Outlier Ramielust Tshirt Review

Hello travellers, today we’re taking a
look at the Ramielust t-shirt from Outlier The t-shirt is so named because
of the Ramie fabric that it’s made with Ramie is a natural fabric made from a
nettle like plant that grows in Asia it’s similar to Linen in that it’s a natural
breathable fiber made from plants however the process to turn Ramie into a
workable thread is a bit longer and a bit more expensive than with linen which
is why linen is more popular also, like linen the fabric is prone to wrinkles
and creasing especially depending on how you store it. I usually fold my t-shirts
and then roll them when I pack them The wrinkles and creases you can see in some of the shots are due to that I also couldn’t find any information on the
tags about ironing so I’d suggest to get rid of wrinkles you hang that beside
the shower and let the steam take care of the creases. The Ramie fabric does
feel very fresh and breathable in hot and humid weather it has a firm slightly
rough to the touch texture that is unique it’s very comfortable and it’s
not itchy when you wear it. I was testing it along with the injected linen pants
which I’ll be reviewing soon while in temperatures that hit 38 degrees Celsius
or a 100 degrees Fahrenheit and it was very comfortable it feels like the
wind blows straight through the fabric and directly onto your skin it is very
comfortable. Unfortunately the fabric doesn’t have any antimicrobial
properties like merino wool so it will need to be washed a bit more frequently. As with linen one of the greatest benefits of the Ramie fabric is how well
it performs in hot and humid weather it’s extremely breathable and absorbs
moisture while keeping a dry hand feel the fabric dries quicker than cotton but
not as fast as merino in my testing. It dried in a few hours or so depending on
where and how you dry it when you first get the t-shirt you will notice it feels
a little bit larger than the tagged size and this is intentional. If you read the
details on the Outlier sizing tab it says “This product is unwashed and
calibrated for shrinkage please expect significant shrinkage in length when
washed and dried” So when I first got the t-shirt out of the box, the extra small size was about 28 or 71cm from the top hem to the bottom hem but after I washed it in the washing machine on a cold cycle and dried it in the shade for about two hours or so I remeasure it at about 27 inches or
68.5cm so it does shrink about an inch or so after
the first wash. Subsequent washes I haven’t any further shrinkage but I will let you know later if I do. In terms of sizing I have the black here in an ‘extra small’, and the white in a ‘small’. This is what they look like before washing and this is what they look like after washing It’s a subtle change but it’s probably more noticeable
if you’re actually wearing the t-shirt now as you can see from some of the
shots the fabric is almost translucent depending on the light and how tight the
fabric is pulled. I noticed this a lot more on the white version. It’s very faintly translucent but I have read some long-term reviews saying that
it gets slightly less translucent after each wash. In terms of pricing the
Ramielust tee comes in at a $125 US dollars or a $176 Australian dollars which is on the high end for a t-shirt,
however the premium price gets you a premium product that should last for a
long time with the right care The tee comes in a total of six colors that you
can see here. Overall I wouldnt hesistate to pick the Ramielust over a merino wool if you’re planning to spend a large amount of time in the tropics or Southeast Asia.
Its refreshingly cool and extremely breathable and comfortable in hot humid
climates. It’s not as versatile as merino wool but it does excel in hot weather in
a big way. so that’s it, thanks very much for watching. Be sure to let me know in the comments which of the two t-shirts you thought fit better The white ‘small’ or the black ‘extra small’ and be sure to check out the new patreon link in the
description so I’m going to be posting bloopers there and early access to
videos and be sure to stay subscribed to keep up to date with future videos

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  1. Perfectly timed video, I just asked Abe about it on Reddit and I’m thinking about getting one to replace my Runweight. I also picked up a NYCO boxford to try next to my regular NYCO

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