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What’s up everyone, my name is Jason. I’m coming to you for the first time ever from undying MTG So today we’re gonna take a look at a really sweet deck in the modern format Now that we got the full War of the spark spoiler I decided to do some brewing with some of the cards in the set There is one card in where the spark that stuck out to me the most and that was a card that was spoiled by Youtuber and twitch streamer merchant the card is God eternal o quechua Now the reason that this stuck out so much to me is because there was a card out of almond cat that kind of did The same thing and it also involved no catcher as well. And that is o kette rose monument Taking a look at God eternal ket row. We have a 5 man a double striker whatever he has to creature spell create a 4/4 black zombie warrior creature token with vigilance and when the god eternal the catcher dies or Is put into exile from the battlefield you may put it into its owner’s library third from the top is a three six God eternal catcher’s redundancy with a catcher’s monument in creating creature tokens whenever you cast a creature Really made me want to try this out in modern as far as the shell goes I decided to take a look at a TCG player mining modern article where Corbin hustler took a Martyr proc shell through with oak atrás monument and it did decently but it wasn’t like super Busted and I think that having access to God eternal o catcher now, we have some extra redundancy and it might actually work So without further ado here is the deck o kette Rose martyr in modern So to really understand this deck we have to look at the two different engines that are going into this deck first We have got eternal o Katra with a catcher’s monument as long as we keep casting creatures these two cars are going to keep generating zombies and warriors for us to go wide and smash face with a Catcher’s monument also has the added benefit of making our white creatures cost one less Which is really awesome with our low-cost creatures in the deck Moving on to the second engine of the deck where you need to take a look at three different cards The first of these cards is martyr of sands Martyr of sands is a 1/1 for one with the ability to pay one and reveal ex white cards from your hand And sacrifice martyr sands to gain three times ex life This card is the linchpin of all the martyr projects and it’s going to help us kind of stabilize a lot with this deck in Order to have a bunch of white cards in our hand. We’re gonna have to fill our hand more often So let’s take a look at the second card squadron honk For anybody that was playing standard during call blade You know exactly what squadron Hawk is squadron Hawk is a 1/1 flying bird for one in a white man Whenever squadron hawk enters the battlefield, you may search your library for up to three cards named squadron hawk reveal them Put them into your hand and shuffle your library squadron Hawk might not look menacing but being able to put three squadron Hawks in your hand from it entering the battlefield really helps your life game with martyr of sands Moving on to the last card in the second part of martyr prot the proclamation of rebirth Proclamation of rebirth is a sorcery for two and one light return up to three target creature cards with caverna Mana costs one or less from your graveyard to play or you can forecast it by paying five and a white and revealing Proclamation rebirth from your hand you can return target creature card with caverna mana costs 1 or less from the graveyard to play Playing this for its forecast cost instead of casting the card can start locking opponents out of the game with you Continually bringing martyr of sands back from the graveyard sacrificing it again bringing you back sacrifice again You get the picture it can really knock someone out of the game. Just buy all of your life game It is important to note that this deck is not going all-in on this it is it only has one copy of proclaim’d Rebirth in the deck now that we’ve gotten the engines out of the way Let’s take a look at the creatures that are gonna power our first engine in the oak edges monument in the god eternal or Petra Rounding out our one drops. We have two creatures. The first is judges familiar in the second is three of an inspector At two copies judges familiar is a nice little value creature and one 1/4 with flying for one Mana that has the benefit of being able to sacrifice it to counter a target instant or sorcery Spell unless his controller pays one, man Animal not only is this little bird gonna be able to help us get some tokens on the battlefield for the cheap It’s also gonna force by our opponent if we need it At four copies, the former all-star of standard three of an inspector comes to us is a good value piece at the one drop spot So even inspector is a one two that enters the battlefield and puts a clue on the battlefield Being able to sacrifice that clue that it generates later in the game can really help refill our hand whenever we need the card advantage Moving on to the to drop spot to sit with squadron honk we have two cards as well We have three copies of white mainline and three copies of selfless spirit white main lion is a true MVP of this deck after you get your engine assembled a 2/2 for one and a white it has flash and when it enters the battlefield you return a creature you control to its owner’s hand If you haven’t a