Outside Hacks 2017

– Outside Hacks is the official hackathon of the
Outside Lands festival. It’s the only hackathon of it’s kind that actually allows the developers to make their projects
and then try them out inside of a festival using the festival audience as their test market for their innovations. – So right now we have
the Outside Hacks tent where we have our own private speakeasy and what it does is, it
allows the developers who win, it allows them the
opportunity to engage with their future users and current users and to try out the technology that they made on real people in the real world. The phone booth is actually from Golden Gate Park history. The phone booth is 80 years old and we’re trying to unite the
history of the fest with today and the phone booth, there’s
a trap door in the back, it leads you in there and the only way you can get the password
is if you’re part of – if you download the winning team’s apps and that’s the way that we actually get distribution for the teams
here inside the festival. This year, the teams that
I really love the most all won, an augmented reality app which is, you know, very timely right now. You hold your phone up and it shows you what’s around you in the real world. So if you’re lost or whatever it is. – So tell us, how does the app work? – Well, essentially by using – Apple has a new software ARKit. It’s all in beta still so it’s
not released to the public but it detects the gravity,
it looks for the ground, and it finds the xyz coordinates using GPS as well as accelerometer. Essentially what it means
is you point your phone and follow the directions
to the nearest stage and it’s a much more intuitive interface. – We have an open source
deep learning model from Google Magenta
that is a neural network that is trained to produce
new kinds of instrument sounds so you can imagine at a
place like Outside Land you’d have one of your favorite
artists playing on stage, you can have the audience,
everyone in the audience, like 10,000, you tilt
their phones to the left and then all of sudden the lead synth becomes like a violin sound but then if all 10,000 tilt to the right, it becomes like an organ sound and the musician has
this sort of new palette of sounds to work with every single time. – Coordinating 10,000 rowdy people at a music festival might be tough but the cacophony that will come out of everyone holding their phones
in different directions could be a lot of fun to check out. – It’s an app that works without internet. The way that it works is
that it uses Bluetooth instead of data so that
when you’re surrounded by thousands of people,
it doesn’t actually have to use internet to work. – That’s amazing. So that must save you a lot of battery? With this you’re able
to send text messages back and forth to people who are here at Outside Lands as well. – Exactly, it lets you text people who are 330 feet around you. – These things that actually allows you to go to a music festival and actually interact with the artist and interact with the fans around you. I love seeing more and more of these because this is what technology does, it helps bring people together and at a festival like
this, we love seeing things that help that and advance
things for the musicians.

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