[Music] All: Welcome to OfflineTV Season 2! [Cheers] Poki: Hiii! Fed: How’s it going guys? Scarra: Welcome to our house guys! Poki: Alright, so uh this is when you walk right out the door. To your left or right, whatever way you’re looking at it, is Lily’s podcast table. She talks about anime, weeb, hentai stuff right here. Fed: Yeah, I said last time that we’d make this an arcade area but I might move that somewhere else Poki: So he bought two board games. Fed: Wait wait, there’s five board games there. Oh wait, actually, no, you’re right. Oh Scarra: We have three floors. We have a top floor and a bot- alright I guess we have a basement so we have two floors and a basement. We have a restroom in the corner over there next to our shoes. Everyone has a lot of shoes. By everyone, I mean Poki. Fed: She has a lot of shoes. Poki: I don’t have that many shoes! They just all happen to be here. [Scarra Laughs] Scarra: Okay. Poki: Anyways.. We walk through here and into our first living roooom! Woooh! Scarra:
As you can see everyone’s very excited to be here.
Poki: Yeah Fed: Obviously very decorated. Poki: There used to be a TV here. Fed: Yeah, I don’t know where that went. All right This is the, uh, kitchen area and it’s very very big like very– I’ve never had a kitchen this big in my life, I don’t know about you. Scarra: Fed, what is this?
Poki: Guys we don’t just– Fed: Oh, s***, f*** sorry, sorry guys, uh..
Poki: C’mon man! I, uh, wanted to make it look like y’know we were… Scarra: Celebrating?
Fed: Yeah. Scarra: The most important thing is in here: we have color coded our our dishes now, so they’re all down there. So, you know if people want to use uhh…. plates or bowls, everyone has their own set. Poki: So if you’re not gonna wash your ish, we’re gonna know who it is. That’s the real reason. Fed: Honestly, I still use paper plates. Poki: Honestly, you still use mine [Scarra Laughs] Overall, the kitchen’s very nice. One of the biggest things– the best things is that the– this isn’t like a conventional stovetop. They custom made it to have, like, y’know, more heat so it’s actually hotter than normal ones that you can get. And so stuff cooks really really fast. Then I’m gonna add with that that no one cooks in the house, except for Lily
Fed: Wait, wait I cook! Poki: Sometimes Fed makes eggs. Backyard! We also have one table. No chairs. Scarra: Okay, the chairs went to her podcast downstairs and this podcast over here. So suddenly our six chairs are just not here. I come to eat at this table and I’m just like where do I eat? Poki: You just– you just do this. Scarra: It’s actually really… [laughs] I need to buy more chairs. This is where uh Fed practices his y’know… his skill.
Fed: Yeah. Scarra: If you haven’t realized, Fed’s been working out recently. Fed: I like boxing. It’s good cardio. Scarra: Yeah. Poki: Got’em. Poki: Oh my go…
Fed: Holy s***… Toast (Obscured): I can’t wait to show everyone the room that I’ve been living in for the last two months. I’ve worked very hard on this room. Scarra: Yeah, I-I mean I hear you all the time so Toast: uh.. I’ve been trying to get acclimated with all these OfflineTV people and uh, it’s been going well, you know some ups and some downs. here and there. So here we are in my room that I’ve been living with. This is my uh– mattress It’s very comfortable. In fact, I think I’ll rest up a bit, you know, it’s been a long day. So let me just lie down on this here, comfortable mattress and get a good nap in. I’m still single. You know, I’m trying to stay on the market because you know what? Let’s be honest people love sexual tension; if I commit myself to one woman then there’s no sexual tension then right? As you can see I’m a big fan of uh.. water, judging by all these bottles.
Scarra: Yeah. And what’s this shock collar for? It’s for dog training? Toast: Uhhhh, yeah, I’m a big.. trainer of Temmie. You know, Temmie, she gets out of control lately. So I bought a dog collar for her to teach her some lesson.
Scarra: Ok?! Toast: C’mere Temmie. Temmie, come here. Where are you going, Temmie? Come on. I got put this collar on you. Alright? Temmie where are you? Mark: Toast, Temmie’s back here.
Scarra: Temmie’s over here.
Toast: You’re right under me, turn around. There you are Temmie, come here. Come here baby! Come here, it’s okay. Come here. Scarra: Right there! Toast (Angrily): I gotcha, come here! Now it can work.
