Office Pet Peeves By Country – LinkedIn Survey

linkedin activities survey in sixteen
countries to figure out what which pet peeves annoying which people so what they looked at was americans
resilience jarmin’s indians that japanese individuals and they found out
that were all annoyed by different things in the workplace right here with
it so much violence stays like this so i went up last night when it comes to americans they found
that americans get more here it’d been other nationals by co-workers uh… taking others lewd from the office refrigerator if that’s true of the you have to happen
the quiet out there uh… when it comes to brazilians they
are most annoyed by uh… any national group more than any other national group
by excessive gossiping right and i know there’s a lot of gossip
about a brazil if you hear the stories you know that this is a lot of fun
things going on in brazil that you know so ok admonition that germans are denied
by jerry common areas the community microwave refrigerator more than the
rest of the world fails circuits why did you actually got the it starts actually just as easily introduction at that’s that’s that case high-level we do stories were he to
do grocery bills issues and i get to do a german and had not even an acceptable is just a
random terror spread earshot and of course that by the way this is something she’ll likely compared
to i’ve got what i think about all of a work environment like everyone is
completely complacent with the mess that’s in the back dot in terms of use
of his personal ethics like out of my current sparks gusting letterman would come
within ten kilometers of it played on deadline in the polls you don’t get payday that used to be that way is in your diet was like in a trade
secret hiding advantages and gave up favorite just forget about the fifth
fire last night uh… india is react what negatively to hear it a
mobile phone ringtones at this thing front pages they don’t like the crater
rentals yesterday that the reason i wasted a lot except no one here has a creative and
something jerry’s maybe that’s because the indians
have a lot of creative rentals in the brothers everybody else yeah probably
uh… and the japanese are more prep back office pranks than others said that there is almost office pranks
here because i mean you get interested in trouble in the idea the valujet is a good office products
says the president p um… indeed it is a funny freudian slip
they may be part of this whole stories that i am not an indian exit don’t get that now and you might do it what now randall brand name and manned then

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100 thoughts on “Office Pet Peeves By Country – LinkedIn Survey

  1. "Taking other's food from the office refrigerator"?
    That's sounds so much like it would be America that it hurts…

  2. The fucking "CAN'T WAIT!" was so unexpected near the beginning. Lol plus I love that sound clip too, glad I wasn't drinking my soda

  3. I fixed the food bandit at my old job! a lil diablo sauce (alot) on a nice BLT subway sandwich every one heard him scream for help!!! =D

  4. Not that there would be anything wrong with becoming a gay porn star under the liberal agenda right? Thank God this guy wasn't hired permanently by MSNBC he belongs her e on this relegated garbage online "show"

  5. My pet peave is internet companies trying to find out what my pet peaves are.

    That and the Irish

    Just kidding….

  6. I'm hardly surpised at the Indian result, seeing as how almost 70% of calls I get are from call centers IN India, so they know ALL about using phones to annoy people
    Gross generalisation, I;m sorry, but PLEASE, Indian call centers, STOP CALLING ME!!

  7. I'm in Canada and all the offices I've worked in, the/we side more with the Germans on this one. Never really noticed a food stealing problem.

  8. @TOTCD America used the only nuclear bombs to massacre innocent Japanese as well, and also put the Japanese living in America in concentration camps. America also massacred 500,000 Iraqi citizens with their harsh sanctions, as well as killing thousands of innocent people overseas with drone strikes.

  9. Wow, one time when I used the microwave to make a pizza, like the only time in a year I've used it one little piece of pepperoni fell off and fuck it was like I shit in the damn thing. The coworker who complained is a bitch, maybe shes part german who knows.

  10. @TOTCD I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I forgot to mention the genocide on the American natives.
    BTW, did you laugh when Cenk did the joke in the Germans invading Poland or were you offended, too? If you laughed, you're a sorry hypocrite who applies double standards.

    Have a nice week-end.

  11. Oh geez. He's not mocking a culture. Where's the line? You're so sensative that you're going to bitch about this? It wouldn't offend my nationality, hes just having fun. There's a difference.

