Overpacked Ep 1: GIVEAWAY Announcement, Upcoming Reviews, Gift Guide & Porto Trip

– Hey, it’s Tom from Pack Hacker and I want to welcome
you to the first episode of ‘Pack Hacker Overpacked’
where we’re going to be covering news and updates, and upcoming reviews that we’re going to be doing on the channel,
as well as our website. Before we get started,
I want you to comment your favorite piece of travel gear below that you never leave home without. Please let us know in the
comments as it’ll help the content on this channel
get better and better. Please comment it below. Did you comment yet? I’ll wait… Did you comment?… Did you comment?… Good! Alright, onto the agenda. First of all, we are
super excited to announce that we have partnered with
REI for our 2018 gift guide. As we’re getting into the holiday season, we kind of wanted to create a giant list of things that we have
personally tested and tried, and really dig that’s
available on the REI website. So, be sure to go check out that guide. It is in written format
over at packhacker.com Also, you can click a link in the upper right hand corner as well. Secondly, we are headed
to Porto in February. So me, Adian who is
our editor, Hannah who’s our content strategist,
and Rebecca, and Nathan who are some core contributors are all headed to Porto, Portugal. We are super excited to kind of all get in a room together since we all live in different states and
different countries. So doing that for the
whole month of February. Going be working on a lot of content and a couple other things
across the website – really excited about that. Third, we’re going to be
doing some good reviews this month and I’m going to
have Hannah grab some stuff and we can just show it real quick. Tom Bihn Synapse 25. New packable gear from Matador. You can’t see it but
there’s a jacket in here. It’s super lightweight – Montbell. Yeah it’s great, really light. Actually lighter than the Micropuff which I’m super excited about. So that’s on our list as well. Boundary Supply if you’re
in the pack world at all. This is a very awesome pack. It’s really highly reviewed
by a lot of people. So we’re excited to check it out. I really dig these magnetic buckles here. Pull those down. Boom, it just fastens. I wonder if I can do it not looking at it. Nope – can’t. Nope. You got it. You get the picture. And also the Arc’teryx Blade 28 which we’re super excited
to take a look at as well. We have one other Arc’teryx
rain jacket on our site. We are overdue for doing more reviews, so we’re definitely excited. Thank you Hannah. So there you go. There are some reviews that are coming up. Lastly, we’re super excited to
be doing our first giveaway. It’s going to be a partnership giveaway with Carryology and another brand that will be revealed in a future video. So be sure to hit subscribe, hit that bell icon and
then you can be notified when that giveaway video comes out. Thanks for taking a look
at our first episode of ‘Pack Hacker Overpacked’. If you haven’t done it
yet, please comment below your favorite piece of travel gear that you never leave home without. It’ll help the content of this channel and I know we’d certainly appreciate that. See you in the next video. Cover rev.. [laughs] Get together, come together, and work on some stuff together. Get together, together, together. I said together three times.

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90 thoughts on “Overpacked Ep 1: GIVEAWAY Announcement, Upcoming Reviews, Gift Guide & Porto Trip

  1. My fav piece would be my Camelbak Chute bottle, essential. Btw, if you have never been in Porto, you will absolutely love it. A fantastic city, and the people are very nice

  2. Which Bag will you be taking with you to Porto? Will you be doing a "packing list"? I can't leave home without my Warby parkers!

  3. Bose noise-cancelling headphones.
    For travel to cold climates, my Protest winter jacket — saved me from January wind and rain in Rotterdam.

  4. This probably won’t help, but I have a piece of felt that lays flat to pack, but has snaps in the corners. When you snap the corner together, it becomes a tray. I use it to hold whatever hair elastic, watch, everyday wear jewelry. It was a craft item I got for Xmas. Never travel without it.

  5. Ok, don't laugh, but I absolutely never travel without my Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Charlies, lol. I mean, hotel toilet paper….(shiver). They come in single use packages so they're totally easy to carry around. If you're talking more gear related, I'd say my TB travel laundry stuff sack that separates my clean and dirty unmentionables.

  6. HeroClip Or Qliplet! I use these everywhere. Using one now to hang my hat👍. I always bring two along.

    Can't wait for your review of Tom Bihn Synapse 25🙆 Love mine😍

  7. I switch between my Peak Design 10L Sling and my newly acquired Timbuk2 Crossbody Bag. I use both as a diaper bag for our 18 month boy. It carries all the essentials I need without having to carry a bulky traditional diaper bag.

