Ötən həftə texnologiya dünyasında nələr baş verdi? | Tech-News #15

Technology world is changing and improving everyday also while doing that it affects our daily lives too. So, let’s find out what happened last week in this everchanging Tech-World. You’re watching Tech-News presented by Azercell. Last week at the CES2019 Nissan presented newer version of its Leaf model. From now on then new Leaf will have 200 horsepower and it’s maximum range has been increased by 40 percent. This means that new e-mobile has the ability to drive for 400 km. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ Aerocosmic company Blue Origin is planning to start cosmic tourism later this year. The flight is supposed to be done in a ship named New Shepard but there is no official information about the ticket prices. Analytics think that even if the lowest ticket price is to be set at 300.000$ company would still lose money. They think that the ships flight expenses will be around 10 million. Ubers new partner, a military grade helicopter manufacturer Bell has revealed it’s first Air-Taxi model at the Las Vegas CES 2019. Company’s first Air-Taxi model is named Nexus and it can sit 5 people. 1 pilot and 4 passengers. Nexus can lift up to 272 kq, has a range of 240 km and can reach 240 km/hour speed. For more tech information, please subscribe our YouTube channel.

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