ObEN at the 2018 Startup World Cup Finals

Here are team ObEN at the world startup cup at the Marriott. It’s a lunch break right now, but we’re super excited. Say hi Jeff! Competition- t-minus four hours until competition. There’s 28 startups from all around the world competing. We met people from Japan, from Germany, from the US. Very excited. Two friends and I started a small software company and we worked for about nine months on it, and then that wonderful thing happened: we got acquired. Now, rental- that was a great business. Potentially, the margins, operationally complicated so defensible- So here’s our cofounder and COO Adam at the World Startup Cup. Adam, how are you feeling today? Good, I feel very excited. Last night we came here and we represent the blockchain industry and we are going to show our demo so even though each team only has two minutes to speak, I’m going to make a video presentation as well so that we can demonstrate we are not just talking about an idea, but we already have a real-world application of it. Have there been any interesting investors or partners or companies that you’ve met so far? Yeah, there are top, world class speakers and investors in the event. For example, the co-founder of Siri, the co-founder of Netflix, the founder of Cisco- all the top people. And also the most famous- like a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley as well. For example, The SP and Joe and lots of other firms. So we already talked to some of them. For example, during lunch, I had lunch together with the other team, with John Chambers who is the founder and the CEO of Cisco. And I asked him about his opinion about cryptocurrency and also I made a half minute introduction of “What is ObEN” and “What is Project PAI”, and his comment was that yeah, it totally makes sense, because eventually the value of a currency, either cryptocurrency or fiat currency, it depends on the quality of data from your customer and also the trust of your customer. So if we have both, then the blockchain and also the cryptocurrency on the blockchain, the value will be very high. Great. So, very positive feedback. Good luck! Thank you! Go! Hi, my name’s Adam. I’m the co-founder of ObEN. There are seven billion people in the world, and every day people like us leave trillions of data, personal data, on the internet. So ObEN right now provides a decentralized AI blockchain platform to allow any people like us who can upload, contribute their own personal data to the blockchain and create their personal AI. And they use that personal AI for their daily life. I’m a copy of Nikhil, made using ObEN’s artificial intelligence technology. As Nikhil’s personal AI, I enable Nikhil to spend more time with his wife and three kids, enjoy a nice hike, or go off-roading. (repeats in chinese) So Adam just finished the pitch competition at the start of World Cup; how do you feel Adam? Yeah, I feel the audience- especially the judges- they love what I’m presenting. They ask lots of funny questions and I think the memory is very good. Yeah. What were some of the questions that the judges asked you? Yeah, I think a fun question is if people really like my avatar and how can I manage it? I think actually that’s the cool part, because I need to make sure I watch my AI every day so that I can manage that. So that will actually encourage people to have more engagement with their own AI.

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