catcher’s monument out white mane lion only costs one white. Mana And you can bounce it to your own hand You can do that over and over again and create a bunch of tokens As long as you have the mana to do it and you can do it at instant speed Moving on the selfless spirit we get a creature that gives us a bit of insurance against any kind of removal This – one was flying for – can sacrifice itself to give all of our creatures indestructible until undeterred this is a big reason that the spirits decks and modern do so well because it can protect all of its creatures and we’re gonna Have a lot of creatures. So this is definitely going to be a good thing for We have two more creatures that round out the deck and it’s our higher end in our deck The first of these two cards is three copies of Ranger of AOS when this three-two enters the battlefield You may search your library for up to two creature cards with your Virna Mana cost 1 or less reveal them and put them into your hand if you do shuffle your library Ranger abuse can help us fill our hand from arturo sands and it can go fine martyr of sands for us to use The ranger overall can give us gas when we need it. The last creature in our list is two copies of archangel avisynth Archangel Abaddon is a four for flying and vigilant angel with flash Whenever archangel Avastin enters the battlefield creatures you control gain indestructible until in the term when a non angel at creature You control the eyes transform arcane Levison at the beginning of the next upkeep So on the front side Abaddon can be a nice ambush blocker or it can just give our whole team indestructible if we need it to On its other side. However, it’s a mini board wipe When she flips to Avice in the purifier She deals three damage to each other creature in each opponent a pretty sweet interaction here is Archangel Avastin and selfless spirit You can cast Archangel Addison, give all of your creatures indestructible and then you can sack the selfless spirit to do the same thing But it dies. So that means your absent is going to flip now that we’ve had the rundown of creatures Let’s take a look at the other non creatures that are going to be sitting along with proclamation of rebirth and oh catchers monument We’re gonna be running two copies of dusk to dawn and four copies of path to exile Dusk is a conditional board wipe that destroys all creatures with power three or greater So a lot of our smaller creatures aren’t going to get touched when dusk resolves Additionally when dawn is in our graveyard we can cast it to return all of our martyr of sands all of our squadron hawks all Of our three even inspectors all of our judges familiars all of our smaller creatures back from the graveyard to play this allows us to get more value off of those small creatures that we have in the moving on to the four copies of path to exile path exile is just path to exile it is the best targeted removal spell for white in modern Moving on to our land package. We have three different non-basic lands We have four copies of field of Rowan that can kind of help us with some of those troublesome. Mana Sources and other players decks ie Tron We have two copies of miss Vale Plains that helps get squadron Hawks from our graveyard back in our deck So our other squadron Hawks in our hand can go find that one again Finally, we have two copies of Westville abbey at worst We can use this for one generic colorless. Mana or we can pay five tap and pay one life to put a 1/1 white and black curcumin cleric creature token onto the battlefield at Its best we can pay five and tap it and sacrifice five of our creatures, which we’re gonna have a lot of to transform Westville abbey into Ormand all the profane prince Hormann doll isn’t much just a hasty flying life linking an indestructible demon ormond all can close out games on his own Rounding out our mana base. We have fourteen basic planes Moving on to the sideboard. We have three copies of damping’s fear for things like storm and Tron Three rest in pieces for things like is it Phoenix dredge and storm? Two copies of stony silence and two copies of kotaki wars ways to help us out with the artifact base decks three core firewalkers for the burn matchup in Possibly the store matchup as well and then two copies have settled the wreckage for the more aggressive decks in the format So there you have it. That was o Katra smarter. What do you think with this deck? Do you think that this deck has legs? I don’t know I haven’t tried it yet, but I definitely plan on doing so let us know what you think in the comments down below Don’t forget to like this share with all your friends especially on reddit if you can throw this on reddit that would be amazing and then subscribe to the YouTube channel and undying MTG for so much more content Thank you all for watching. I have been Jason here at I’m dying MTG and I will see you all next time You

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7 thoughts on “Oketra’s Martyrs Modern Deck Tech

  1. I totally thought you'd go the soul sisters route with ranger of eos haha. Cool deck though, definitely want to try. Think anointed procession has a place in the deck?

  2. So I’ve been looking for a deck to throw westvale abbey in. It’s the first card I ever pulled in magic and has become the most iconic card to me. I have never found any real way to play it well until now, thank you.

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