Osmo VS GoPro Grip

(upbeat instrumental music) – What’s up, I’m in South Korea, and I’m testing out the
GoPro Hero Karma Grip. This thing is pretty nice, but I wanted to compare
it against something. So I got the DJI Osmo. (upbeat instrumental music) The big difference is price. This one is $799, and it comes with the GoPro Karma drone. This one by itself starts at about $599. They’re both pretty similar. They can both shoot 4K. They both shoot HD, but they also have
differences that, to some, might be a deal breaker. For example, the DJI Osmo
has a controller on it, like a joystick type grip, you can point it at what you want. The GoPro Hero, though, is
definitely a lot quieter. There’s no sound at all, where the DJI Osmo by
itself makes a lot of sound. Listen, listen, listen. (components whirring)
Osmo. GoPro, big difference, big difference. Another big difference is that the Osmo uses
your phone as a monitor. Where the GoPro has a monitor built in. I definitely like that, because
it’s less to think about, you’re more just plug in, ready to go. Where this one, you have to
have the app with the phone. Not a big, not a big huge deal, but definitely a lot more
easier and convenient. Now both these cameras are quite nice. But the major difference is that the Osmo comes from a drone maker, where the GoPro comes from a camera maker. Now, depending on what ecosystem
you’re already locked into, if you’re using all GoPro stuff, if you’re using all DJI stuff, it might just be easier
to go with the either or. The major selling point of these gimbals is that they stabilize your shots. It’s a handheld steady cam,
that’s what it comes down to. And they both work really well. I mean, I haven’t been able
to notice any differences, like major differences between the two. They both do what
they’re advertised to do, and they both come with
different accessories that you can use it on your bike, you can put it on your car, you can do whatever you want to do. And GoPro’s accessory market is huge, so that could be a plus for it. My final choice would be the DJI Osmo. I do really like this camera, and there are other higher quality cameras that you can install on here, But the GoPro Hero 5, I mean this comes with the drone already if you’re getting it, and
it’s a really solid camera. So I like ’em both, but my final decision
is gonna be the Osmo. (bell tone) (upbeat instrumental music)

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84 thoughts on “Osmo VS GoPro Grip

  1. Good video. Only thing that was failed to mention is that the price of $799 for the karma bundle (with drone) doesn't include a camera. With a hero 5 there would be an extra cost of $399.

  2. why would you go with the osmo? it is noisy and that means that the microphone will pick up that noise. i have already seen a youtuber complain about that and yes,  noise was recorded on the video footage…that right there is major FAIL. plus anything that needs your cell is not a good idea. you can´t use your phone if someone calls you.

  3. "The OSMO comes from a Drone Maker" This is incorrect. DJI is a creative filmography company who happens to make drones as a Filmmakers tool. They are just the best game in town for drones because of how steady they make them. It's right here in their mission statement: http://www.dji.com/company

  4. Lol, remember you don't need to buy the Karma solution. Just buy Hero5 Black and Karma Grip separately. That is cheaper.

  5. The GoPro HERO5/KARMA/KARMA GRIP Got Me. Best deal to get the KARMA GRIP plus KARMA for $200 more. #SOLD #GoProFamily btw

  6. The cool thing about the Osmo is the fact you have a LARGE viewfinder aka your smartphone. Not only that but you could control a ton of image quality settings with the DJI app and it allows subject tracking and auto panoramic capture. The LCD on the GoPro is basically useless as you can see from the video..not only is it tiny from arm's distance but the gimbal arm blocks it from view. The GoPro's advantage is it's removable from the gimbal and waterproof. I don't own any GoPros but I do own a smartphone so for me the Osmo would be my pick and not just for that reason. DJI also offers the Osmo Mobile which you could use with your own camera phone and it costs only $299.

  7. This video was like the equivalent of asking a kid which one does he/she like more and why? They then respond back by saying "This one cause I said so." and then they run off. You didn't really say why you liked the Osmo over the GoPro.

  8. This wasn't a good comparison. Dji osmo wins in a whole mile. The app has a feature that helps you adjust shutter and iso. Go pro you have to set it through the button options and takes a little while. The osmo again comes with a wide variety of accessories (that should come with it but doesnt) bottom line dji osmo wins the go pro karma stick should've been water proof that would've sold world wide.

  9. The other difference is DJI never had a recall, where GoPro total recall of the Karma one month into sales. What a piece of crap! LOL

  10. Thanks for making this video,
    There is 3rd party application support for osmo such as vertical studio application which make osmo more useful.

