OUTLIER Merino Wool Shirt ♦ Merino Wool Shirt Review

Today I’m going to give you my first impressions of this merino wool t-shirt by Outlier. Greetings YouTube from New York City, my name is Kevin. I make these weekly videos documenting my journey towards full-time travel. If that type of content interests you, please subscribe below. So, I have five merino t-shirts that I plan on bringing with me when I begin traveling around the world. I have two by woolly, which I’ve already done a first impressions video about. And I have to buy Unbound Merino which I’ve also done a first impressions video about. This video is my first impression of this blue Outlier merino wool t-shirt. This t-shirt is one of the most expensive merino wool t-shirts out there. The two woolly shirts I talked about are under $50 and the Unbound Merino shirts I have are about $65. This outlier is $110. Outliers claim to fame is that they’re not gonna reinvent the wheel in style. They take classic styles and make them with really good material This shirt is 195 GSM. GSM stands for grams per square meter. In the world of merino wool a premium merino wool fabric is between 160 and 200 GSM. This shirt falls at the top end of that range. It’s one of the most premium merino wool t-shirts out there. Outlier makes shirts with multiple different GSM counts. They have a workout shirt that has a lower GSM count, so the fabric is a little bit lighter. That’s an option most merino wool t-shirt companies don’t have. The cut & fit are phenomenal. I’m 511 165 and this is a medium shirt. It fits me the way I expect a medium t-shirt to fit. On Outlier’s website, they recommend that you hand wash this t-shirt however They put a little caveat in there and reveal that most of the people that work in their company wash and dry this shirt. However, they said expect to lose about a half a size So if you’re one of those people like me, at somewhere between a small and a medium, maybe that’s a good thing. however The whole point of merino wool t-shirts for me, is so when I’m on the road I can hand wash them So I haven’t put this shirt in a washer and dryer or any of my merino shirts Actually other than one of my wooly shirts which my mother grabbed and washed when I was visiting her. This shirt comes in multiple different colors which is great because a lot of merino wool T-shirt companies only have a very limited selection of colors. Outlier has more colors than most places. I personally wasn’t really sure about this color because I normally wear darker grays and blacks But I actually really like it and even though it cost me more than my two wooly shirts put together I’m really happy with this purchase So now I’ve done first impression videos on all five of my merino wool shirts my plan is to review them about every three to six months and let you know how they’re holding up. If you own some merino shirts and have a favorite, please comment down below what your favorite merino shirt is? If you like this video, please like down below and if you’re interested in the follow up videos or watching me transition from working a nine-to-five to traveling full-time, please go ahead and click that subscribe button down below Thanks for watching!

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5 thoughts on “OUTLIER Merino Wool Shirt ♦ Merino Wool Shirt Review

  1. Any update on wear and tear for this shirt? Is it clingy at all? Would you say it's a flattering fit if you are on the bigger side?

  2. I've tried many merino tees but the one I keep coming back to is me grey 'wool and prince' 100% merino tee. The best fit and design merino tee I have is the Olivers Apparel Convoy tee

  3. Yo dude, which merino wool t shirt do you like best? I see you listed a few different brands. I've been curious about Unbound and Outlier, and just recently got 2 Wool and Prince t shirts which I love. I have heard from several others that Outlier is the best brand at the moment.

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