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I have no doubt in my mind, they’re gonna start putting out another big thing. Here’s ANOTHER Gatebreaker Ram [Intense music] WHAT A TOPDECK! hello 13/13 say hello to my other Vraska’s Contempt Hello, my name is Emma and today we are back with some more Magic the Gathering Arena now that the Ravnica Allegiance expansion is out. I thought I’d give a go to one of the new guilds that have come out so today we are checking out Orzhov. Orzhov has some pretty interesting cards and one of them main mechanics in the guild is afterlife, which essentially means that if one of your creatures dies It will have afterlife and the number after it. And then after that creature dies, it will spawn that many flying creature tokens Which is pretty awesome, so that’s good in itself. And I was like, how do you make that better? Well, the way you make that better is Divine Visitation, which is what I’ve put in this deck today So I’m gonna go through the deck list But really we want to put out a bunch of creatures get out our Divine Visitation and then when all of our afterlife’s pop out getting 4/4 flying angels Which is pretty damn hard to deal with. Going through this quickly, so it’s sort of the low end here We’ve just got cards that are just gonna ping off and get us tokens when they die Getting like death touch are really great for like actually just preventing your opponent from attacking Altogether or blocking you because your opponent doesn’t want these to ping off down here. We’ve got our unbreakable formation That’s just like a really good protection cards against some board wipes. Another thing. We’ve got our removable cards got murder We’ve got brassicas contempt and marcia fire here, which is one of the new removal cards again You just need them in a deck in order to continue functioning and getting to what your wind condition is We’ve got the new planeswalker in here to be honest doesn’t really synergize well with this deck, but it’s damn cool So I just wanted to stick her in anyway in our four drop slot, which is where it gets interesting We’ve got staff of the scales which is uh, one of the new mythix. This is just an awesome powerful card It’s also got off the life to which synergize as well also got a so here which really? Synergizes well with this deck because it gives us your creature tokens Which is like your one ones or if we have the Angels for force Vigilance and lifelink and essentially whenever I offer life activates with this car Inactivates double the amount of time. So this is damn awesome to have in the stack and divine visitation needs no introduction You’re going to essentially be using this to make a lot of four point angels and then we have ethical absolution This is all our creatures get plus one plus one or prudence creatures get minus one minus one and you can also Exile things from your opponent’s graveyard and make tokens out of that So altogether pretty powerful fun deck All I want to do with this is to get our afterlife running and then go in there and spawn some Angels to hopefully mow down our Pern in the air You’re going to jump into some games if you are new here And now you enjoy the video make sure you click subscribe to know and I upload more videos Onto some games. Alright, we have some pretty high cost cards here. I’m gonna keep just because I’m I’m in it to risk it Put down our four second sanctuary. Hopefully get some mob some lower cost cards here But we do have you know some removal They get up with maybe play against some ghoul here put down a swamp and we did get a lower cost card We’ve got our oars off enforcer which are has death touch pretty good at like just preventing your opponent from attacking all together we may be up against a gate deck which I’ve seen quite a few of If we are we keep our brassicas contempt for when the those big eight eight gate dudes come out But hopefully we can smash them down before they get too menacing I’ll attack first Yeah, we’re putting serac down first simply because she’s more damaged and we can start pinging that off faster And then next time we’ll get out our taissa. They may have some sort of removal here. It’s a blaze. Yep Damn, I hop I hate that card For getting some Flying tokens Oh, which is pretty nice for us All right. Taste is good here. I’m just good now. It’s gonna give all these tokens vigilance and life links. We can gain something life Hanging in the air before they get any of their big menacing creatures out where one mana away from getting Our absolution out and buffing all our creatures by one You get small land cards coming out there Got another wish Right, that is gonna come in handy Trust me as soon as they start getting down there big crate juice that buff eye against The midnight Reaper here That’s really advantageous. Just cuz much like hot tokens at the moment. You found our tasted eyes we can start drawing some cards Let’s see what we got here from tricky. I feel like this is the turn that they’re gonna put down one of their big boys Oh Cleanse, you know buff. All right, I Feel like that’s incorrect since they were tokens anyway Get down a swamp. I get down the ministrant now I Can’t do much else again. Maybe this is a turn that they start playing something We do have a murder here, which was gonna be pretty nice The immortal Sun coming out, I really like this game stick. It’s just a bunch of fun Gating life what else will I put him down? Yep more gates, all right Let’s get this. Let’s get this taken on. All right, three two now Swing in The immortal son is a very powerful card of being able to draw extra cards Hopefully still whatever they gonna play we can rest as contempt them 12 close Yep that needs to get brass get right out of here See you later, mate Probably wasn’t too happy with that. Might as well get taste it right now Get in for a couple damage away from taking the wind, but I have no doubt in my mind They’re gonna start putting out another big thing up. Here’s another gate my ramp Getting another three life there What it’s up deck love me some top deck in action Hello 13:13 say hello to my other rescue skin don’t Sorry mate I do love the gate deck We’re just gonna chill all attack Getting a bit threatening here We just don’t want to big creatures to come out one big creature fine, we have a murder to be creatures we’re in trouble Hmm All right, we’ve got the guild summit coming out which