  8. I am new to the channel and have a suggestion for review if you've not done it already. It's "Shave Secret." It's a shaving oil, and is extremely compact. For example, I shave my entire head with just four drops. Plus, when you're done the little bottles are great for stuff like insect repellent, lotion, etc.

  9. I never travel without my 40oz flask, travel spork and wireless earbuds. Also comfy sock shoes like Ultraboost, Flyknit and Adidas NMD.

  10. ANKER 5 port USB Type A hub with 1 USB Type C port. I don’t have to bring a huge surge protector as all my things charge via USB.

  11. My Sony wh-1000x! Gotta have my music where ever I go. Noise cancelling in a university environment is also a plus when I need to study.

  12. My must-have travel item is my pair of Bose QC35 II noise cancelling earphones – a game changer for blocking out engine noise and crying babies on planes while listening to music or watching movies. Clothing-wise, I'm recently excited about the Royal Robbins Alpine Road pants for versatile travel pants that also look sharp.

  13. The Anker Battery bank has saved my butt so many times and it's small size means I'll always have space for it somewherr

  14. I never go anywhere with my altoids tin can filled with a nailclipper, headache medication, a tissue, earplugs, hair clippers, personal medication and more. Saved me from spontaneous sleepovers and concerts multiple times

  15. GORUCK 34L GR2. That thing has forced to to put smarter, minimally, and for versatility. It's been all over the world with me and I'd only replace it with something just as durable and trusty.

  16. Small Swiss Army knife &/or SwissCard, comb, camera – being carrying in my pocket since 1971. Only in the pass 9 years has a mobile phone replaced the camera.

  17. Favorite piece of travel gear: eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack

    I'd love to see a review of this one from PackHacker! It's very geared towards business travel but definitely fits within the scope of what you typically review (similar to the Aer Flight Pack for example)

  18. Can’t choose between my Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L HUCKBERRY (best color combo of the regular ones) or the Aer Duffel Pack 2 when I have to pack larger.

  19. 1. Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket. Packs in a tiny bag and never leaves my side.
    2. Powerbank Xiaomi 10000 Mah with USB-C
    3. HydraPak Stash 1L. Packable bottle, awesome size and easy to carry with me regardless of the pack.

  20. Go Ruck GR1 26L. I could live out of this thing, but I will likely be upgrading to the GR2 to traverse the planet the way you did. But with the 34L once they get it back in stock in black. Super excited for this series! Really looking forward to the Matador duffel 2.0 review. Also, I've used the Blade 28 as an EDC around town and it's solid. Takes time to get used to, but a sturdy piece for its price point.

  21. Black rock gear urban bug out bag! I have gone through a bunch of bags and it's the one. Just big enough to take for a long weekend. It is very water resistant, comfortable and looks good. ( and you always need a Buff but that's another comment. )

  22. If traveling by plane, I always bring my Bose QC20 earbuds. If there's enough room, I also bring my Bose QC35IIs (in case the baby who can scream non-stop for five hours is in the seat right next to me). Any chance of bright sun, I bring my REI Screeline Cap which has a brim that can fold in half; i can quickly fold/stuff this cap into my back pocket when not in use.

  23. Thule Enroute Triumph 2. The pocket in front is perfect in London's tube, where it's always too warm, take off your jacket, stuff it in the pocket and you're done!

  24. Merino buff (neck gaiter), the most versatile item – extra warmth (around neck), extra extra warmth (around neck, tuck up under hat, pull up for face mask), backup warmth (forgot a hat? Pirate style), face mask, hotel pillow cover, moisture retention in airplane (wear over mouth and nose), quick glasses case (twist and fold back to make soft pocket), backup pillow (fold, or stuff with a spare shirt).

    Never leaves my GR1 (except when using it of course), which means it never leaves me…

  25. My travelers notebook. Maybe its not the most useful or something that i will use daily, but it makes me remember every detail of the trip once finished.

  26. cocoon grid-it mini with all the essential cables/chargers for grab & go.

    also, could you do a video of the pegboard system you have going on to hang up your bags???

  27. moleskine plain page journal, kindle, small emergency pouch w/medicine, bandaids, duct tape, tweezers, flashlight etc. and topo 40l travel backpack

  28. Watercolor kit, because I'm an artist, and why would I travel without it? (It's a travel item because it's small and lightweight.)

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