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Slivers have consistently been a part of my
Magic the Gathering experience for 22 years now. I’d been playing for a little while during
4th edition and the Mirage block, and whilst I loved playing the game, I wasn’t that into
the attached storyline. That all changed with the release of Tempest
in 1997. It was a continuation of the Weatherlight saga, but moved the action to the plane of
Rath. There were so many amazing cards in Tempest and it’s two child sets, Stronghold
and Exodus, that really caught my imagination. Cards like Death Pits of Rath, Seismic Assault,
Scroll Rack, and of course the Silver Queen. There were a few really interesting tribes
introduced to us during this block. The janky Spikes, the Dauthi and the thalakos, and slivers. 11 slivers were released in Tempest, two in
each colour, and one colourless artifact creature. Stronghold brought 6 slivers, one for each
allied colour pair, and the Queen to rule over them. Strangely Exodus didn’t have any slivers at
all! All slivers except for the queen cost 3 mana
or less, and so Aluren from Tempest was a key piece in my deck back then, and it paired
so well with Recycle, you could just splurge slivers onto the battlefield at an alarming
rate! I then stopped playing for many years. I was
off to university and it wasn’t until Eventide and then Kaladesh came out that I made returns
to Magic. During that time a whole host of new slivers
had been released, with a very aggressive change in wording for their effects! No longer did all slivers affect all other
slivers, they only affected slivers under your own control! I’ve had a Sliver Overlord EDH deck built
for ages now, and it is constantly going through revisions. If anyone wants to see an EDH deck
tech for slivers let me know in the comments! Then recently Modern Horizons came out and
once again there were Slivers! The First Sliver is amazing, but still doesn’t
pip the Overlord for command of my commander deck. Spiteful Sliver was also in Modern Horizons,
and is basically Stuffy Doll, but for all slivers! I remember reading a great article
of Master of Magics by James Wise, about his new Modern deck using Spiteful Sliver and
Blasphemous Act to annihilate opponents, and knew I needed to build a deck with this combo
in! I don’t play modern or legacy, so that left
singleton formats, and Oathbreaker seemed like the best fit. To be honest I still don’t know if the format
is going to survive in the long-term, but what I do know is that it’s a ton of fun. Now I needed a planeswalker to lead the deck
and it needed to include red for the combo. Domri, Chaos Bringer caught my eye briefly,
but I knew who I wanted, Ajani Vengeant! Ajani first appeared in M11 as a mono-white,
mono-eyed cat warrior, from the Naya Shard of Alara. This Nacatl planeswalker became
a red/white card, prompted by the death of his brother Jazal. This didn’t last long as Ajani realised rage
and vengeance wasn’t the answer, and so ever since has reverted back to mono-white, and
occasionally white/green. Ajani Vengeant was one of the cards that really
shaped what I enjoy about magic, and the Boros colour pair specifically, so when they were
just given out at the Shards of Alara Prerelease I traded for a fair few of them! Control with the uptick of his loyalty ability,
a built-in lightning helix with a downtick, and a massive dose of land destruction for
his ultimate ability, right up my street! So with that long and rambling introduction
out of the way I’ll talk you through my red/white Slivers Oathbreaker deck! We’ve already seen the commander, Ajani Vengeant,
but what spell should be his signature? Boros Charm! We need to protect our slivers
as best we can, and being able to repeatedly give them indestructibility is so strong. 4 damage to the face or to a rival planeswalker
isn’t bad either! So we’d better check out the slivers I’ve
chosen, and every creature in the deck is a sliver! Cloudshredder Sliver gives the team flying
and haste, Blur Sliver just does the hasty part. And a few more keyword bestowing slivers,
Sentinel Slivers gives vigilance, the First Sliver’s Chosen gives exalted, which is a
bit weird, but does work really well! Battering Sliver brings the trample to the party. On to the strikers next, and the aptly named
Striking Sliver gives first strike, whereas Bonescythe and Fury Sliver give double strike! We couldn’t have a sliver deck without some
pumpers, and I’m running Blade Sliver, Battle Sliver, and Cleaving Sliver. Some of the more specialist slivers include
Lavabelly Sliver which is a fun little life drain enabler. Ward Sliver is amazing at shutting
down opposing aggro decks. Hollowhead Sliver helps us to cycle through
the deck faster to get to the pieces we need, Belligerent and Two-Headed Sliver bring the
menace with them, and then there’s Spiteful Sliver that I talked about in the intro which
is going to hopefully combo with Blasphemous act. A couple of tribal treats to finish off with,
Metallic Mimic is a sliver itself, and some +1+1 counters being scattered around doesn’t
hurt! Taurean Mauler is also a sliver, and just
grows and grows the more your opponents do! Spells are up next and some more tribal cards
first. Kindred Charge is brutal, doubling your entire
sliver horde for the turn and all of them getting all of the abilites can really tip
you over the top in the game’s stakes. Shared Animosity kind of does the opposite
of the First Slivers Chosen’s exalted, giving all attacking slivers exalted effectively! Harsh Mercy is a great tribal boardwipe, unless
you’re up against another tribal deck in which case it sucks a bit. but focus on the times
when it does work! Mana Echoes goes exponential in this deck,
so each time a sliver ETBs we get more and more mana to spend on more slivers and more
fun stuff! With all the tribal business done it’s removal. Chaos Warp, path to exile and lightning helix
are all present and correct, and on this version of the helix it even has Ajani themed art,
and a flavor text reference to vengeance he felt. Wear/tear is basically a staple in boros decks,
no matter the format, and we’ve got blasphemous act here as the other half of the spiteful
combo. We’ve dealt with destruction so here’s a bit
of protection. Deflecting Palm, Unbreakable Formation and Faith’s reward all rock at this! After spells comes the artifacts, and in a
creature-focused deck there’s not many of them! Herald’s Horn, Icon of Ancestry and Vanquisher’s
banner cement the tribal elements of the deck providing stats boosts, cost reductions, or
ways to draw or cycle through the deck for more relevant threats. Boros Signet is a touch of ramp, and sunforger
is just sunforger, and it’s fun imagining a sliver brandishing a massive fire hammer! And that leads us neatly to the manabase and
I’ve kept it quite cheap but there are a few important cards in here once you get past
the obligatory Command Tower and smattering of duallands. Sliver Hive is a great mana sink, to keep
churning out sliver tokens. Mutavault is super handy in tribal builds, 1 mana is not much
at all for a 2/2 sliver. Finally Sunhome gives one sliver double strike
just in case we don’t have either of those relevant slivers out. It’s then topped up with plains and mountains. The whole deck comes out to $150 dollars which
I don’t think is too bad. The bulk of that comes from the Mana Echoes and Herald’s Horn. You can find the decklist over on Archidekt,
which is an amazing deck building tool. Speaking of amazing things, Total MTG, or
Matt to use his real name just joined my Patreon and I couldn’t be more appreciative. The money I make through patreon and google
ad-revenue all goes back into the channel, through new equipment, or cards on MTGO to
keep brewing and playtesting decks to bring you. Thank you Matt for your support and generosity,
and to all of my Patrons, I appreciate you all so much. If you’d like to see more Oathbreaker decks
there’s a playlist right here, or for something different but very cool why not try this video! And before I go don’t forget to tap on the
llama to subscribe for new videos every monday and thursday. I’ll catch you all on the next one, Cheers!

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  2. Yes please to the Commander tech list! Great video, looks like a ton of fun to play! And I agree, I hope Oathbreaker sticks around, too!

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