is gonna contribute to even more hydro fishing for Maybe another one of the rams Nice played all that More control The RAM is only three – oh, they might have another one All right, given our creatures riot. They’re gonna play something. Otherwise, I win. Yeah, there’s the rim Sorry, mate Muttering Rams wife riding Santa it’s the end of them. Say have enough Mana to play one more if they can’t says the century Well It was a good game Well good game in there we go All right, we’ve got good two three and then we’ve coming up to the divine visitation this we’re gonna keep this hand Play out our Wonderful Plains there that beautiful beautiful sprawling Plains I’m gonna shut up now All right, we’ll put out another plains and then we’ll put out our teeth take out These Cod is great against pro decks because during your turn spells your opponent cost cost one more So you’re expecting some sort of powder to come down for two. Mana. They’re gonna have to actually spend three on it Yeah now ministry out next turn unless we draw something much better. Nope All right just gonna continue putting out planes until we need to put out a swamp just so our Opponent doesn’t fully know what we’re doing and we’re gonna attack first Ministry of obligation Hopefully, uh, we’re gonna I mean we do have five mono So we’re gonna get to the divine visitation and then hopefully we start pinging off some four four angels By Ishino parents up maybe playing some wizards Maybe I’m playing Drake’s. I mean that’s good for us without Brasco. So take it out on down there You know what? I’m not going to attack this turn I know that’s kind of risky but next time I can put out the divider visitation and I rather these pot and give us the four fourths and just the The normal one ones that we’re gonna get Another buyer Shino. Oh Man Like I don’t want to wait the risk it by trying to put that out first. I want to start swinging now with this I might actually keep this guy open. He is preventing putting out any instance in my turn Obviously, they’re gonna want to start taking this damage. Once we get this guy out. We are good to go Alright, I’m gonna shock him off which is going to pay off the life and give us an angel Pretty nice for us Hmm, all right. Well, it’s gonna be hey so right there. Alright, let’s put her down It’s kind of not getting the mono drops. I think they want we’re gonna swing it again because Swinging in is fun. They’re definitely not gonna want to pop this Oh, Getting that life These guys definitely fishing for something to start removing My pretty dangerous cards that are out if they don’t have any answers. I’m pretty confident. We can take the win here. There we go Alright opening hand we have an army of all soften forces. So we’re gonna keep this just cuz there are all mate death touches And then hopefully we draw some creatures to fill it out before we get to our absolution opponent did need to Mulligan down Sucks we can’t actually play that let’s get out our forsaken sanctuary Growth smile. What does the great ramp card that is? And looks like we’re up against some Simek Norfolk. I love that merfolk. I’ve had a resurgence I’m gonna pop down and enforce it here We can’t block the we can’t block sorry bloke Hanging around not really too much. No block the Oh miss close Harold They do have a Camino come out which is pretty good for them man winner When this game had just come out and you could only play with one set I just played merfolk at the entire time Meno is Probably not gonna want to attack us just because we do have our death touch creatures. I think this turn we’re gonna put down our enforcer and a hunted witness No real point attacking here next time we can get our tastes are out Building towards something big probably just gonna attack with the Miss cloaked again rivers Nate man I love the like just little buff folks that just chip at you until you did That deck doesn’t usually run much removal but I’m gonna put that out now Getting anything that can really ping in hard to calm block comp blog can only look that so I’m just gonna leave that one open I might as well just attack with the other two guys This is not taking some some damage Sílvio coming out I’m gonna take probably three damage here. They are they swing in Feel like we need to just continue swinging in with these two two attackers Take some more damage away There’s no way that these guys are gonna block and then we’re gonna get out more afterlife creep chooses afterlife Literally everywhere here get out the hunted witness as well You know, what would be awesome here If we had like one of the destroyer creatures things like not that I want to destroy all my creatures But seeing that all ping off Into our flying tokens would be pretty cool. Alright, we’ve got the ravine we’d come out Oh Miss bundle. It’s pretty dangerous We need to take out that’s gonna be it Right. We didn’t take him off. I’ve damaged their Really the miss binder wasn’t there. We could have done some serious damage. I Vivian’s gonna take it out next turn anyway feel like it’s Still worth it just for this turn to be able to swing in with a lot of our creatures They will have 14 damage to us next turn Minimum hmm. We could also take out move in which they probably don’t want Probably no blocks here and just let that go through No, they go on for the blocks. Okay, I’m fine with that. They’re going through blocks are gonna have to take out everyone Just cuz otherwise it’s not worth it Strike me and you strike nature Beautiful tokens These ones doubled because we have our tastes are out, so that’s pretty Pretty menacing if I say so myself that’s pretty good done for us All right if I swing again We’re gonna take four damage from miss cloak and reverse knee probably didn’t think that this was gonna happen So this is probably thrown a spanner in the work drawing more cards North we over n them Thank God for taissa. All right, guys, that’s it for the oils off Angel’s deck. I think it went pretty well I getting the divine visitation off a couple of times. There’s any changes you would make for this deck Please leave it in the comment section below. I’m always looking for ways to make my decks better And again if you and you’re here and you enjoyed the video Please make sure you click the subscribe button to know in our demo video. Thanks for watching guys, and I’ll see you again soon. Bye

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