OnePlus X Hands On

I have the new OnePlus X phones here. The
much rumored, much discussed and here they are. They come in two flavors, the ceramic
version and the regular. Both are hefty. They’re actually really gorgeous devices. Apple-esc
in a few ways. We are going to get some hands on time to give you some more information.
These are the pretty ones. Smartphone maker OnePlus calls itself “the
flagship killer.” What does that mean exactly? Well, we’re starting to learn a bit more.
The newly announced OnePlus X looks like an iPhone, feels like an iPhone and runs a flavor
of Google’s Android OS called Oxygen. Will you want one? Not yet. The company is focusing on marketing and PR
to drum up interest for itself and its hardware, and it’s working. By making their phones
available during “invite” times only, there’s a supply and demand game being played.
But what we’ve learned is that also will keep OnePlus from going out of business early. We chatted with OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei
about why we need the company in the world and what its company means to it’s future. At the end of the day, why does the world
need OnePlus? When we started the company, we were sitting
around the table using iPhones, because no other phone is good enough. Apple doesn’t
have a challenger. No one wants to put enough emphasis on the product and the quality itself. The user experience as Apple. They don’t have
a challenger, if you look at all the Android brands, they have to do a ton of marketing
just to get the sales to iPhone sales. So their products are not as well made. And
they also don;t have the same cultural significance as Apple does. They don’t have fans. They
have customers. That’s the reason behind why the world needs OnePlus. The world needs another

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11 thoughts on “OnePlus X Hands On

  1. "They don't have fans, they have customers, that's why the world needs OnePlus"
    Let me tell you one thing, I loved the 1+1, I still use it for my daily driver.

    Ridiculous invite system still in place.
    Poor software updates.
    Weird marketing channels.
    Nope, lost me as a 'fan', now I'm just a (power) user.

  2. BUT, you can't get one. LOL. Don't get me wrong, I really like One Plus. The whole invite thing is not my thing. Plus I had way more interest when the software was Cyanogen.

  3. Hi Drew, Thanks for such a great review. All good specs in a 5 inch sized phone. I am sure this would sell like hot cake. Does it supports 2 way call recording ? I mean does 3rd party call recording apps like ACR would work on it ? This is an very imp factor for me to purchase this phone & i would be really obliged if you could test the same.

  4. "Looks like an iphone." I could tell dozens of phone which look like an iphone and dozens of iphones that look like another phones. That's so, so unnecessary to point it out in 2015! Please step up your game TechCrunch, please

  5. Great video, I'm going to be buying one soon I really like the design and for the specs it's amazing! Btw everyone out there the one plus x invites will only be in place for 1 month then you will be able to purchase the phone once a week at certain times of every week! Thanks for the great video tech crunch! 😀

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