Organizational Leadership and Technical Management

I wanted to grow as far as my education. I wanted to develop myself and learn some great leadership skills. It all goes back to the mission of the program: facilitate the transformation of technical professionals into technical leaders. It is not just learning things that are hypothetical, I see it happening every day and so it make me that much more motivated to learn the material. Olympic College decided to offer the Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Leadership and Technical Management because it met a couple of very important needs. We have at our college over fifteen different professional technical programs everything from computer information systems to welding and composites and students in those programs gain very technical expertise and than they are able to take that expertise and any experience that they may have and move on to leadership positions once they have this degree. So we are adding on top of the technical skills, leadership and management programs. I feel developing this program was definitely the right decision and the evidence for that was seeing that the class was full. This year we even had a waiting list. The programs is definitely meeting local needs and I attribute that to the hard work of the administration in our Business and Technology Division and the outstanding faculty and the partnerships we have with organizations like the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard which is the largest employer in our region. I am Bryan Watland. I am the Training Superintendent at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility. The BAS OLMT degree, provides the opportunity for lifelong continuous learning. To people that are already established in
their careers, it gives them the opportunity to advance their careers at their pace according to their ambitions and to apply what they are learning in a real time setting. They can take what they learned in the classroom on Monday night, turn around, and apply it on Tuesday morning. I think that is one of the biggest benefits
with having a degree program like that offered so close to industry. Our students are working professionals, keeping that in mind, we chose a hybrid delivery format for the program. Students attend one to two nights a week and the rest of their work is completed online. It is a strong blend of campus and face-to-face instruction with the flexibility that online offers. We built our conceptual framework around Katz’s notion that a person who desires to be a leader needs certain abilities and they need abilities in three particular areas; they need technical skill, human skill, and conceptual skill. All of our classes relate back to these three abilities, whether it is a class in industrial organization psychology, leadership communications, conflict and negotiation, ethics, applied anthropology, safety or process improvement. All design to foster the skills necessary
to lead in today’s organizations. What I enjoy most about the OLTM programs is that we are working with a set of students that we are going be working with for the
next two years, so we have people that will have our backs and other people that we have to have their backs to get through this. I enjoy the teachers, I enjoy the homework, I just enjoy everything so far. They have the passion to help other people succeed, if they want to figure out their inner strengths are, this program will be excellent for them. So how I am applying what I am learning in class to my working life is typically when I am studying the material I actually have
notes that I take related to work and notes that I take related to the class core. I really find that material itself is directly
relevant to what I am doing at work, which makes it easier to read and make you see what you are passionate about learning. But also, the classroom, even my boss has said that she has notice the difference in my confidence and willing to take on new things. I recommend this program to others because I can see the direct relevance to my career.

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