Outlier Futureworks Review

hello travelers this is a review of the
Futureworks pants from Outlier These pants are made from the same F-cloth
material as Outliers New Way shorts which I’ll be reviewing soon. however
these are longer and are a chino style pant The F-cloth material is a
lightweight yet durable mix of Cordura nylon and elastane which gives it a
comfortable to wear two-way stretch as you can see here there’s also a knee
length gusset that further improves the pants comfort and stretch. in terms of
fit I don’t know if Outlier has revised the sizing or if the Futureworks is just
cut a bit slimmer, but I usually wear a size 30 in my Outlier Slim Dungarees but
with the Futureworks I tried the size 30 which you can see here, and a size 31.
the size 30 fit me firm around the waist but was a bit too snug around the thighs
the size 31 was more like my slim dungarees in a size 30
but the dungarees do tend to stretch out a bit with wear. whereas the Futureworks
don’t tend to stretch out as much with wear wear my actual waist measurement is
about 32 inches or 81 centimeters around the size 30 measures about 15.5
inches across or 39 centimeters and the size 31 measures about 16 inches across
or 40.5 centimeters across the waist. the F cloth material is very
comfortable and breathable and it’s very nice to wear on hot days or even cool
days for very cold weather though I think you’d definitely need a base layer
to keep warm. I tested it through some 100 degrees Fahrenheit days which is
about 38 degrees Celsius and they felt nearly as cool as the injected linen
pants. They do wick moisture and dry very quickly as well and they have a durable
water repellent coating that repels water very well. The coating does wear
down a bit though with continued wear and laundering however it can be
revitalized by putting it in the dryer with the pricing the Futureworks come
in at $148 US dollars or $208 Australian which actually makes the most
affordable pair of pants that Outlier makes and for this reason I would say
that they are a great beginners pair of pants for those wanting to get into the
Outlier brand or for those wanting to get into some serious techwear that
looks and performs very well. this year the pants come in nine colors of which
there should be something for everyone’s tastes. I have this size 30 in a Phantom
gray and the size 31 in a dark navy overall like the Futureworks more
than I expected I would and they have proved to so far be very versatile and
comfortable in a wide range of situations
I do somewhat prefer the jeans five pocket style layout like on the slim
dungarees but the chinos side pockets do make it
very easy to slip things into and out of they are also able to be dressed up or down
more easily. so that’s it thanks for watching be sure to let me know in the comments which of the two sizes you thought fit better the size 30 which was the Phantom gray or the size 31 which was the dark navy Thank you again and be sure to stay subscribed to keep up to date with future videos

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  1. Thanks for the review! Another cool one to try out is the brand Thunderbolt Sportswear, made in Portland, Oregon. I have their pants, and they’re awesome.

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