On Cargo Pants & Cargo Shorts

Hey guys, how’s it going? Gem here, and today I’d like to talk about
something different from my usual video themes of unboxings and graffiti. Cargo pants and shorts are widely derided
as poor fashion choices. I beg to disagree. There are much worse ones. Cargo pants and shorts are utilitarian pieces
of clothing that are great staples for any wardrobe. Here are three of mine. This is an olive green pair that ends just
above my ankles. I love this pair because the lightweight material
is a breathable fabric, loose, and perfect for the humid tropical weather. It also dries really fast if you get caught
in the rain. This is a really old pair, it even has a little
hole already near the zipper. The waistband has two butons but one is already
gone. It’s that old. The cuffs are secured by a drawstring. It can get irritating when that gets loose. The back pockets have two buttons on them,
a very cool classic look. They’re also accordion style that expands
a bit. The next is a pair of olive green cargo shorts
I’ve owned since somewhere between the year 2000 to 2003. It’s held up pretty well although some parts
are faded already. The button hole itself is quite frayed already. It’s the classic two pocket cargo, accordion
style pockets that expand. My next pair of cargo shorts is this khaki
colored pair from 5.11. There was a brief time around 2015 to 2016
when I was obsessed with everything “tactical”. I was a gullible patsy who bought so much
crap labeled such. This pair of shorts was one of them. It’s actually an excellent pair, with so many
features that I’ll describe later. The problem is, while it fits my waist just
fine, it’s made of heavyweight fabric and just sags down when i start weighing down
my pockets with stuff. By the time I take more than 10 steps, it
would have sagged to the point where half my underwear is showing like it’s 1993 again. I’d have to tie my belt really tight to avoid
that. The shorts’ legs are also very wide, it’s
like you can fit two of my legs in them. I don’t like it, because it means many mosquitoes
can fly inside and bite me. This is the most feature packed of them all. A small vertical velcro flapped side pocket,
wide belt loops, accordion style cargo pockets with two velcro attachments on the flaps,
a kind of utility strap for various purposes like hanging this pair on a hook, back pockets
that can be closed by velcro. Seven pockets in all with a little hook in
front of the front belt loop on the right for keys or other carabiners. For the last bonus section, here are a pair
of gray pants that are not technically what we would call cargo pants traditionally, as
they don’t have expanding accordion side pockets. They do have secondary pockets below the main
ones that zip up, so they’re part of the “utilitarian pants” family. Same as the previous pair of tactical shorts,
these also have a round hook thing on the front right belt loop. There are two little pockets, little slits
like for coins or gum, below the main pockets. Both legs have side zipped pockets. These are lightweight and are of quick drying
material. Great for wearing during tropical monsoon
season. The waistband has an adjustable strap to make
it looser or tighter if you don’t want to wear a belt. The back pockets have velcro fasteners too
so your stuff don’t fall out. They’re kind of little stealth pockets, they’re
not external expanding ones like the other two previously. You can pair them all with a plain colored
T shirt. Just because they’re utilitarian bottoms doesn’t
mean you have to wear camouflage shirts with them. Well, I hope you enjoyed this look into the
wonderful world of cargo pants and shorts. Please comment below- which pair do you like
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2 thoughts on “On Cargo Pants & Cargo Shorts

  1. Cargo pants… My pockets have pockets. You can't stop the storage. And when it gets too hot, just unzip and remove the lower half of the legs, utility. Want me to hold your phone for a second? how about I hold one of every phone on the market, each with their own individual pocket. Want me to hold your souvenir from your vacation to Europe? How about I put Europe in my pocket. That's the power of cargo pants.

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