Ollie and flip on tech deck!

go hi I’m Sarah and today I’ll be
showing you how to do it Ollie and a flip but first I’m going to do an ollie oh yeah this is a Tech deck. I’m going to do jumping over a water bottle. Uh. My Tech Deck. Ok, now I’m going to show you how you do. What you do is you put your fingers right here on the
board and then it’s like you’re jumping up and you’re sliding your finger there and then you go back down. Like that. And now I’m going to be showing you how to do a flip. So, first. I’m not going to show you how I do a flip, but this is how you do a flip. You put your pointer finger on the tech deck, where is says tech deck. And then you put your middle on that part, and then push down hard but if you go slow it just ends up like….Fast. So it pushes it up. So it slides. Like that. and this so now I’m gonna show you
how to do a flip pushing back fast so it goes like that. Then sometimes you land it and sometimes you won’t and yeah that’s how you do it. And Thank You for Watching!

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