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Hey Everyone, Brett from Kitchentable Commander
here. You’ve seen the decks I’ve built over the
course of the past year, but what about the decks I built before I became an internet
celebrity? Pfft. Ya, even I don’t buy that one. As with any format in Magic, you always remember
the first deck you ever built. The deck that started you on this journey
into the world of Magic: The Gathering. The one that was horribly inefficient, had
big dumb creatures and was probably filled with white angels. Don’t worry that deck has long since been
taken apart. What I am going to share with you is the second
deck I built, which I still play to this day. Get ready to get angry, because it’s Omnath,
Locus of Rage. Before we get into the deck I want to remind
you to click that like button, and while you’re at it maybe subscribe and click the notification
bell. With that out of the way, let’s get into it. First let’s take a look at our Commander. Omnath, Locus of Rage costs 2 red, 2 green
and 3 of anything for a 5/5 Legendary Elemental Creature. It has Landfall, which means that every time
a land enters the battlefield under your control, create a 5/5 red and green elemental creature
token. And whenever Omnath or another elemental you
control dies, Omnath deals 3 damage to any target. I hope you like the periodic table, cuz its
about to get Elemental up in here. We’ll start off with removal in the form of
Aim High, Clip Wings, Firespout and Tears of Valakut to deal with fliers. Firespout has the added bonus of being able
to deal damage to creatures without flying, and in the case of a token deck can act like
a board wipe. We have a lot of artifact and enchantment
hate in this deck. With cards like By Force, Naturalize, Reclaiming
Vines, Smelt and Structural Distortion. With Reclaiming Vines and Structural Distortion
also being able to destroy those pesky lands people like to play. We have some targeted removal with Burn from
Within to get around indestructible, and it gives us the option to deal massive damage
to our opponent to finish off the game. Touch of the Void exiles a creature if it
dies that turn, use it to do the last few points of damage to a big threat and make
sure they can never get it back. Lava Axe to kill Planeswalkers. And Stonefury to deal crazy amounts of damage
to target creature. So obviously we want to take advantage of
Omnath’s Landfall ability. Why else would we be willing to have such
an expensive commander? To get the most out of the ability we are
going to want to play as many lands as possible. To be able to do that we have cards like Lay
of the Land, Natural Connection, Nissa’s Pilgrimage, Nissa’s Renewal and Rampant Growth to search
out basic lands. Mina and Denn to be able to play an additional
land each turn, with the added benefit of being able to give a creature trample and
help give you that second Landfall trigger after you bounce a land. Of course this deck runs Crucible of Worlds
to get any of those lands back if your opponent decided to try and slow you down. Sword of the Animist to give a creature +1/+1
and get you a Landfall trigger whenever it attacks. Boundless Realms is a game ender. Search your library for as many lands as you
control and put them on the battlefield. With Omnath on the battlefield you’ll be making
tons of tokens. Speaking of Tokens, we have Zendikar’s Roil
to get extra benefit out of our Landfall triggers. Making a 2/2 Elemental token on top of the
5/5’s that Omnath is already making. Honestly, they will make for great attacks
or blocks, since dying gives you 3 damage you can deal to a creature or a player with
Omnath’s second ability. And since we want to make a ton of tokens,
this deck also includes Parallel Lives to double all the Elementals we make. We are going to make so many Elementals that
you are going to need dice to represent them all. You’ll also want some dice with some of the
support cards in this deck. Cards like Earthen Arms to make a land an
Elemental or to just give a boost to an Elemental you already have. Nissa’s Judgment to give counters to a couple
creatures, and then have creatures with counters do damage to target creature an opponent controls. Zendikar Resurgent helps us ramp and gets
us card draw whenever we cast a creature spell. Staff of the Flame Magus gains us life every
time we cast a red spell or a mountain enters the battlefield under our control. Great in the early game to give us a bit of
a buffer and a bit of a decoy for artifact destruction spells. Rancor to give a creature a bit more bite
and trample, really encouraging your opponent to target that creature and take 3 damage. Spiteful Motives as a combat trick. Flash it in to give a creature +3/+0 and first
strike, blowing out your opponents attack. Hazoret’s Favor gives a creature +2/+0 and
haste and then forces you to sacrifice it at the beginning of the next end step. Perfect! Target one of the 2/2’s you made with Zendikar’s
Roil, swing in as a 4/2 and they’ll be forced to block it or they’ll be taking 4 from the
token AND dealing with the 3 damage from an Elemental dying. Because we’re Gruul, and we don’t like Blue
Mages, we have Magnetic Mountain and Curse of Marit Lage to punish them for being so
