OrCam MyEye – TechCrunch Prezentare Video

the listing would either be on NASDAQ or the New York Stock Exchange the or Kamiya is a smart camera that tells you what it sees and it does it instantly so you use it as if you had your own eyes and it is very useful for people who have no vision or low vision or even dyslexia because it can read to them it can recognize people Jonathan Wexler a man a woman are in front of you basically you clip it on the side of the glasses and then you just point that stuff that’s why it works the reason we added the Poynting is that we realized we have a such a clever device and it can describe so many things to you that it will never shut up the finger tells the device well I know you see it now tell me what you see ten dollars if you cannot read you’re very limited in what you can do in your life and we decided to build a device that allows people to leave their home and do something right so they can go shopping and they can work and they can socialize with people this is the second generation or can my eye what’s new so we managed to pack everything into this tiny device that is a size of a finger and if there’s a camera on one end and there’s a speaker on the other end and it could translates everything it sees into audio black area nowadays you don’t think about it everything happens in this device so you can read anything you want and if you’re a lawyer and you’re reading confidential information everything is here the device tells you what it sees and then it forgets it doesn’t connect to your phone it doesn’t work with another device it’s everything on a single device it can connect to the phone but it doesn’t relay that information so there’s no you don’t have to worry that someone will hack into something and and know what you’re reading privacy is a big issue so you know you buy it and it’s a device for you and it tells you what it says and that’s it it’s immediate and it’s with you it’s ready whenever you want it to speak we just released a new version of the device and you saw the Chinese Kung Pao shrimp shrimp with broccoli there’s also French Italian German and quite a few others and we have more features coming up this is already available and when it’s the second generation going to be able to go and how much is it going to cost this version is going to be available later this year the current pricing is $3500 in the US and similar price in Europe and the rest of the world and for this we haven’t decided the price yet

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