Opening a Soda on the Ocean Floor

Chris: Okay… carbonated beverage.
Tell me when you’re ready. Male (offscreen): We’re ready. Chris: A cola carbonated beverage here, at two-and-a-half atmospheres somewhere deep below the sea. This, you should never try at home. Shaking up your coke. Because you know what’s bound to happen when you take your coke and you open it up and it sprays all over the room! (click) Didn’t happen. Look at that. That’s physics in motion, right there. Or Archimedes principal, or Boyle’s law, or something. Male (offscreen): Yeah. Ohm’s law. Pythagoras. Chris: Ah, got a nice little fizz to it. It’s all right. There you go. One of the advantages of living under the ocean. Thank you.

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100 thoughts on “Opening a Soda on the Ocean Floor

  1. "Archimedes Principle or Boyle's Law… or something like that" Guy's a fuckin' astronaut and he can't remember his high school physics. What a legend.

  2. I like how dudes in the background casually telling complex physics formulas and laughing about it, while im here thinking about to which site i should be masturbating for my 7th time this morning.
    Life is good eh?

  3. This wasn't that impressive. Drop the can a few inches off the table and then open it. That would be more conclusive. You barely shook the soda.

  4. 2012: No
    2013: You're joking right?
    2014: Still no
    2015: Fat chance
    2017: You're persistent but no.
    2018: No.
    2019: N O W !

  5. Best video that I've seen in a long time.
    It got straight to the point without YouTube's 10 second half ass commercials that is a complete waist of time and money.

  6. 70 ft deep. Atm= 33ft. if you dont count the 1 atm at sea level. He could still make it to the surface without scuba. Really not that impressive. Shouldn't even need to decompress.

  7. Definitely don’t try drinking Coca Cola at home. That sh*t will tot your teeth and dissolve your stomach lining

  8. I'm sure this has been addressed elsewhere in the comments but I would hope you will decompress very slowly so that all the carbon dioxide gas in that Coke has a chance to escape from your body painlessly.

  9. 🤔Mmm, so if you bust a nut down there, will the same thing happen?? (almost the same physics)
    If so….no pregnancy!?!
    IF SO!….Underwater motels!! 😉

  10. 0:21 Nothing like a good NON SPECIFIC COLA BEVERAGE to make you forget about the specifics of physics and just getting to enjoy the fizz.

  11. i love how flippant he is about putting the correct name to the physics behind this XD They're just dead old guys, what's special is the physics, not the name.

  12. For some reason my silly brain made me think he'd open it while not in a submarine to pop a couple of cold ones with the nearby fish 😂

  13. Henry's Law is the one they're looking for. The effect of pressure on the solubility of gases. The carbon dioxide stays dissolved due to the higher air pressure.

  14. I can imagine the frustration of flatards because it has not any sense speaking about flat earth in a submarine…. (but they will do after reading my comment).

  15. Let's take a moment and thank this astronaut for having a kid who runs a YouTube channel called rare earth that can bring us neat stuff like this, even if it's 6 years later and still piping up in my feed

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