Mark: You’re putting it around her waist. This will teach you, you lil’ mutt. Scarra: What’s your favorite part about living next to me, Toast? Toast: Next to you.? Oh, it’s that.. you’re the most quiet person in the house so there’s very little y’know audio interference but it’s I can still hear Poki and Lily when they do their stream. It’s just.. huge screaming from down the.. hallway Mark: Lily lives in the basement. Scarra: Yeah Lily lives … th… three floors down
Toast: Down the… Oh yeah she’s very loud. Toast: Oh uh sorry, I must have forgot you know, I- I don’t go down stairs often. Fed: Alright guys. So this is my room over here right next to Poki; Scarra’s down the hall. This is the beautiful space I live in. I want this entire wall to be filled with just pictures of like stuff. I think the last time we did that meet the house video, I got on camera and I was like, hey, I’m the editor and then Mark came on and was like y’know “Get the f*** out! You ain’t talent; get out of here!” Hey guys, I’m Fed. I’m the editor and like camera guy and I– Mark: What the f*** are you doing? No one cares.
Fed: Wait, wait.. Mark: You’re the camera man. Go get back behind the camera.
Fed: C’mon dude. Wait! F*** you Mark I’m f*** talent now! F*** you guys! I hate all of…
Nah, I’m just kiddin’. I’ve got this really cool. Like you want see light saber of the sword. Lemme show you the sword. Look, it’s actually real like c’m.. nonono c’mere– So I actually live next to Poki and Scarra’s down the hall. Living next to Imane is like really..
uhh.. You know, it keeps me on my feet because I swear every other minute you hear screaming at the top of her lungs and… Poki (screaming at the top of her lungs): WHY DID YOU STOP?? Poki: Hello. It’s my turn to show you guys my room. Welcome to mah humble abode. Oh my god, the wind caught me a little bit, but here’s my closet. This is honestly the only reason I wanted the master bedroom because I got a couple clothes. Uhh– They needed a couple room. So coming into my room when you turn right. There is my bathroom right here.. um.. two sinks
but just one person! (tears of joy) Tadaaa! [Angels Singing] So I have my vanity here. Basically where I get ready. I have my makeup, my hair stuff, my mirrors.. um.. my big comfy Purple Mattress bed. No, but actually, um, a lot of this stuff that you guys send me, I love to put up here and just like see it and it reminds me of you guys. Like I got these from people that are like you’re the G.O.A.T. haHAA haha. Hello honey! Aww.. My little baby! She purr, purr..
purr purr purr purr honey. So good! Since the last Meet the House video, obviously, we got a new house. I play a lot more Fortnite now; not so much League. I also hit a million subs, a million Twitch followers, and a million Instagram followers. I don’t know why all the millis came out the same– thank you.
Since there’s three floors and they’re very separated and spacious which is great. I mean, space is nice! It’s what we wanted, but it turns out we’re a little too separated. Like the distance between me upstairs and Lily downstairs.. It’s a workout. Okay, so that distance is not traveled often. [Music] Scarra: And now for the best room in the house- not really- my room. Let’s come on in! God. Um That’s a broken piano chair. Let’s not talk about that. This is my bed. I haven’t gotten the right the right frame for it. So.. Unfortunately, it looks a little lopsided. Don’t sit here, the fall will hurt. Oh, a lots changed! Like I– I’ve.. This is my desk, kind of like a makeshift nightstand.. it’s where the magic happens. I- I kind of just Oh I- I played Dark Souls once! Mimi’s in my room even though she shouldn’t be because I’m allergic to cats But luckily, not her. It’s pretty generic you know, this is my restroom. It’s a little bit of a mess. And this is like my closet which is still kind of messy. So I’ve actually just been playing League for four years. Yeah, nothing not much has changed. I got a smaller room. I downgraded because Poki took the master from me. So I should be pissed but I don’t really need that much space. I’m a pretty easy guy. [Mimi mews]
Did I lock her in? Fed: All right, so we’re gonna toss it to Lily and Yvonne. They live downstairs
Scarra: we’re done with the main floor. Poki: And Albert! He also pretty much lives downstairs
Scarra: Yeah!
Fed: Oh and Albert Albert: Oh.. Fed: So uh, here you go guys.. Scarra: Woah..
