Oath of the Gatewatch EDH/Commander Deck Tech Spotlight – MTG!

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100 thoughts on “Oath of the Gatewatch EDH/Commander Deck Tech Spotlight – MTG!

  1. Currently building with Ayli. I liked the legendary creatures from this set. Nothing to broken, except maybe kozilek, but they'll be fun builds.

  2. I thought in commander you couldn't have cards with colors that aren't on your commander? or does his ability count for him being 5 colors?

  3. I'm building a landfall/landcreatures deck with mina and denn. I have 10lands by turn 5 and make them creatures and if my opponent wants to destroy my landcreatures I just bounce them back to my hand

  4. What about Mina and den in omnath… With exploration, oracle, and Mina and den you can make 4 land drops with the return ability. It really helps omnath a lot (like it needed it)

  5. Kozilek, the great distortion as commander i find is SO FUN! My friends may hate my guts but hey, when aren't they mad when anyone plays an all is dust to counter a 7 drop LOL

  6. I saw Kozilek and immediately put a deck together.


    Seriously love this deck. Always become target numero-uno when I play it. xD

  7. Ayli is currently sitting somewhere in the middle of 99 cards under Oloro's watch, whenever she does come out it does make quite an impact on the board so there's that.

  8. Picture this: Oloro commander deck, Ayli, Thopter Foundry, Sword of the Meek and Black Market in play. You got yourself a nice little blow-up-everything-gain-insane-amounts-of-life-draw-your library engine.

  9. I like new Kozilek as a commander, the only problem is that you can't play any of your sweet new devoid cards in those decks! Technically you can include them, but none of your lands can produce the coloured mana needed to play them. Makes me sad.

  10. Im starting work on the ally module to my 5 colour tribal deck, so far slivers and dragons run nicely with some minor tweaks depending on which mode the deck is in, once that is done the next module is scarecrow gods/planeswalkers . Linvala found a spot in my Gisela angel deck same with Kalitas in Olivia vampire deck .

  11. Kozilek is great in colorless EDH, but I prefer Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger as commander since Colorless lacks decent removal but has card draw.

  12. wanna build Ayli, but most of my black and funds are going into a Nebuchadnezzar edh atm, however I do no her and grave Titan are good friends, πŸ˜€

  13. wedge I do love your videos, but I disagree with you so much that white is a weak color in EDH. It has some of the most busted cards out of all the colors whether playing in a group or 1v1.

  14. If a wrath hits Kalitas and he dies, does his ability still trigger and produce the zombies? if it does, do the zombies also get hit by the wrath resolving? My head hurts…

  15. Ayli went into my Obzedat for some reason… I ended up making a weird amount of tokens in my lifegain deck. lol But she found a home with Uncle Karlov also.

  16. I am so glad that we finally have General Tazri. Don't forget your instant ally enablers such as: fetch lands plus retreat to emeria, leyline of anticipation, etc.

  17. Livana + Myrid (or whatever the new effect that came in commander is called) = FunnyLiavna attacks putting X other Livana's into play gaining you potentally 5x life and X amount of creatures and THEN the tokens have to be sacrificed so if you have something to be triggered by creatures dying (dicate of Erebos perhaps so that this combo becomes more reliable) you are in the clear for a win

  18. I don't think Jori En is especially great or anything, but I really like her in concept. I'm running her in Niv Mizzet, the Firemind and she's a lot of fun.

  19. I'm Orzhov trash, so as soon as I saw Ayli I knew I was making the deck. Honestly probably gonna revamp my Teysa, Orzhov Scion deck into a lifegain/token deck and run with that. Also like the cute Cleric tribal idea that has been floating around.

    Between her and Daxos from the Commander pre-made set, I have all the Black/white love I could ask for.

  20. I already made a kalitas traitor deck and it is currently undefeated in my playgroup. the creature exile effect is pritty good in black. Also lifelink on commander makes stuff like necropotence and phyrexian arena soo much better

  21. I underestimated Mina and Denn, At first it doesn't seem that great but the extra color gives some interesting option that azusa can't run as well as some haste enablers, and cards like Valukut, Omnath and Bobo get extra value when you've got nothing else to do. Certainly not as consistently powerful as Xenogos but a lot of fun in a casual environment and can sometime hold it own against competitve decks

  22. I put Jori En in a deck full of kiln fiend/prowess type creatures, and other things that do stuff whenever you cast something or draw cards. Also all the cast without manacost spells… now i just need that Force of Will from eternal masters.

  23. Gotta love Kalitas. Running him in vampire tribal/life gain commander deck just for his base stats as a 3/4 lifelink for 4 that can get pretty big. (Old Drana is staying commander, though. her removal/pump ability is still unmatched) The zombies and graveyard hate is just gravy.

