Makes a Splash at TechCrunch Disrupt

TechCrunch has been trying to focus a
little bit more on audio product since it’s part of our longer-term roadmap we
really want to get into this space a lot more and you know Otter seemed like it
could be a good fit for us Sam actually reached out and was
interested in the meeting and you know as soon as I saw the technology for the
first time I was immediately interested my name is Sam Liang
I am co-founder and CEO of AISense and You can download Otter on your
iPhone or Android Use it in all your meetings and all your voice conversations TechCrunch Disrupt selected
to provide real-time transcription for all the keynotes and a panel discussion on the main stage So on this TV screen you are seeing real-time transcription the current
panel keynote going on right now we build the speech recognition technology we build the product Otter to help people remember things
search information and share information I love Otter I use it all the time I’m really impressed by the technology everyone is really really happy with the transcriptions it’s super fast and accurate and it just works it’s actually really fluent I was surprised by how easy it is I used to carry onto pencil and paper but now I just pull my phone out in it and transcribes my thoughts whether you’re you’re actually in the
audience consuming it more for accessibility reasons whether you’re a
writer that is you know just trying to make sure you get the quote right from
this that’s on stage or if you’re an attendee
and maybe you missed a panel or you don’t have time time to see a panel you
can consume the content after after the fact and I think that combination of
utility is really valuable for our attendees as well as you know the media We’re creating new technology

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