thinky. Now let’s get into the creatures we haven’t
already covered. We’ve got Bloodlust Inciter to give any creature
haste and Fire Shrine Keeper as an early attacker. Menace will keep it safe for a turn or two
and then we can use it to block or leave it until you can sacrifice it, dealing 3 damage
to up to 2 creatures before you get another 3 damage from Omnath’s ability. Next we’ve got Ashmouth Hound as an aggressive
attacker. And Kiln Fiend get’s bigger when you cast
instants and sorceries. For 3 drops we have Chandra’s Spitfire, Fiery
Hellhound, Incandescent Soulstoke, Undergrowth Champion and Valakut Predator. The Spitfire gets a boost to power whenever
an opponent gets dealt non-combat damage. For a minor investment the Hellhound could
get huge. Incandescent Soulstoke is our Elemental Lord
and lets us play a haste-y Elemental for “Dirt” cheap… get it? Dirt? Cuz, cuz they’re Elementals?! You know what, don’t worry about it. Undergrowth Champion gets +1/+1 counters for
each Landfall trigger, and prevents damage to itself by removing one of the counters. Valakut Predator gets +2/+2 until end of turn
for each Landfall trigger. Making this a potentially huge threat, at
the very least being a 4/4 on each of your turns. Cast that Boundless Realms we saw earlier
and get your opponent some Aloe, cuz they’re about to get burned. 4 Drop time with Embodiment of Fury to let
us turn any land into a 3/3 Elemental with haste and trample, when a land enters the
battlefield under our control. Grove Rumbler gets +2/+2 until end of turn
for it’s Landfall ability. Lightning Elemental for a haste-y attacker. Pyre Hound gets +1/+1 for each instant or
sorcery we cast. Seed Guardian gives us an X/X Elemental creature
token, where X is equal to the number of creatures in our yard. And Woodland Wanderer comes in with +1/+1
counters for each colour of mana used to cast it. For 5 drops we have Embodiment of Insight
to again make 3/3 Elementals with it’s Landfall ability, and to give all our land creatures
Vigilance. Comboing with the Embodiment of Fury well. Scourge of Geier Reach will be huge in a multiplayer
match or against tokens. Subterranean Spirit helps us deal with mass
token strategies, by getting rid of all the 1/1’s. Wolf of Devil’s Breach to be able to
do unblockable damage to a creature or Planeswalker, plus being a 5/5 ain’t bad. We’re getting into the real big beasts of
this deck now with the 6 Drops. Starting with Akoum Hellkite, which deals
1 damage to a creature or player when you get Landfall, but if that land is a mountain
it deals 2 damage instead. Granitic Titan is a 5/4 with Menace that also
comes with cycling, if you get it early and know you really need something else. Greenwarden of Murasa gets you a card back
from the graveyard when it enters and when it dies. Potentially getting back anything an opponent
got rid of. Volcanic Rambler gives us a way of dealing
direct damage to our opponent when we have nothing better to do with our mana. And of course we have Chandra Flamecaller,
because of her +1 ability. Making two 3/1 Elementals with haste to attack
with, and forcing your opponent to make unfavourable blocks to avoid taking damage. Finally we got to our top end, with Gaea’s
Revenge to be able to rumble in for 8 with relative impunity. Being unable to be countered and having protection
from non-green spells and abilities means that it is relatively safe from most decks. Obviously it’s still susceptible to board
wipes, don’t think I forgot. As you’ve noticed we have some big spells
in this deck, so to help reduce the costs we have Hazoret;s Monument and Ruby Medallion
to reduce the cost of red creature spells by 2, combined, and other red spells by 1. And the Monument gives you the option of cycling
for free. This brings us to our land base. Being 2 colours, means it’s pretty simple. Gruul Guildgate,Gruul Cluestone and Sheltered
Thicket to give us easy access to both colours. Jungle Basin, Dormant Volcano and Balduvian
Trading Post give us 2 mana each, with the Trading Post giving us the ability to 1 damage
to an attacking creature for only 1 mana. Fertile Thicket to let us fix our next draw. Looming Spires and Teetering Peaks to buff
a creature when they enter, and in the case of Looming Spires, give it first strike. Sisay’s Ring for the extra mana. Scorched Ruins, because well sacrificing 2
land to get 4 colourless isn’t bad. Evolving Wilds to get any colour we might
be missing, but also to get an extra landfall trigger. Finish it off with 12 Forests and 15 Mountains,
and you’ve got an Omnath, Locus of Rage, Elemental Tribal Commander Deck. This deck was built with budget in mind, which
means that you can get this whole deck for less than $90 on TCGPlayer right now. Go do it! Well that about does it for today. I’d love to hear what you think about this
deck in the comments. If you’ve enjoyed this video please remember
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in the next video. Command Tower, Rogue’s Passage, Emeria, the
Sky Ruin, Urborg

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  1. This is one of most unique omnath decks I've ever seen. I play omnath too and this is no where near what I would play but I love it. Sweet deck

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