  24. in the play groups i am in kalitas is pretty strong, we have a lot of graveyard decks. kalitas and living death are pretty strong combo especially if you have had kalitas out for a while. here is my list


  25. I'm surprised you didn't mention the biggest new thing for colourless Commander players, that being the printing of Wastes which means that we can now run cards that look for basic lands like Burnished Hart, Solemn Simulacrum and Thawing Glaciers

    Additionally, Jori En in Melek's 99, HYPE

  26. My teacher has a new kalitas commander deck that is an aristocrat style deck. He runs things like grave pact, blood artist, and Nantuko husk. What do you think about it?

  27. Ayli is awesome. Btw anyone who runs her absolutely must have a Nyx-Fleece Ram for the flavor of it.(its the sacrificial lamb basically).

  28. The new Kozilek is in my Karametra hate bears deck. Play lots of cheap creatures to slow the game and ramp then play a big creature to do the same thing. Griefing at all points on the curve.

  29. I've thought about running Kozilek in my Meren deck. Pitch a spell for my graveyard and counter a spell is a decent trade off.

  30. I picked up a Foil Ayli and pulled a Expy Marsh Flats (Yes, I'm a showoff :P) that made me really want to build Orzhov EDH. I'll probably get around to it soon, but for now Ayli sits in my Cube where I hope she does something epic.

  31. Disagree about Mina and Denn. Running the wildborn twins as my commander and they are killing it!
    In a vacuum, sure, they are underwhelming. Azusa drops lands faster and there are far more efficient ways to give your whole army trample, but that doesn't mean the twins are bad.
    Not drawing land? They don't care, they still enable your landfall triggers (and thanks to that can rebuild pretty quick… feels good to effectively no-sell several oblivion stones).
    And as mentioned the synergy with being able to easily reset lands that have etb triggers themselves is real!
    Not to mention the Oracle/Azusa herself/etc are all ridiculous in the deck. And oh, how about having your non basics dodge strip mine/waste land/etc?
    Lastly, that 4 power that can give itself trample in a strategy involving dropping huge numbers of lands and in the same colors as rubble hulk/kessig wolf run? Surprise 'tron when they are expecting landfall wombo combos?
    The twins are amazingly versatile for RG, and not to be underestimated as a commander.

  32. I'm building a Kozilek deck, and I put Jori En in my Melek (Soon to be Izmagnus, maybe) deck but not much else, was considering making the ally deck because I have almost all the old and new ones lying around but from what I have seen it is pretty terrible so I don't think I wanna waste precious lands and artifacts when I could build something else.

  33. Mina and Denn would e good in a standard land deck, it could help ramp up and save your awakened lands from removal

  34. No Possibility Storm mention for Jori En? That card makes 2 casts z turn easy, at the cost of knowing what you'll cast, though I suppose repeatable scry cards can help solve that issue.

  35. As someone who has a WU 60-card Allies deck from way back when the original Zendikar block came out I can tell you that playing halimar excavator is not a "desperate" move. Seriously, the number of times I have gone "oops, I accidentally (way more than) your deck" is more than I care to count. Admittedly that is a blink focused deck that runs ghostway to generate it's stupidest moments so maybe it's not as effective in a 5-color commander deck…That reminds me: gotta put Eerie Interlude into that deck when SOI comes out. All about Ghostway 5-8.

  36. I gave it a Boop. More commander deck tech!!!! oooh could you think about doing a tiny leaders deck tech?

  37. I love th e General as my Allied CommanderGeneral Tarzi + Conjurer's Closet or Venser, the Sojourner, or Roon of the Hidden Relm or basically any other card that exiles a creature and returns it to play.Endless Ally fishing

  38. What commanders am I playing?
    All of them. I don't care. I may have a bit of a problem. Kaliyah's and 60 ways of assorted murder +some hexproof is good right? Please help me.

  39. Return to Zendikar is only good for drafting. It's power level was clearly designed to be consistent across rarity, which makes garbage cards outside that format, aside from the Eldrazi Titans.

  40. Don't hate on Jori En. Jori is in the same colors that will Vandal Blast, and Cyclonic rift you, as well as pack Ponder and counter spells, Reforge the Soul, Talrand, Omniscience, Archaeomancer. And don't forget the lovely Strionic Resonator, that's the icing on the cake, and easily fetched with Fabricate.

  41. Just built my first-ever Commander deck around Ayli, looking forward to trying her out soon! πŸ™‚

  42. I made a Tazri deck. Called 'Brotein and Crossfit' allies for days. It's not all that powerful, but dear lord is it just fun.

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