O mindset do Vale do Silício que está por trás do Google, Uber, Tesla e outras empresas

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I’m Ednaldo Pereira. I’m here on Lombard Street in San Francisco to
evaluate with you the common behaviors of those who live works and new here in Silicon Valley It is the first behavior that
very common here in the Valley is how they deal with mistakes,
the error here for them is taken as part different from the way in which the
people deal with the error there in that the mistake is taken as a failure, as a failure the mistake for them here is an apprenticeship,
is part of the process of course, as my friend Roberto Shinyashiki said, who was with me here last week they can not go wrong in
construction of a building, they do not may go wrong in a surgery but they may err when they are creating, when they are testing, the error is part of the
preparation of a good project the error is part of the dna of this people, to err, to learn fast and to move forward they have that concept of the
Thomas Edson when he made the lamp arrived at him and asked, but Thomas you have already done a thousand times, you missed a thousand times and he repeated no I did not err a thousand times,
I learned a thousand times how it should not be made an apprenticeship of the
behavior of the people I have realized that this is not worth them until
They like to err, because from the mistake they can have a solution
innovator they already know where to they will not, these days I’ve been
here I was at Stanford, I went to the Draper, Berkeley, in Singularity, and in all
universities I realize that the error is a normal process
they say that the dynamics are as follows erre, harvest feedback, learn and do
again until you hit it Let’s learn a little about this.
this is the first behavior observe the error as part of the process
the second very common behavior that I identified here is the behavior of
sharing according to them an idea is worth exactly
anything so that’s why they share
ideas, they validate the ideas they do not have any modesty
I am afraid to share ideas they have with the people
he understands that in this way the idea is being validated will be improved
the knowledge of others can add and with this they end up validating the idea
and having a better idea than if he in every bar, parties and events wherever you go. Is anyone having ideas about a
project, about something that can be made from the best, from the
they learn they build a relationship. Another
fundamental point is the ability to execution
they are phenomenal in executing them one task per day, which does not
It’s perfect, do not leave the garage. That’s it. their dynamics
every week has to have a solution new is how they work
ability to execute they speak Rent who thinks and hire who
performs this is the head of the Silicon
I participated in Google a dynamic very interesting about the collaboration
collaborative behavior is very strong in companies
they have even some dynamics because they want to hear everybody
no one is left out, the dynamics it makes people participate and
collaborate, even the most timid so this is a tip, sometimes the
people want to hear everyone but they have people who do not speak easily,
here in Vale’s collaboration form teams, great teams and they want to
participation from around the world they defend an idea here, which is the idea of ​​Michael Jordan, talent wins game but It’s a team that wins the championship.
in this concept, collaboration between the team is very strong they
hire excellent people they look for great people and
people have to like it The team has to like this is a
fundamental point of the top teams performance that lies here the way
with which teams are assembled this is an interesting thing in all
The place I was told was enough about how teams are assembled, teams must have as a basic principle the Affinity does not work with anyone who does not
if you like people follow the mission of the company
they do not follow people then this behavior of team of
high performance was very cool perceive here and is very common is not
one thing I’ve seen nowhere is very common to see people around here
they work a lot the vision she knows where they want to arrive
no matter if it’s sinuous it does not matter be full of curve the way like the
Lombard Street she knows where they want to go when lack vision happens and how it happened with kodak a company that at 96 was worth 28 billion and simply left the map some years
failed, on the other hand you see a company like HP that has gone through a certain
difficulty if reinvented she continued with his entrepreneurial vision and today
launches a revolution in printers 3d
then these are differences of giants one with more vision and another with
less vision that is a great The learning that I see here is
I take my life and I wanted to sharing with you knows where you want
to arrive irrespective of the sinuosity of the
story that they are permanently in beta
they speak we are in permanent beta it’s never ready
this is also a very strong thing here in the valley
I even went on facebook and saw history of the plate that Zuckemberg left behind.
Sun plate, just turned on its back Facebook got in front and everything
official he talks I do not want facebook becomes Sun
I do not want to be in the back of this plate then note well San was a
giant and today is no longer so you are responsible for
keep this company always in front of the board that I found a story
very interesting and is a way of motivate the team, an example of a problem
who saw the opportunity UBER himself because of the difficulty of taking a taxi in
Paris on one day arose if the idea of create an application to make life easier
then in that moment of anguish by not getting a taxi service was
the fuse for a brilliant idea and create a company like UBER, so here in the valley
each problem is an opportunity for being mined is an opportunity to be discovered So we have to learn from this.
behavior also look at the problems and solve each one of them
through information technology and of cool solutions
there is a very common thought here in the that the market is changing and that
there is no turning back and they say who is changing shape with hotel chains
behave is not the AIRBNB They say it’s changing all over.
taxi market is not the UBER they say it’s changing every way
with which people behave with telephony is not WHATSAPP
are the people so the market is changing because
people are changing and changing fast and accepting the changes fast then
this behavior is very common and they always work focused on this.
with so much diversity half of population living here in the
silicon is not from here, so they they understand that with more heads
traditions cultures languages ​​insights and everything different that people bring
each one with its history each with its tradition each with its own
knowledge and learning when they sit to discuss the team
collaboration becomes very powerful they end up having solutions that people
knows which are changing the markets and
solutions we see with the with collaboration with
participation and diversity another very common behavior here in the valley is this, they do not care very competitive with other
people steal ideas they are convinced that the best is
the one people use, they seek a solution that people like
people want, then this behavior not connect much because the other is
making and wanting the best experience for the customer is one of the
of people here in Silicon Valley and is a very common behavior also there one more thing that I want to leave to You’re going to the point.
without mimimi, bluntly in the meetings he does not talk about politics, they do not talk about
health, do not talk about religion, do not they go straight to the point
this is behavior that causes they optimize the time they get
achieve the objectives in a more rapid and also with this diversity
they are able to achieve better people
is this people a bit of behavior of people here from Silicon Valley
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no value if he stays here in my head
so that’s it we’re still connected strong hug and see you later

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