when having a Skype interview/giving Skype lessons
    1:23 this is what you wear IRL 😀

    As for the budget packing. No other cubes beat packing cubes from Aliexpress 😀 For 6$ you get a set of 4 packing cubes of different sizes including two laundry pouches. I know, i know, they are cheap but still they perfectly do what they have to do – they help you organize your clothes and other travel essentials. Being a budget traveller, i think there's no point spending thousands of dollars on branded packing cubes. Unfortunately, this rule doesn't work when it comes to choosing a backpack 🙁

  5. My favorite piece of budget travel gear? ZipLock bags! I’ve used them successfully as “packing cubes” for years, the sizes are great for separating large and small items, you can see what’s in each bag, and they add an element of protection from water and other unwanted intrusions on your travel items.

  6. I’ve always been curious about how gear focused channels like yours (which I love) view the grave issue of climate change. Ever considered talking less about airline travel and more local travel? How about buying less stuff? I’m not criticizing you, only curious about how a modern enterprise like yours view this current and highly global challenge. Haven’t heard you mention it at all, which is a bit surprising.

  7. Here is a list I prepared before. http://www.mcmullon.com/icollect/bags/packing.htm

    I didn't use all things, but may be next time I would. As long as not too heavy it hardly matters but each extra "really useful item" that you never use has to be carried around, at least in transit, and some airports love the mile long walk from check-in to the gates.

  8. Nice Video, could you do some kind of comparison between different water proof bags, which you can literally throw into the water and dumb them, without water getting in ? There are so many on Amazon for little money but i dont know with which brand i should go, thanks. Keep uo the good work 🙂

  9. Hello guys!I'm in love with you and your content!One suggestion, if I may, is to add as an option some filters in the web page, in the section of reviews. That would be amazing! Thanks for all what you share and best of luck for you!

  10. I'm always watching your Quick Hits… noticed the increase in uploads lately!
    Congrats on all the new expansion, you guys do the best work 🙂

  11. Overpacked is right because so much vital information was delivered with ease. Thanks for the tips, tricks, and hacks. My travels this summer have been so easy because of Pack Hacker keep up the excellent work. And while traveling has been fun, it is good to back in the 313.

  12. OH, i have a good one for you! i bought an electric shaver that is about 3x2x.5" rechargeable from Harbor Freight Store for $14, only used for travel but its worked for more than a year now.

  13. I prefer quick dry clothes versus merino wool cuz I hand wash everything daily. Were talking tees(V neck and crew), shorts, underwear/socks, polos and henleys. I routinely buy this stuff significantly cheaper at the discount stores TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls, etc. I'll even find items at Nordstrom Rack, Off Saks 5th, Bloomingdale's Outlet.

  14. Still waiting on the aeronaut 45 review. I am just going to go with the idea that it’s not an item of interest rather than time and resource constraint. Thank you in advance.

  15. I would love to purchase your aer travel pack 1 if you are willing to sell it! I can’t find one to purchase anywhere

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