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hey everyone today I’m opening a Raska
planeswalker deck from rivals of exelon and I didn’t realize it was the vampires
deck when I got it so spoiler alert it’s a vampire’s deck I hope you enjoy this okay I will open a
Braska scheming Gorgon planeswalker deck and I saw in the back that it says lead
the vampires to of excellent to victory so I’m actually really excited about
this because I love playing vampires so much here’s our Braska planeswalker card pretty cool she looks awesome it’s a
little curl but I think that is to be expected is this deck mono black really
not sure here’s our booster packs that came with it
and here’s our pre constructed deck you see a vampire on the very front and that
is super exciting champing of dusk I like that card see what else is in
here Ruska scorn oh it’s a black and white
peloton of atonement the ship of the blood stain it’s a black-and-white deck
yes who’s got more blood letter very nice more vampires Oh famished paladin sparing cleric Oh Legion lieutenant I
love that card awesome okay well I can’t wait to look at some of those cards and
maybe tweak them to make a pretty cool vampire deck but let’s open these rivals
of exelon booster packs see what’s in them okay and I’m going to scroll past
these Commons was that a merfolk oh it was sorry merfolk lovers murders dusk
there’s a good vampire and here we have our first uncommon Thunder herd
migration one and a green sorcery as an additional class to cast under herd
migration reveal a dinosaur card from your hand or pay one search your library
for a basic land card put it onto the bow slab tap then shuffle your library
nice and we have a resplendent Griffon one a white and a blue creature Griffon
flying with ascend and it’s a 2/2 whenever resplendent Griffon attacks if
you have the city’s blessing put a 1/1 counter on it nice that’s pretty good we
have a charging tusk Adhan three red red creature dinosaurs at 4-4 with trample
if charging tusk Adan would deal combat damage to a player it deals double that
damage to the player instead ooh that’s pretty awesome and for our rare we have
masterminds acquisition to clo’es a black and a black sorcery choose one
search your library card into your hand then shuffle your library
choose a card you own from outside the game and put it into your hand what how
is it a thing put choose a card you own from outside
the game and put it into your hand I is that real
I don’t know about that that seems crazy an island and a magic the gathering skin
pack now available for Minecraft okay cool let’s open our second booster pack
and see what’s in this one some dinosaurs negate more dinosaurs ooh
vampire spirit I’ve never seen that cool yes yes colossal dread MA ooh and get to
our first uncommon River wise ogre and three color us in a blue it is a merfolk
wizard to two when River wise Algar I don’t know how to say that word
I’m really sorry enters the battle failed draw three cards then put two
cards from your hand on top of your library in any order pretty cool and we
have a daring Buccaneer one read it is a creature human pirate to two as an
additional cost to cast daring Buccaneer reveal a pirate card from a hand or pay
– that’s pretty good we have golden demise one black black
sorcery ascends all creatures get – – – – until end of turn if you have the
city’s blessing instead only creatures your opponents control get – – – Joan –
end the turn oh that’s nice and we have a mythic the immortal son legendary
artifact 6 color players can’t activate Planeswalkers
loyalty abilities ooh at the beginning of your draw step draw an additional
card spells you cast cost one less to cast creatures you control get plus one
plus one wow that seems pretty good it’s a lot going on there I like that
and a Plains and of course a vampires token so there we have it our braska
scheming Gorgon planeswalker deck and the polls from our two booster packs in
it thanks so much for watching leave me a comment below and let me know if you
have any suggestions for upgrades to this deck you can follow me on Instagram
and Twitter please subscribe to my channel and I will see you all next time
bye this video brought to you by card sphere
the best place on the Internet to buy sell and trade paper magic cards check
them out at the link in the description below

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3 thoughts on “Opening Vraska planeswalker deck + boosters *Rivals of Ixalan* MYTHIC | MtG | Pixie Kitten Plays

  1. Most newcomers don't know but some older sets mentions "cards outside of the game", they were the Wish cycle from Judgement expasion.
    On tournament level this means your sideboard (very useful on auto-loss matches that only the sideboard could save the game) .
    On forfun it means ANY CARD from your collection or what the players decide valid as outside the game ( usually they go for sideboard as well or any card in the table)

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