  12. Haha. Cenk saying "what is going on with the ringtone? Bang nading nading nading" should be a creative ringtone.

  13. @TOTCD I didn't do any of that you genius, or do you think i'm over 85? My 1st comment was meant to illustrate how ridiculous the perpetuation of certain national stereotypes that pseudo-progressives like so much are. What could be more random than the nation you're born in? (Btw I'm glad it was G. in my case.) You people repeat the dumbest clichés, yet at the same time pretend to despise racism and start bitching when you get a taste of your own medicine. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  14. mt pet peeve at wrk – when people say "how you doin"? and they do it out of habit, rather then actually meaning it

  15. Is there any way to request that Ana wear that shirt every time you have her in front of the camera? I really admire the use of advertising space. Can I advertise there, too? Please? It would appear after reading the comments that it is a high traffic area.

  16. @SKiiSMLIVE okay my australian friend. I didn't criticize germany.
    The German was talking about how evil america was by invading mideastern countries and their past with slavery.
    Which I thought was a joke coming from germany which has a colonial past.
    White people have treated africans like crap for centuries.
    I mean look at what the australians did to the aboriginals.
    They wanted to destroy their genes in three generations.
    All countries have their sins.
    The US isn't even the worst.

  17. @grebrim Oh so now it's you people?
    All americans are the same I guess.
    Does that mean all germans are the same as well?
    I'm happy you're proud to be born in Germany.
    I'm also proud to be born in America.
    I currently live in Europ(belgium)
    'progressives' over here aren't really all that great either.
    They make jokes about africans,asians,americans and even other europeans all the time.
    They're extremely hostile when it comes to Arabs.
    They're so-called 'progressives'
    Every1 does it dude

  18. @TOTCD Could you at least properly read what I write? By "you people", I obviously meant the type of progressive that hates racism but has no problem slandering entire countries. Uygur is one, Mankietard is one. And where did I say I was proud 2 b German? Did I invent artificial fertilizer, discover relativity or write the Brandenburg Concertos? I'm glad to be German, but proud of my own accomplishments, only. If you wanna dwell in pointless jingoism, so be it. And no, I don't slander nations.

  19. @grebrim I try to "slander" the governments of nations rather than the nations themselves. I was anti-American at one point in time, at a young age, but I've realized there are quite a lot of decent Americans, and that it's all about what the people in power do with their power. At least when it comes to foreign policies.

  20. @sheepthing I agree and I wholeheartedly support their decision. In fact they should have more ad space going forward.

  21. @grebrim Oh so because you're a progressive you can't make jokes about other countries anymore?
    Especially when you look at the fact that Germany did invade Poland in 1939.
    Your past shouldn't be forgotten.
    But I'm not judging you for it. But please don't judge the US either.
    And don't claim the US is worse.
    We both committed horrible crimes and acts. I don't want to pick.
    I'm also proud of my accomplishments but also my nation.
    For it has done many good things as well.

  22. @SKiiSMLIVE True. When I read about it in history it angered me.
    But the key is to learn from past mistakes and move on.
    If you're obsessed with the past you won't be able to live the present and the future.
    Times have changed since then.
    Perhaps not as fast as I would've wanted it.
    But we are progressing

  23. damn tyt and their stupid german jokkes! its soooo stupoopid how he does that and when he does it cuze he amkes so many stupid things said

  24. @comochinganconesto Ich habe Geburtstag means "I have a birthday"…Cenks German is ridiculous. Kartoffelsalat means potato salad.

  25. @comochinganconesto He is yelling about not cleaning up the potato salad and after he said it was his brithday

  26. @redryan20000 Also Germans are the biggest pussies for taking jokes. Refer to your comment for referance.

    Serioulsy I'm 50% German heritage settle the fuck down dude. Who soured your kraut? xD

  27. @redryan20000 Lol Jesus Christ on a crutch! Why in the fuck do you care if he offends Germans?!?

    He hits everyone up equally if you knew anything. He even mocks the Turks all the time! Says they fight their differences all the time, have no logic etc.

    He hits up the french, chinese Canadians etc etc etc.

    I'm guessing your American. I only thing that because of the kkk ice cream shop story they did. Americans get so racially offended so quick.

  28. I agree with the Germans on office mess. My old office had a bathroom that EVERYDAY there was toilet paper and paper towels all over the floor like in a weird way that made no sense how that could have happened. Almost like some people made it a point to throw this stuff all over on purpose. It was more weird/bizarre than anything else.

  29. The Japanese one surprises me. Pranks are really common over there. I mean, I guess that's why they might dislike them so much. But I've seen a couple specials on pranks in Japan and the people always react really nicely to them.

  30. As an American that is part German, I agree with this study. People taking my food and leaving a mess both annoy the hell out of me.

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