  11. Did they change the battery situation, or do you actually have to get spare grip handles (not gimbal) to carry spares?

  12. Right off the bat, it should have been the osmo mobile vs karma grip.. Both of those use a separate camera and are same/very similar price

  13. Let me Break it down Better than this guy:Ozmo vs GoPro

    1• The Ozmo has attachments that you can put to make sound and filming Much better than The GoPro

    2•It's kinda noisey for a reason, it has motors in it that makes it more steady than GoPro Because GoPro depends on balance A little bit

    •3 it's cheaper for a nice video filming And audio improvements or video improvements if you want to its basically up to you which is nice and not like the GoPro,the GoPro feels like you are basically forced to use camera mic which doesn't make sense if they want it a high price.

    I saved minutes of your life thank me later

  14. Did I miss it? I didnt see why you went with the OSMO? I have a DJI Phatom 4. I love it. I also use a TON of GoPros and love them.

  15. SUP! hurley here in south korea, i just wanted to give you my numbers
    4 8 15 16 23 42 have a nice day and greatings from the dharma initiative

  16. I think gopro its the best action camera in the market. and you are a fool. this is the worse review video that I've seen in a while.

  17. i really thank you for your wonderful and usefull video that help me to know which is the best camera for me. Thank you, you are so good.

  18. Go pro killed it. Even the footage looked better. I have a mavic and hero 5, GoPro is killing the quality game compared to dji.

  19. do youtubers even listen to their videos before uploading? Most of your video is really quiet, and then at the end you add a really loud and annoying sound effect. Maybe get an audio guy

  20. The audio on the Hero5 is dreadful and GoPro's support is shocking. They have admitted there is an issue with the audio and are producing a new batch of units however they're now ignoring my emails which we have been exchanging for about the last 3 months. If you have a Hero5 try it yourself. Record some audio with the connections door on and closed, then remove it and do the same. The audio becomes incredibly muffled. GoPro's initial suggestion was not to remove the door, however I then pointed out that suggestion makes my Karma Grip worthless. The support agent then retracted her idea. Make of that what you will.

  21. they one thing that annoyed me is when you said "one comes from a drone company one comes from a camera company. DJI have been making cameras for a long long long time and even the drones they produce are soely for filming purposes, so that was really a useless comment that made gopro sound superior when in that particular case, they are not, other than that very insightful i'm still torn between the two because i love that you can take the camera out of the gopro gimbal and use it for other things but i love the control of the osmo

  22. But the go pro is water proof and not the Osmo. But the go pro have glare in videos only if you can take the lens off. (Warning: You have to be very careful taking the lens off) Is Osmo water resistant?

  23. On which grounds you prefered osmo. I even don't find the camera much better plus you need to attach a phone that will make it more uncomfortable while recording.. please be fair next time

  24. I have the DJI Osmo, great camera, but the app is the worst. Now just works with Iphone and few android devices. I have Samsung S 7 edge and doesnt works. Plus black screen and no one can fix it. Customer Service is the worst, cero solutions. Maybe Gopro is inferior but they have excelent customer service. I will go fro Karma grip….

  25. Pelease do your research before making a video . And atleast try to test the items . Because it's obvious you didn't since you got nothing to say about them

  26. Osmo's image quality doesn't look as good. Don't understand the verdict at all in light of the comparisons, honestly

  27. Having used both for a project once, I went out after and bought a Karma grip. Hands down the best stabiliser. I've tried lots since and I still think it's the clear winner for a handheld gimbal. It really shows when it comes to the edit. Everyone get's caught up in feature this, and feature that. In real life, you don't use half of that stuff. I want a steady shot that isn't going to take a ton of extra time to stabilise. I also don't want to fuck around with a ton of different codecs and colour profiles.

    I swear every fucking review or comparison video is done by people who don't actually work with, or regularly use the equipment for what it's intended, bar Philip Bloom.

    It's like me making a video saying don't drink this type of coffee, drink this one instead; when I've never tried coffee before.

  28. I had the original Osmo but I sold it whereas I could never sell my GoPro. They are different camera and the Osmo is not a special camera in any way. Action cameras on the other hand can do things other cameras, including the Osmo, can’t. The Osmo was too limited, lousy audio, and biggest problem was the reliance on the phone. It was a crap idea to make it depend on the phone like that. For a drone – yes, but not for a camera in the hand. And now we have the Osmo Action which is way better than the original Osmo, but apart from the front screen, it is not as good as the Hero 7. There is a reason GoPro survives in action cameras while others come and go – just like DJI experience in drones makes them better, GoPro’s experience in action cameras gives them the edge.

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