OnePlus 7T: FAR BETTER than we thought?!

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100 thoughts on “OnePlus 7T: FAR BETTER than we thought?!

  1. while the iphone 11 looked much better in person than on ther renders the one plus 7t is sadly the eaxct opposite. How can they even make something so ugly after having and alomost perfect camera bump un the 7 pro? And also not having wirless charging is a joke. Why is the back even glas than? Just to get damaged way more easly?

  2. Ok so a great video as always.

    OnePlus could make this a real steal by reducing the width of the phone to no more than 71mm. By doing so it would make the phone far easier to handle in one hand and then the icing on the cake would be to add 5G modern. But that’s just my opinion.

  3. I have a question for Jaime: if both the 7t and 7Pro were priced identically (say both $600) which would you recommend the most?

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  5. Great phone! It has a competition in ROG Phone 2. And I think ROG Phone 2 comes out on top. OnePlus 7T, still a great option though

  6. А мне не нравится. Камера в экране – жопа.

  7. 3800 mAh battery puts the TOMBSTONE on this phone.JESUS CHRIST xiaomi has more than 4000 mAh with much LESS also at the camera in the back.definitely NOT WORTH IT. m sorry but with 90hz refresh rate you need MORE BATTERY.after 2 years tops you ll need battery.

  8. I'm sorry…how is the OnePlus 7 Pro better than this one? It is literally the more usefully packed phone ever at a lower price.

  9. I just don't care about oneplus rare camera bump….its a perfect choice and 4+ lac antutu benchmarks r mind blowing

  10. Gran video Jaime, eres una gran inspiración para mi (por ser un gran youtuber tecnológico hondureño debo añadir). Saludos.

  11. I'm kinda pissed i got the one plus 7 pro, as I thought the the one plus 7t was not coming to US!!! I feel bamboozled!!!

  12. I planning to buy it but I just heard something about oneplus 8, and it seems will have a punch-hole screen on that 8.

  13. Is it worth then buying the oneplus 6 right now? With the software updates being only for 6more months? Because I can buy oneplus7t but am not sure

  14. The 7 Pro with 256gb of storage at 699 is still a better value to me since this phone only has 128gb. Pretty important considering neither has a card slot. Not to mention the better display.

  15. Since the 7Tpro isn't coming to the us or Canada the Best and most logical option is the 7T the only thing the pro has is the notch less display and a slightly bigger battery 3800 on the 7T compared to the pro. The 7 T has 1000 nits display the same 90hz the faster 30T charger, faster snap dragon 855 plus ,macro camera and cheaper I think I'm 100% sold on the 7T even do I badly wanted the 7Tpro too bad OnePlus is making me save my money 😂 and getting the better value 7T

  16. It's finally time…. Oneplus 3T i have had a wonderful time with u, but i think its time to move on… It's not me…. It's u 3t

  17. Damn, I've still got a one plus 3t that's going strong and still better than most phones around today, especially for the £150 i paid for it, bloody bargain and I'm still amazed how long a charge lasts even watching videos etc.
    Top phones.

  18. Pro holds it's name true here. Higher res display, no notch. That being said if I was upgrading and buying a phone today the 7t is what I would buy. But Pro is still better for a spec'd out power user

  19. Hi buddy. You need to edit the video and correct the text of the Warp Charge 3T to Warp Charge 30T. However very nice reveiw and I agree that this device is the best deal right now. It really has everything.

  20. I'd like to see you guys compare it with the ZTE Axon 10 Pro. It has 12gb Ram, a larger battery, better IP rating, and wireless charging for the same price.

  21. The camera is so ugly and the red balance is just completely off on this camera, everything is just overstated with a red tint. I actually think the Realme X2 pro may this time turn out to be the better option.

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  24. Hello Jaime, I'm looking to upgrade my phone and my options are OP7T and P30pro, which one you think is better in overall and the best choice, thanks!

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