Ötən həftə texnologiya dünyasında nələr baş verdi? | Tech-News #23

What happened last week in the everchanging world of technology? Let’s find out. You are watching Tech News News on Azercell’s presentation. Last week, US’s famous acceleration center Y Combinator announced Sam Altmans resignation from the President post. From now on Sam Altman will be the head of Y Combinator’s board of directors. His presidency commitments will be shared among other Y Combinator partners. In China, the founder and CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, said that the Mi9 smartphone could be the last Xiaomi smartphone model sold at $ 447. Lei Jun said that they need to overcome the current price limit to produce more powerful and better smartphones. But this news belongs to the company’s premium Mi series, meaning that the average low-budget Redmi series is not expected to change. Last week, Taxify made a huge rebranding. The company renamed itself and it’s logo. The company’s new name is Bolt If you’re using the app don’t worr the currently existing Taxify application will automatically change its name and logo. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us from the Instagram in order to catch weekly technology news.

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