Lily: What the? That actually scared me. Yvonne: Hi, my name is Yvonne and I’m the house manager for Offline TV. You find really random confusing things, but I just don’t ask questions anymore and kind of just accepted it. Lily: This is the basement where we infrequently hang out Albert: And this is where Poki does her podcast. So you can see behind here.. Lily: Light it up!
[All giggle] It looks really pretty though. Lily: This our second kitchen.
(Yvonne: Our– our kitchen..) People really don’t use this except to store snacks and as you can see a plethora of water bottles.
That we will drink! We will recycle! Don’t worry! People were over. [Garbled]
Lily: Ok, let’s just move on.
Yvonne: It’s ok, yeah. Albert: Umm this is.. Lily: The room Albert yoinked Albert: I mean, that’s one way to phrase it, but this originally was an office space in a previous house. I’m Albert. I.. work mostly in production, but I also do music and magic and streaming on the side. Kind of like a workshop. Here I have a bunch of you know random film gear, stuff. So I really like production stuff. I really like film and camera things. And so that’s why I can do this. Behind you there’s my entire techwear collection. -_-
Anyways.. But the the coolest part this room is this is where I build my Legos. On my most recent stream, I spent 15 hours working with friends on the UCS Millennium Falcon. Oh my god, and 7500 pieces and it weighs 30 pounds. Should hit the gym. Anyways that’s my room. Lily: Albert’s “room”.
Albert: “Room”.
Lily: Albert’s yoinked room. Yvonne: So down this beautifully painted hallway Lily: We need to repaint this
Yvonne: Yeah I know, it’s so ugly. Lily: Let’s go to Yvonne’s room. !!! Yvonne: I don’t know, It’s just a lot pink. Lily: Your room is so cute.. Holy crap. Yvonne’s room is like actually adorable.
Albert: And look it has a special feature. [confused] Albert: There’s…
Yvonne: Oh, that!
Lily: Oh! Lily: Her room is the only room with a laundry machine. So when we need to wash our clothes we come here but people don’t do their laundry very often. so I don’t think it’s as big of a deal as it is.
Yvonne: Yeah, it’s not that bad. Yvonne: I feel kinda like Dobby though. Lily: She’s Dobby the house elf. And this Is my room. That’s my dog. She’s the cutest dog ever. For the most part, I’ve transitioned from games to like more IRL stuff like art, music, etc. And also I taught Temmie some new tricks. Come here– bang! [Laughs] Good girl. Bang!
Bang! That’s my dog. I also really like it when like sometimes like maybe once a month Fed will come downstairs and visit me. It’s like really exciting when people visit me in my basement because no one ever comes down here. Fed: I visit you like every other day.
Lily: Once a month Fed visits– Fed: I do not Once a month, Fed sometimes he graces me with his presence and have you heard that he’s not an editor anymore, he’s an actual content creator. Oh my god. So cool. Fed, you’re so cool. Alright, let’s get out of here. It’s depressing Edison: Hey guys, I’m Edison. I am the new business manager for Offline TV. What am I most known for? Well let me show you. Ever since I was a child, I really really liked playing with LEGOs. See, so look at this. I recently built this guy right here..
Albert: Wait what the? Woah no, no! Edison: Lemme show you my Millenium Falcon
Albert (Terrified): No! No! Edison: I spent a good 18 hours building this guy. Look so we’ve got satellite version one; we’ve got C-3PO right here. You’ve got the little turret right here. Look I built this; wait, why is this coming apart? Albert: Don’t break it! Mark: What’s up everybody, I’m MarkZ. Producing some of Offline TV’s content. I got my boy Josh Kim (Xell) is also producing. He’s right here. He’ll be photoshopped in.. my bud. Really? Not much new for us. He still works at Riot. I still do the LCS. Like Edison, we don’t live at the house. We just come over whenever we’re shooting something or if we ever get invited to the IRLs. Poki: Alright, thank you guys so much for watching! We’re OfflineTV. This is our house and I’m very excited for Season 2! Make sure to sub and like so you can see all of our new content and we’ll see you next time.
Lily: Bye!
Poki: Bye! Fed: Now get the fuck out get out. Yeah. Yeah. I gotta stream [fed7 in the chat bois] [Outro Music]

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  1. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR A YEAR OF SUPPORT! We have a lot of stuff planned for the first week of Season 2. There will be a Mafia stream tonight and another video at the end of the week! We don't know exactly what the future holds but we are super excited to share it all with you!

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