Hi everybody, I’m David Paulo and this is the factory shape In this video I’ll tell you what the best shaker is for me The shaker I’m talking about is this one from UMORO. you can not find in portugal you have to send them from outside and they a bit expensive just to have it come from outside because it on the site if you are to the UMORO website you can find for 19 dollars and 19 dollars for me with this kind of technology that the shaker have that I’ll explain later is not expensive in my point of view It’s expensive because it’s almost twice the price just to have it come as you can. this shaker is a bit different from the usual we have other marked the traditional you can see that it is transparent from the bottom which is a slightly larger a little wider my hand was not closing the lid is quite large and has here and up a red button up here then to start from the bottom of the plastic you down here I do not have because it already left but here down in this part had a rubber that talked about the plastic material, and plastic is BPA FREE if you do not know what it is research at will but I will say so very briefly that the BPA FREE it means that plastic does not make us as bad to health as if it were another any one that does not have this indication, for example example the question of the microwaves exist Tupperwares that can not go to the microwave because they can have components worse for our health while others who say they are certified they can go to the microwave and they do not harm us, that’s what we should adopt this case is the same, it means that this material does not will do so badly to health than if it were someone else who does not tell us that. Another point is this shaker is a little bigger than the usual ones this shaker has 600 milliliters which gives us a line from zero to 300 ml and up to 600 ml has here a zone the handle where we can pick it up and it’s pretty safe there is no problem pulling hard and in my point of view, a strong point this shaker has to do with this button, here you can see here this red button if you open inside this cup already some supplement to go to drink for example a pre-workout before reaching the gym and here you may already have a post-workout or supplement to take during training you can see below that it has a compartment. This compartment they say it gives 50 grams which is pretty good because it prevents you take more things to the gym and more boxes go more loaded you can take the supplement that you are going to take later with this cap, for being a cover you put here, close and you have a supplement completely the sealed that there will not get water in there to join the rest you may have this during the whole workout will not get any water in here and in the this during the whole workout will not get any water in here and in the You just have to press the red button that this will Supplement to take at that moment, let’s assume they’ve drunk everything filled again, have the supplement here inside the compartment you carry it hard and leave, as you can see is quite useful and something you do not see still in the other traditional shaker in my opinion is a plus. Another point that you have to take into attention if you have this shaker is not to take to the washing machine, why? for the following reason, if they often take to the machine this line of measurement of the 300 of course it is natural that at very high temperatures many times will start to ruin more the material the cover, if you tighten very well is very strong because it has enough closing height will close very well now there are other shakers, V3 with a slightly different design with many colors you can choose I hope you like it I liked it a lot in my opinion this issue is very useful. compartment the question of being more quantity in milliliters and in my opinion is a pretty good choice compared to others that sometimes does not close much well start to get smells of the material start to absorb, I do not know what is the reason the other shakeres smell, it does not smell if other previous supplements and is quite good for the reasons I’ve already given, folks I hope you have enjoyed any doubt write in the comments that I will answer to all people and be well.

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